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One pick from the enemy camp


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Most car people have pretty strong allegiances.  The theme of this thread is... which one vehicle from "the enemy" would you choose to own?  It could be something you really like, that stands out in an otherwise crappy lineup, or just the lesser of evils, something you would tolerate while gritting your teeth.

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I really don't find any of the brands to be "the enemy".   At worst, there are brands that just bore me... I don't have the energy to work up the passion to consider a boring brand "the enemy".


So here are the most interesting cars from brands on my boring brand list.


BMW 7-series - In a brand completely bereft of original styling or modern design and resting on a reputation it no longer deserves, I gravitate to the top of the range. If one must drive a car from this boring brand, it might as well be the best one they offer.


Honda Accord Hybrid - I like the technical wizardry in the powertrain.


Kia K900 - It's big, it's fluffy, and it's sufficiently fast.


Hyundai Genesis - Ditto K900


Mini-Cooper - Do I have to? It's not even a real car. They turn into complete rattle traps after 30k miles.  I don't understand why other people even like them.

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I don't have a preference in general for a brand any more, but from the brands I don't find much appeal in otherwise..


Scion FR-S

Ford Mustang



There was a BMW i8 parked just down my street last week, just the second time I've seen one, fun to look at.
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