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Hiatus? Lull? Snooze?

Cory Wolfe

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After another brief vacation from the forums, I might be back to posting. Maybe... You never know with me, afterall. For now, though, I'm here after a few months of hell getting ready for a move, working overtime, and dealing with an awful dealership.


For those who don't know, I'm moved back to Michigan to do the same job I did the last time. I'm even literally just down the street from where I was last time. Hopefully, I'll make this move a little more permanent than the last try. If you weren't aware of what I was doing previously, it probably isn't very hard to figure out if you search. So, I'll be doing that as well as a few other side projects involving the industry. 


Also, as I described previously, I've finally begun to face the inevitable with VW's reputation. That hasn't been the biggest problem, though, as the dealership experience has been the worst. Somehow, I've gone from having a CPO car to a possibly not CPO car. I keep getting mixed answers when dealing with that dealership, so I've gotten VW of America involved to sort things out for me and set things straight with that hell-hole. Afterall, if I wanted to buy a car without some sort of warranty. I wouldn't have purchased a VW. Meanwhile, my last trip there was to repair a scratch they left after the car was in for service. I wasn't very happy about that experience. 


So yeah... Hello. :P

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That sucks. Make them eat their own crap. 


The only reason to go to a dealer is for better service and trained technicians, that's why they can have higher prices. If they aren't delivering on their end of the deal then you need to find another dealer. 

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