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2018 Chevrolet Equinox 2.0T AWD LT


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DRIVEN:  2018 Chevrolet Equinox 2.0T AWD LT


2.0t engine is relatively well behaved and mated well to 9 speed automatic.  Move the Equinox pretty well and without fuss, four a four cylinder.  Should be good for more than just in town errands.

Rear row seats are very supportive, placed at a good height, and are nicely comfortable.

Cargo area manages to be about the same as the previous version.  Crazy considering how much smaller the vehicle is.

Interior contains all the style and function upgrades of the new Malibu, like switches, gauges, etc.

The size of the vehicle will work well for those who need something that is easy to get around town in and park.

Some may like the new windswept, softer styling.  OK, I'll say this will probably appeal to women more than men.

Um,.........   ....................


Despite how good the 2.0 is, this is no v6.

Even the sales guy agreed with me, the front row seems much narrower, has less space, and compromised compared to the previous version.

Trunk area trimmed out cheaply.

No real gratification from steering, handling or anything vehicle dynamics wise.  That shocks me because my new Malibu really has ride and drive down well.  The Equinox got none of that.

As a Malibu with an Ipod on the dash driver, I will even admit it looks cheap and in particular in the Equinox this Ipod on a dash design looks cheap.

This is not a bad vehicle, in fact it is improved a lot but at the same time its very possible this comes off as a less of a vehicle than the Rogue, CRv and others.

GM is failing big Amurchan butts in its newest seat designs.  Too narrow, although it may fit women better.

GM really has feminized this product.  We'll see how sales are affected.  Gotta fight back against automotive misogyny and all those CRv and RAV-4 sales.


I don't want to waste much more time on this one.  Its almost like my view of the new Acadia in a way.  GM did something to a good selling product to change it and I'm not sure if the market will take to it.  This is a very much improved vehicle in a lot of ways...but there is nothing about it that makes me think its compelling to either classic GM fans or those who lean towards the import competition.

Hate to say it, but not at the prices GM is asking.  They botched the front row, it seems narrow and cramped.  And it won't seem to outdo the fierce competition in any other ways.  So, despite being pleasant and competent unto itself, i think Chevy had better hope the upcoming Blazer can pick up some sales that I think will get left on the table here.

I may wait for full judgement until i drive the 1.5 in FWD guise, or the diesel, but its hard to go much higher than a C+ or a B- with a side dish of pity.

Pass the GM dealer and head straight for the Ford dealer to find a nice buy on a 17 Escape 2.0 with a lot of goodies on it, and save yourself some $$$ in the process.  And you'll get something that is nice to drive, too.  And you'll be happy.


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