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C.T. - the Commercial Truck Co

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C.T. was based in Philadelphia and ran from 1907-1928.  They had numerous models, primarily electric but also some gas/electric hybrids.  Over their existence, they offered 1/2-ton to 6-ton models... but these truck ratings have always been... strangely off.  The entry in the Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Trucks mentions "Loaded with 10 tons of paper and traveling at 10 MPH, they silently plied the streets in the early morning hours with nary a puff of exhaust."  They commonly used an 85 V, 10-amp system consisting of 4 motors, 1 at each wheel. The Curtis Publishing Co used a fleet of 22 of these for deliveries for 40-some years.

As the demand for slow electrics dwindled, C.T. was acquired by the Walker Vehicle Company of Chicago (1908-1942).

A fairly good condition 1912 C.T. truck has shown up for sale online, still operable even tho it's now 105 years old. : http://barnfinds.com/electric-1912-c-t-electric-truck/



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