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2018 Buick Enclave 'lot impression'


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Spotted and touched a new Enclave a week or so back.  Couldn't get inside  ;)

Very impressed at how it continues the look of the outgoing model.  Very tidy, and body gaps are much tighter.  Not as bombastic in overall design as the old one.  But the market will like the shape in the flesh.  The size of the vehicle is literally spot on for the market.  Perfect size.  Buick's bling reduction I think is setting itself up  to bring back the bling in mid cycle refresh.....

The interior through the windows looks very well done.  With lighter shades of materials, its not a dark tomb like most of the Traverses.  The new dashboard is quite different than the outgoing one, and is very swoopy and cockpit like.  In fact, overall, it is interesting how much different the character is overall between the Traverse and Enclave.  Also, the character of the interior, the change between old and new.

Price was WAYYY high, but for awhile at least i see Buick raking the cash in.

New Enclave should line GM's pockets for many years to come.

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Buick is becoming much more synonymous with SUV-crossover vehicles.  The LaCrosse may now be their flagship, so to speak, but the "E-trio" is what is more commonly sold in all 50 states.  The states in the interior which traditionally buy their sedans sure have a lot of Regals and Veranos on the roads, while much less so on the coasts.

Except for the Encore, in which the visibility was a real issue for me when I sat in one, the other ones are priced in nosebleed territory.

I think I like the mid-priced one of the "E-trio" the best, though I wouldn't buy one.  The Enclave is too much money and the the Encore is too small and sort of "thick" looking.

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