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Auto Show Test Drive - 2018 Chevrolet Equinox diesel


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I won't write this as long as my other reviews.  At the auto show a few weeks ago, they had a way for people to test drive (a few city blocks) some of the new vehicles.  I managed a little time in a new leather optioned Equinox diesel.

I had been wanting to try out the new GM diesel.  I'm not a huge fan of the new Equinox, but could the diesel engine in fact be the way to go?

It helped that this Equinox was trimmed out nicely.  Even had the BAMR (big ass moon roof).  As a contrast to my quite loathed test drive of a 1.5 LS equinox not too long ago, the impression of the vehicle was very different.  What had felt cheap and shitty in many ways with the anemic 1.5 and terrible interior, left me far more favorable impressions.

The interior was a better place to be (while still feeling a bit narrow inside).  The weak looking exterior looked more palatable with more chrome, more tinted glass...better wheels etc.  Overall i still think the new Equinox is a bit smaller than it should be, especially with the new CRV and now RAV4 likely to burn the sales charts.

What stood out was how pleasant the diesel was to drive.  It was grumbly at stoplight idle, but not offensive.  It isn't a rattly kind of idle noise like diesels I remember.  But it is more coarse than a humming gas motor.  I didn't find it offensive or overly loud....just noticeable.  Best part is it had a nice pleasing push when accelerating and it didn't mind revving either.  Seemed like it would be very usable in city driving.  Had some elasticity to it and is wayyyyy better than the 1.5.  This is likely a great highway cruising machine.

Thing is, on the Equinox it puts up good numbers but not stunning numbers.  Diesel is still priced way higher so if you get this engine, it's because you like how it feels, and the added the mpg is more or less just a bonus.  I would like to see how it feels in the Cruze.

Thanks Chevy for the diesel option.


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