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Hits Keep Coming for Tesla 3

Edmunds two years ago put down a $1,000 deposit for the Tesla 3 and bought a $56,000 configured Tesla 3. This car to date has only been able to rack up 5,257 miles in 4 months due a very long list of problems and multiple service calls for what many call cutting edge EV.  The goal was to rack up at least 1,700 miles a month in the Tesla 3, so 6,800 miles in 4 months yet the EV is sidelined again awaiting a service call. Edmunds has confirmed that the Tesla 3 met and at other times surpassed the EPA rating for the car. The list of issues is so long that they have a google doc to just keep track of them all.

Most common issues is the annoying and repeated uncontrollable increase in stereo volume even when your not in the car to maximum sound. This is just a small issue compared to the keycards not being recognized, touch screen freeze up and interior parts falling off the car such as the vanity mirror, which has been fixed and yet still seems to fall off when you open it.

As the story continues, after the last service call where numerous issues were fixed, they then left to go on a drive and had the auto lock them out of being able to shift into drive or reverse until the auto rebooted and powered up. This along with a message that the car is in limited regenerative braking mode and the message that the car cannot maintain vehicle power and may stop or shutdown.

There are a few highlights in regards to storage space and speed, but the pictures are funny. Currently this long term drive test auto is leaving anything but a positive experience for Edmunds.

Edmonds Story

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