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What gearbox is used in the 2005 Liberty/Cherokee?


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I have a 2005 Jeep Cherokee (Liberty in US) KJ, 2.8 CRD Sport, with the VM Motori R428 2.8 litre Diesel engine (161 bhp and 296 ft-lbs (400Nm) of torque) mated to a six speed manual gearbox.  A discussion came up, in one of the Jeep forums I frequent, that talked about the various transmissions used in the KJ and it said that the six speed manual gearbox was the NGS 370.

Clearly this cannot be the case with the CRD, because according to the Novak guide to the NGS 370, it can only handle a maximum input torque of 271 ft-lbs, and my Cherokee CRD is putting out 25 ft-lbs more than this! 

So if it isn't the NGS 370, does anyone know what 6 speed manual gearbox it does use?   An Aisin BG6??

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What is likely going on is that the torque limitation applies only in certain gears, so the ECU will torque manage the output in those gears to prevent damage.   So while you might be getting full torque in 1st gear, you won't get it in 5th or 6th gear where things get more delicate. 

This is just a hypothesis.

I don't see any evidence of Jeep using an Aisin BG6 in the Liberty, and furthermore, the BG6 appears to be a front-wheel drive transmission as it is used in the Patriot and Compass CRD overseas.    It's also possible that Daimler underrated the transmission as the German companies tend to do with a lot of their capability specs. 

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