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Honda recalls 380,000 CR-Vs in China for Engine problems, appears America is next as is the Civic

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Seems Honda's popular CR-V and their Civics that share their 1.5L Turbo motor are all having a major stall problem from Oil and Gas getting mixed upon entering the engine. This becomes an even bigger recall for 2019, 2018 and some 2017 models as Honda sold over 500,000 CR-Vs in the US alone not including this same engine in Canada and Mexico. Honda says they are working on a solution and will apply it under warranty to all engines.

Yet this makes one ask would you want a new cracked motor to fix a problem with gas / oil mixing or would you want a complete new motor? While Honda has not stated what they did on the recall for the CR-V in China, the Civic owners in China as well as around the world are not happy and with a Hybrid version on sale using this motor, many more will probably not be happy.

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The reality is finally catching up with the Japanese makers.. They just are not as bullet-proof as mofos would have had people believe for the last 20 years. As more HP and efficiency is needed.. more innovations and streamlining is required. They can't get away with 100hp engines that have been running on the same basic engineering for decades to see them thru anymore. It would be like GM still offering a Gen I "Small Block" Chevy engines in everything.. but only essentially changing the cast from iron to aluminum and carburetors to fuel injection

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