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Showroom visit: 2021 Cadillac CT4


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I had just finished up with a doctor's appointment and there was a Cadillac dealership right across the street.

I don't usually look at Cadillacs but, since it was right across the street, I thought I'd look at their entry-level vehicle, the CT4.  There was one in the showroom and it made for sticker shock.  That's because it was the Blackwing edition, the top of the line.  I was told that they are having trouble getting cars in general and that there was one slightly used or demo of the more basic CT4 on the lot.  I told the lady there was no sense in opening it up since I was just looking.

I'll do this review in pro and con style, like @regfootball does, to be concise


- an entry level Cadillac with a base MSRP under $ 35K

- rear wheel drive (depends where you live)

- sunken in feel from driver's seat like that of a race car driver (this isn't your father's Cadillac)

- styling that hearkens to the 2000s CTS (familiar, sensible); attractive in front view, side view, and front angled views, except for the overly long dip of the turning lamp relative to the rest of the grille

- a 2.0 engine that has been around quite a while

- an engine that's centered in the engine bay

- nice fit and finish

- roomy trunk

- rake of the roofline and greenhouse provide sight lines that, I assume, most people prefer and rear headrests do not encroach much

- the canted inward outline of the trunk lid is interesting and novel for a Cadillac sedan


- there is no engine in the line-up that is NOT turbocharged

- rear wheel drive (depends where you live)

- sunken in feel from driver's seat like that of a race car driver (I adjusted the seat upward, and it still wasn't to my liking)

- styling that hearkens to the 2000s CTS (safe); a little clumsy in rear angled views, owing to the taillamp design

- GM dials and switches found across all the divisions

- price can climb quickly by adding on option packages; many paints are extra cost, but not absurdly priced; the up-level trims become garish, in my opinion

- the height of the console surface is still a little high, but certainly better than that of the 2017-2019 LaCrosse, for example

- rear seat leg room

- - - - -

I think it's nice that Cadillac has this car in their line-up.  You can bet that it has a leather steering wheel. (Put together a Malibu, in LT form, and it does NOT have a leather steering wheel as standard unless you opt for one of the hefty packages and it will push that car's MSRP toward $30K.)  I've seen videos of this car in motion and I like it.  I built one and had it come in at around $ 37 K.




For me, less is more - I much prefer a more basic model than the Blackwing


Mostly nice shapes


"Different" for being a Cadillac



Decent fit and fish; infotainment center nicely positioned


Leather wheel, but switches just like on any other GM car 


Console surface still a little high for my taste


The rake of the roofline and C-pillar area works for me for changing lanes and such


Get rid of that clutch (joking, the Blackwing has a manual shift option ... the base model comes with an 8 speed automatic)


Rear seat leg room


Nice rear headrests and interesting detailing of the leather seats


I'm not so sure I like those contraptions on both side of the front seat headrests


Rear vents and power/USB port


Nicely sized and deep trunk


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