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  2. @Cubical-aka-Moltar @balthazar I expected Leaf sales to tank and they have based on the fact that they have Leaf 2.0 out but not the long rang battery option yet so you have 110 miles in a Leaf 2.0 or 238 miles in a Bolt. Bolt wins and I am seeing those that leased Leafs here at work trading in their leafs for bolts. Bolt sold 1,177 in Jan up from Jan 2017 Leaf sold 150 in Jan down 80% from Jan 2017 I believe due to the new model out but not with the long range battery pack yet. i3 sold 382 the exact same number as in 2017. Like the leaf you have just over 100 miles range ev and people are not willing to pay the BMW premium for it. They would if it had a real battery pack like the bolt. Bolt is clearly eating the others lunch and yet this time next year as we see more EV's with the supposedly 300 mile battery packs hit the lots, it will be interesting to see what goes down in sales numbers. For some the tax credit is a driving force but for many, the wait for something they like better from a different name brand with a 300 mile range is where we will finally see a difference in sales and I expect a big drop in ICE over EV's once all the various brands start to put them on the lots for sale. Most people hate oil changes, hate filling up gas, hate all the maintenance around an ICE auto. EV's will change that in many ways and the public is waiting for choice that is better than we have now.
  3. @smk4565 @balthazar Since you guys both have a different take on a story that neither one of you posted the link too, I decided to hunt it down and see what I could find for everyone's benefit. WOW balthazar is right, MB is losing market share especially in the high end auto's to American automakers with luxury packed Trucks & SUV's. NYT Story Man looking at the German brands for a new ubber luxury auto instead drives off the lot in an $80,000 F150 Raptor and people love it over the German blah brands. To Quote the NYT story that SMK only sees as MB being #1: "Ford and Chevrolet saw similar but smaller jumps, driven by increasing high-end truck and S.U.V. sales. At the same time, the portion of over-$60,000 sales for luxury brands including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Jaguar and Cadillac shrank." So many additional stories out there supporting the same findings, German brands are being dumped for American Trucks / SUVs. Autoblog Story had this to say that I quote: "From 2013 to 2017, the truck category — everything from pickups to minivans — climbed from 30 percent of the market to 41 percent. In January of this year, trucks claimed 66 percent of new vehicle sales. At the milk-and-honey end of profits, GMC alone accounted for 11.3 percent of all vehicle sales over $60,000, not just trucks. That puts the luxury truck maker behind Mercedes-Benz and Ford, The Blue Oval's feasting on Lariat, King Ranch and Raptor versions of the F-150, which make up more than half of that pickup's sales, putting it ahead of Chevrolet, Porsche and Lexus on the high-dollar sales list. The average transaction price of a GMC in Denali trim last year was $56,000; it's easy to see why, when one dealer told the NYT he just swapped a 2012 BMW 550i for a $71,000 GMC Sierra Denali. That truck starts at $52,900." Seems Luxury has new leadership coming on, The American Truck / SUV!
  4. Face the math, unless your a traveling sales person or someone who loves road trips to the point that you do really drive 20,000 miles plus a year, Diesel is a money looser not a saver in cars. Especially in the average 3yr ownership lifespan before trading in. Even then, those that do hold onto their auto's 10 plus years are still challenged to break even as balthazar states. The whole point is gas / hybrid / ev's make considerable more sense than diesel in a car. Trucks / full size SUV's where one pulls trailers and cargo, Diesel totally makes sense.
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  6. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Considering the popularity of loaded 4dr pickups today, there is definitely some truth to that...considering 40 years ago, 4dr pickups were pretty much only heavy duty work trucks w/ bare bones vinyl seat interiors..
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    Slept wrong, horrible neck cramp. One leg. And still taking life like water off a duck's back. Inspirational!
  8. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Agreed. There is nowhere else to go for people who prefer something large and in charge.
  9. If tax credit concerns are in any way a factor in this, then that tells me that demand is not genuine, it is propped up.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    For Ocnblu; a duck, Bill ~
  11. BTW: who would buy an Alfa Romeo at $80K and higher? I would pick up a fully loaded XT5 and pocket the difference or at least get a CT6 and end up with a better luxury car.
  12. Noooooo; being #1 isn't a change over previously. The takeaway is that MB's market share in the above $60K tier is falling. F-150 starts @ $27K- far from '$60K'. It's not the volume, per say, the article is talking about market share.
  13. OK- so why would one care about MPG? Only 2 reasons I can see- 'envoronmental' and financial. TDi gets better MPG than the same-size gas motor, but costs more to buy. 2015 Jetta TDi was 25% higher in base MSRP- that might be 4 or more years of driving before the TDI 'broke even' with the 2.0 gas motor. I did the math on the Dodge Ram diesel vs. gas 6, and it was working out to be like 19 years to break even, but truck diesels are massively higher priced than the car diesels.
  14. Short term car shopping. Again.

    I believe there's a very real link to the slight upsize in truck dimensions and the huge uptick in trucks sales over the last few decades- they've taken the buyers who preferred full-size cars (in addition to other demographics of buyers), espeically as they've become nicer & more refined. As big as my truck's interior is, it's still not as wide or has as much legroom as my '59, tho it of course has scads more headroom.
  15. I don't think styling is playing a part. Leaf was redone in fall '17, no? I was expecting it to see a solid rise in sales... maybe the Bolt is taking Leaf intenders away. Don't think SUV people are going to cross-shop sedans much. Model S is due for a redesign.
  16. Sales are down because fads are shortlived, by definition. I am left wondering who is going to buy all these electrics GM is planning on? Because they're not born yet, based on current electric car sales performance.
  17. Don't know what is up w the Leaf. Maybe the more mainstream styling is turning off people that liked the toad face of the original. As for the Model S, it is getting a bit old-6th model year now---and they dropped the cheapest version, and maybe the Model X is stealing some sales?
  18. Short term car shopping. Again.

    So does this.
  19. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Trucks have their own size categories. Though trucks have been getting larger over the last 40 years rather than downsizing.
  20. VW diesel owners routinely get 400+ k miles out of their TDI powered cars... and no gasoline VW gets 46-50 MPG. Why tether yourself to a cord when you can drive where ever you want without care in a diesel and use just over half the fuel of a gasoline counterpart? No brainer.
  21. • What happened to the Leaf tho? It was selling in the 1100-1400/mnth range but since October, it barely finds 150 takers/mnth. It's dead in the water... • Bolt isn't $100K, but it's certainly more than the average IC hatch in it's size class. Don't pretend that's not a factor in not outselling other similar (gas) vehicles. • Question is still on the table- why did the Model S sales drop in '17? It certainly wasn't cannibalization from the Model 3. And if you use a more 'natural' December volume, it was down around 8%.
  22. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Pffft- go ahead and let the EPA decide how you interpret vehicles, so you can be "modern". Dimensions don't lie, labels can though. I drive a modern, full-size vehicle with 3" more hip room and 6 " more shoulder room than an S-class. Does the EPA have a "king-size" label?
  23. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Yeah, I posted about the Ecosport to needle our ancient friend Balthy. Trax/Encore/Ecosport are really too small to be effective utility vehicles, imo. They are fine strictly for commuting... and when one looks at the price, an Escape or Equinox can be had for the same price... or LESS than their respective smaller sibling. Encore went down in price with the MCE, so it is still a bargain compared to Envision. BTW DO NOT BUY an Envision. We had one in our shop for over two months because we could not get parts due to a deer hit. Everything was coming through GM of Canada... and there is no communication link between GM USA and GM Canada for parts tracking. Globalization SUCKS.
  24. Short term car shopping. Again.

    If you are in the market for a good deal on a used sedan: I know people like to bag on them a lot but the '15-17 200's are good cars, especially in V6 guise. And they are available in AWD if you need it. Depreciation has been pretty brutal so there are good deals to be had. My guess is you could pick up AWD 200S or 200C with under 30K miles and reasonably loaded for 15K. Heck, I bought my 2015 200S V6 FWD a year and a half ago with 5500 miles for $17,600 and it has heated steering wheel, ventilated seats and Nav (~$31K sticker). I could have had a similar AWD car for maybe $1,000 - $1,500 more. I personally would have preferred a 200C because I like the open pore wood trim in them better but I'm still very happy with what I got. I live in SE Michigan and I don't know how well the deals we get translate across the country since just about everybody around here is eligible for one or more of the employee discounts (at one point in time I could have gotten it on any of the Big 3 brands), but Equinox's and Malibu's lease pretty cheaply. They have been offering cheap leases on Jeep Compasses. You do see a ton of Escapes around here as well. If you like big RWD, both the 300 and Charger lease pretty cheaply as well, including the AWD versions. If you want to buy, they are giving HUGE discounts on '17 LaCrosse's.
  25. The Leaf is probably the closest competitor to the Bolt..very similar styling also.
  26. The Bolt isn't $100,000 either. And the Bolt isn't faster than a Z06 Corvette, or Audi R8 V10+ The best comparison for the Bolt is the Leaf or maybe BMW i3, those are closer in size, price and amenities.
  27. Short term car shopping. Again.

    It's midsize only if you are thinking mid-60s to mid 70s. Midsize today is about 190-195 inches. Your book is 40 years out of date, no car shopper in 2018 thinks of the S-class as midsize, that's madness!
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