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  1. It goes back to the 4th Gen Camaro and the St. Therese Quebec plant. GM figured they were free when they killed the nameplate after the F-Body died (they even tore down the plant), but I guess there were some rumblings so GM tossed them a bone with the 5th Gen.
  2. The Enclave will come in four trim levels Base, Essence, Premium, and Avenir. Only the Avenir gets the mesh grill the others will retain the classic waterfall grill. GM Authority - 2018 Buick Enclave Attempts To Define Full-Size Crossover Elegance
  3. Great Camaro thread with Fbodfather question

    NOT FUNNY, THIS IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL, YOU GOT ME SCARED SH TLESS HERE, the thought of local PD and State Troopers having this, is scarier than another Tarentino film.
  4. Great Camaro thread with Fbodfather question

    How about a Formula or a Firebird 400 edition, or even (dare I say it) a Trans Am edition.
  5. Just recieved this from the Car Connection's daily edition: Dow Jones says yes, but delay length not known. by Marty Padgett (2007-04-27) Is GM Delaying the Next Malibu? The Dow Jones newswires says General Motors has delayed production of the next generation mid-size and compact cars it builds in the U.S. Along with the mid-size Epsilon cars, which include the Chevy Malibu, the report indicates that GM also has delayed plans for a new series of compacts based on a new "Delta" architecture, which may include the next generation Chevrolet Cobalt. Dow Jones says that GM sent notice to the United Auto Workers that the Delta program had been suspended along with the Epsilon, and speculates that the former could be a way of wringing contract concessions from the Ohio workforce that builds the Cobalt. The new "Delta" vehicles were to emerge in 2009. The Malibu is part of an "Epsilon" family of vehicles, and is built in Fairfax, Kansas . It's intended as a competitor to the Toyota Camry and has been well-received for its new exterior shape. UPDATE: GM clarifies that the "negotations being reported on concern the next-generation mid-size and compact vehicles. The Malibu that we are introducing this fall is based on the current generation mid-size architecture, so is not as issue."
  6. Part of the problem is obvious, GM needs to build cars that people want to buy NOW, we can all blame the unions and management all we want, but the reality is GM got the situation it is in because it deserved to be there, anybody remember the concept of "planned obsolescence", when the market first changed some 30 years ago Toyota, et all were just a passing fad according to GM, Ford and Chrysler, look where Toyota is today. This we all know. The other problem is you have so many dumb f k's on both sides that literally blundered their way into their current positions, I had just started working for a well known parts supplier that used to be a part of GM that is currently in bankruptcy (any guesses? you only get one) and you would not believe the childish political games that go on, from management and UAW alike (and yes I am UAW), example: there are employee's at my plant who have the union contract better memorized than they do their own jobs, which when it comes to getting them to perform their job it is next to impossible because they don't know what is going on, but lord have mercy if it interferes with some obscure line in the contract (just get up off of your dead and just do your job) another example: management is one big C.Y.A. fest, it is not a matter of how to dictate policy to the rank and file, it is a political competition between the supervisors who will screw each other over faster than they will the UAW employee's, causing lost inventory, shut down lines and various other problems because two supervisors got into some sort of pissing match, and the list will go on and on and on and on, for both sides.
  7. GM RWD on hold?!

    Ya its to bad a whole bunch of them just took over Congress and Senate back in November.
  8. Some closure on W bodies

    Holy $h! I did OOPS, and I goofed on the Cutlass Convertable also, but what can ya say I did that list all from memory.
  9. GM Sued Over Inaccurate Speedometers

    I wonder if that would work with lawyers?
  10. Or maybe it is because GM tried using hybrid tech in vechicles that could actully benefit from its use like full size trucks, or city buses, instead of grandstanding with a overpriced hey look at me econobox that does not make any real sense when you do the math ($30,000 for a car that is the same size as a Cobalt Sedan and gets basically the same mileage, come on lets be realistic here), but GM's way did'nt please the selfish treehuggers (they need a tax break for their overpriced Prius!!!), so people are going ape over the Prius throwing thier money away when they could get more value with a Corolla or a Camry if they had their hearts set on a Toyota, GM has not been uncompetitive, the people in the market have been irrational and in many cases anti-GM (or even anti-American brands) regardless of how good or bad the product may or may not be, because it is the fashionable thing to do.
  11. Yes, but California also has CARB (California Air Research Board?) that adds additional emissions requirements to cars and trucks beyond Bin 5 Tier 2, which make their regualtions the most restrictive of any state in the union, I had heard that New York and Mass. were going to follow Cali's lead in the near future if they haven't already.
  12. Spy shots '08 Lucerne & Lacrosse

    Ya you know you are in trouble when the company (Jaguar) who styling you are trying to emulate (copy?) says the look just doesn't work anymore (see 2007 Jaguar C-XF Concept).
  13. DCX seeks sale of Chrysler to...GM?

    Ya but, each one of us could probably come up with an equally sappy or sentimental story as to why we like GM, he had enough BALLS to post his story about Chrysler, so insted of being a shameless wuss and hiding behind insults, take the time to listen to the point he was trying to make. If anyone here is being rude and childish it is you.
  14. Sierra vs. Tundra brochure

    ( If you count "Top 5 Truck/SUV by C&D) . . . . . . in which the new Silverado did beat the new Blundra.

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