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  2. OK, so they were off by 5 years so only 35 years ago.
  3. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    Yes that happens some times when on the freeway or a main road, otherwise Tesla has a repair van yes still ICE come to you at your location, repair and get you on your way. Far more flexible way of getting your auto repairs and back into use. He has said he hates that they have to use ICE for service and towing but until they can cover those segments, he is accepting it. Still hates it though.
  4. 1940 Ford plastic : distributor caps (2), coil housing, steering wheel, headlight switch knob, starter button. DONE!
  5. Correction. There was a very limited sharing in the A-Bodies beginning in '61, when the Tempest & F-85 got the Buick 215 V8 as an option, but that only lasted '61-62 @ Pontiac & '61-63 @ Olds. The next instance was '70, after Pontiac dropped it's OHC I6 and went to the Chevy IBC I6 250. But this was only in the Tempest / LeMans/ base Firebird- the GTO, Firebird Esprit, Trans Am, LeMans Sport, GP, Cat, Executive & Bonneville all ran Pontiac-only engines. There was scuttlebutt in the mid '70s when GM, due to production constraints, put Olds' 350s in other brands, and vica-versa. Got sued. It was the genesis for the legalese "some engines built by other Divisions of GM". Next instance would be the Olds'-built Diesel 350s in the other brands starting in '78. These were still singular scenarios. General Motors 'engine homogenization' didn't really begin until GM Powertrain took over all Divisional engine development- this would be 1982. Pontiac Division built it's last V8 in '81; the T/A offered it's 301 4bbl, 301 Turbo, or the Chevy 305. In '82, it was only the 305 "Corporate" V8. Tho some singular Divisional engine physical production continued (Buick still built the 3.8 V6 for many years, for EX), they became 'Corporate' engines. GM engine homogenization began corporate-wide in 1982. Cadillac was the most proprietary for the longest... but that too has fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately.
  6. If it makes you hot that you think another male thinks you are hot below the belt...than sure... Why not! Just to let you know though...I knew at a very early age that I dig females. Only females. But I am comfortable with MY sexuality to help you come out of the closet if it means that I got to compliment your...um...manhood... Enjoy...and good luck in your newfound sexuality...
  7. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    No comprendo, huh? No me sorprende...
  8. The red arrow, does that mean I'm a hottie below the belt?
  9. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

  10. Nah, you're wrong. What's happened up to now is nowhere near the sameness we are in for.
  11. Thanks... I hate our excessive use of plastic. I got the battery cable for the Honda yesterday and it came in no less than 3 layers of plastic and a cardboard box (Plastic outside the box, the box, foam padding, plastic bag, car part)..... for the negative cable.... for a car.... It's going in an engine bay of a 14 year old vehicle. Do they think I'm hanging it on my Christmas tree?
  12. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    Yeah...what a shocker... mechanical stuff breaks... Like when a Ford tows a Chevy Or when a Chevy tows a Ford...
  13. ^^^ I LOVE that point of view Drew...about the fork! AWESOME insight and awareness!
  14. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    I'm not understanding what you're aiming for? What is the base engine you'd like to see in the Mazda 6? What's wrong with the current engine now as a base?
  15. Porsche News: Rumorpile: Porsche Reconsiders 911 Hybrid

    Make fun all you want...but here is proof! 1966 Toronado steering wheel 1970 442 1970 GSX 1970 GTO 1969 Corvette ooops....it looks like a Vette does indeed have the same steering wheel as a Buick... Modern times Malibu You think you got me? On semantics? It just proves that homogenizing starting during the golden age of ICED muscle cars... You know...your other argument....
  16. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    The Cheby picture was a comparison to the over-complex Ford solution... I wasn't citing it as an example of a solution without a problem. I had the Chevy example on my Avalanche and it did lower things just enough to make it more comfortable getting in and out of the back. The Avalanche also had a convenient grab handle at the top of the bed wall... no need for a post sticking out of the top of the tailgate Man-Step.
  17. You're about 3 decades late. The Generic Asian Sedan put most of the sameness into cars that we have today.
  18. I don't believe that globalism is a danger persay, but I do believe we've taken it way too far coupled with the disposable society. It's not cars where I think we've gone too far... it's the plastic fork. We as a society have decided that it is more cost/time effective to: 1. Pump oil out of the ground. 2. Ship that oil to a processing center that turns a portion of that oil into liquid Polystyrene. 3. Ship that Polystyrene to another processing facility that forms the polystyrene into a fork. 4. Cut down a tree 5. Pulp the tree 6. Ship the pulp to a processing center 7. turn the pulp into cardboard. 8. Print lettering on the cardboard and shape it into a box 9. Ship the boxes to the plastic fork factory 10. Pack the forks into boxes 11. Ship the boxes to warehouse distribution centers 12. Ship the boxes to stores 13. Drive to store to buy plastic forks 14. Use plastic fork once and throw away. F O U R T E E N major steps just so we can avoid: 1. Wash the metal Fork. I hate plastic forks and I avoid them whenever possible... everytime I am handed one at a restaurant all of those steps go through my mind. They, to me, are the biggest worst example of what is terrible about globalism.... the fact that all of that can be made cheaper (Time = money) than just washing a metal fork. The fact that Buick builds vehicles in China or S. Korea for consumption in the US is small fry by comparison.
  19. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    Yes I am sure he hates it when one of his cars gets towed in to the dealership on a diesel powered flatbed. You'd think he'd be used to it by now though.
  20. Porsche News: Rumorpile: Porsche Reconsiders 911 Hybrid

    Links please
  21. So what you're saying is that even the Amish are more forward thinking about energy than you are? I like the rumble of a big fat V8 just as much as you do, but I also admit that the Bolt and Pacifica Hybrid powertrains thoroughly impressed me and I'd have no trouble with either powertrain as a daily driver..... I wouldn't want the rest of the car personally because neither of them are my style, but the powertrains were good enough for me to toss the idea around in my head a bit. I think the way you present your argument is what gets the reactions you get. There are rational reasons for moving forward with EVs, there are fewer to be had for holding on to ICEs longer than necessary. EVs are going to be a growing part of the automotive landscape. What you and I think about EVs is not going to change the timeframe of that happening.
  22. Yesterday
  23. You do realize that your 1st paragraph has NOTHING to do with EVs, right? Hate on EVs all you want...homogeny started a looooong time ago.... Example: Camaro Firebird Only the the steering wheel is different... Camaro Firebird Monte Carlo Oldsmobile 1986 Cutlass Supreme 442 And of course the not so high output 5.0s found in California Corvettes, Caprices, Fleetwoods and the like! In the other thread you were saying that it be the same platform and only the shell will differentiate??? Like this? GM homogenized its engines in the 1970s...over 40 years ago! The 1980s gave us what I posted above... It only got worse from there? NO! It got better differentiated. The EVs will be the same...better differentiation between the cars... Hell...EVs cant get any worse than this sameness:
  24. What Are You Listening To?

    RIP Malcolm. I salute you!
  25. Large woodworking machines are cheaper now than they were 30 years ago by far.
  26. Did someone forget about those F&F days? There too many folks in this world to all be doing the same, exact thing . Not that I was a big fan of fart cans and wings, but some of us just want to enjoy our rides, not matter what they are. We really can't change the times my friend, only finding a way to make it our own. Besides, ICE will never truly go away....just won't be as big.....
  27. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    Some of today's pickups sit so high they should offer steps like these..
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