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  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    • Most 'modern houses' are built like crap with crap material. I'd rather a restored old house (pre WW2) for the bones. • Sales tax in NJ is in the process of going down, from 7.0 to 6.875, now is 6.625%. I like the direction there. • Property tax is nuts here, yes. I've long said it'll be the thing that pushes me out of state. • Zillow says the above house sold in 2004 for $432K, it's assessed @ $500K, but Zillow estimates it at $705K market value (I had it a bit off above). Taxes in 2017 were $11,3xx.
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  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    WOW What a dump, looks like it is ready to be demolished and a new modern house built. Knowing NJ to have crazy Sales tax, Income tax and property tax I bet the Property tax on the house is between 15-20K. Crazy
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    This wee, 1240 SF house is a 1936 steel panel Art Deco unit (yes- those are large rust spots). I could easily see this in New Brunswick NJ (median household income: $38K), and it might be $60K there. But it's in Princeton NJ (median household income $116K), and it's in Princeton (yes: I know I said that already) so it's market value is just about $750K. Princeton is the most architecturally-diverse town I've ever been/worked in.
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

    It's interesting how the window of time available to the domestics where they don't heavily discount popular new cars is a short/tight one. The new Cruze is released and you pay close to MSRP. The new Fusion is released ... ditto. The new Malibu is released ... ditto. Then, it goes away quickly, as these cars begin to dominate rental fleets. Incidentally, since I find myself behind a latest-gen Malibu on an almost daily basis, its underpinnings are interesting. If right behind one, you can see the wishbone arms of the rear suspension fairly clearly. These arms have small round perforations in them. And I'm laughing thinking "it's all about the neutral axis."
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    There are no Guidos in Italy. No open shirts, gold chains, and slicked back hair. Or, if you see some variant of that, it will be more stylish (almost too much so) than pimpish. Italian kids look at their Jersey Shore counterparts (age wise) with amusement and derision. What you will see over there are the wrong parts of town with people that look menacing, so you know that you'd best be moving along. Any more, a lot of the people occupying these districts might be from other parts of Europe, the Middle East/Asia, and (mostly North) Africa. The number of undocumented people in Mediterranean Europe is large and creates tension and social problems.
  8. Random Thoughts Thread

    The dividend yield may be good but the absolute amount is small. The yield always looks better when the price drops, not that that's been the situation at Ford. Their stock just seems to hover between $10 and $12.
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    I take mine in GM Metallic Maroon!
  10. I think the front looks good, the rest of it looks like any other crossover. The inside seems nice for the segment, "floating" NAV screen seems to be the trend among car makers because Mercedes did it 4 years ago, but not Mercedes has dumped it almost across the board, so probably everyone else will go back. I am surprised they got a 3rd row in this car, it isn't that big of a vehicle, I imagine leg room is cramped back there. But it is there and the Edge doesn't have a 3rd row. I wonder how long that diesel sticks around before the emissions police come calling, but 320 lb-ft sounds pretty tasty.
  11. Ford News: Kumar Galhotra Named As Ford's North America Chief

    Thinking there will still be a few more moves yet...
  12. I like the buttons....
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    I'll take one in silver, please!!!
  14. Random Thoughts Thread

    For Moltar ~
  15. Dream Car Garage- ATP Used Car Edition

    Ok, checked Auto Trader for local/semi-local used cars at $36k or less.... I kept the list realistic and late model, didn't really want older cars to have to deal with (that could be a separate list). I wanted cars recent w/ low miles that I could drive a lot...a Jeep for the practicality and winter use, the Challenger and Chevy SS for fun (picked the SS over a Charger for it's uncommon uniqueness), a CTS for a modern comfy luxury sedan (it and the Jeep would alternate as daily drivers). The last choice was hard--I wanted a sports car, something small and nimble and a convertible. I thought about a Miata (I do like them--they are on my other DCG-MSRP lists), but I've long liked the Boxster, esp. in S form. a modern Porsche in it's simplest and purest form. Great handling for those weekend trips south toward the Ohio River.. Except for the Jeep, these aren't necessarily the colors I would want, but what I could find w/ a quick search on Auto Trader. 1 '15 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 34k miles $34,000 2. '15 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack manual 15k miles $33598 3. '15 Chevy SS manual 34k miles, $30500 4. '16 Cadillac CTS 18k miles, blue $34800 5. '10 Porsche Boxster S manual 31k miles, $34000 '
  16. Random Thoughts Thread

    That's pretty cool..didn't realize Yenko still existed as a company..thought Don Yenko was dead. Only 25 units built. I also didn't realize they still built short bed regular cab Silverados...haven't seen one in years..that is a sharp looking truck...
  17. The Corvette Z06 which is the fastest accelerating GM car, until they get the 2019 ZR1 tested, does 0-124 mph in 10.2 seconds, and that was the best number I could find, some tests are closer to 11 seconds. A Tesla Model S with Ludicris mode takes 10.8 seconds to hit 124 mph. This Ferrari is flying and I bet in the corners it is wicked too because it has race tech and weighs under 3,000 lbs, where a lot of these high powered super cars like an Aventator weigh 4,000 lbs.
  18. @balthazar @Cubical-aka-Moltar So here is the hidden XT4 dash versus the current XT5 dash. Some differences. I am thinking that they might be able to make a modest change to the existing dash to fit in the new CUE system and the buttons. XT5 Dash XT4 Dash
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  20. Physical buttons are s good thing.
  21. Dream Car Garage- ATP Used Car Edition

    I am going to play grumpy old man here. Enjoying the freedom of just one car in my personal life...so just three here. Golf R current gen. Nicely equippped Wrangler current gen with a few mods maybe wheel and tire upgrade. Nicest used Cadillac CTS I can find.
  22. I was referring to both the new CUE and the physical buttons since so many people have complained about how to use CUE with just virtual buttons. The physical dash may or may not be updated at all in the XT5.
  23. Dream Garage- Average Transaction $ Pt 2

    Agree. Zero plans for this to disgrace my driveway. Would prefer a Camry myself. Not better enough for sixty payments from me. Actually one more to follow. I would add a Wrangler.
  24. Cadillac News: Spying: 2019 Cadillac XT4 Discovers Physical Buttons!

    Good point. Since the article doesn't have the spy photos of the XT4 dash, I wonder is the XT4 dash has different styling cues than current models ( I assume that is the XT5 or another current model in the pic).
  25. I thought he was referring to the physical "dash".
  26. Random Thoughts Thread

    I would so give my eye teeth for those trucks.
  27. Cadillac News: Spying: 2019 Cadillac XT4 Discovers Physical Buttons!

    Can't let the XT5 have a lesser version of CuE than the XT4...I'd assume they will roll out the new version of the infotainment system with MCEs or NG refreshes across the line quickly.
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