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  2. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    • news cycle on the event is less than 24 hrs, no way the investigation is done ("proven"). • you have a link to a story proclaiming this? • regardless of any motivation, an AD vehicle's prime directive is to avoid such an event, yet what I'm reading is that it was doing 40 and showed no sign of slowing. Everything else aside, that's precisely an AD-related problem.
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  4. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    Was proven that the woman deliberately stepped in front of the car. Not the Autonomous or the person in the cars fault.
  5. A slow death this is going to have.
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

    This is an awesome engine bay with plenty of room to turn a wrench. Wish they were still that way. At least my 1993 GMC Suburban has plenty of room and is easy to get around to work on in comparison to my Escalade.
  7. Meh, I would pass on the smarter at this point and work on the Reliable please have no Recalls!
  8. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    Like I posted in another thread about Mercury taking the 7 liter 505 HP V8 Crate motor and upping it to 750 HP, if you can spend the coin on this car, then spend the additional coin on this engine and give it a real thumping heart! After all what is an extra 32K plus installation costs.
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    I do like to clean mine as well....and no- I study them too...something that always catches my eye...
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

  11. Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln Continental To Be One and Done?

    Yep- Because any time the crowd gets a slight boner over something, Ford just has to get it out! They could have been much, much quicker on cashing in on the small truck craze....but no-the Ranger is coming out as things slow down...hope they don't expect these to just fly off the lots. Upside on this was that the investment was low...and I think small trucks will pick up again when they start leasing these like they do the big trucks....
  12. Random Thoughts Thread

    Am I weird for liking to study engine bays? It's interesting how simplistic and solid state or how complex engine compartments can be nowadays. When 350 V8s ruled the roost, I was able to tell whether the engine was built by Chevrolet, Pontiac, Olds, or Buick just by the way it was configured ... no labels or brand of car needed. Olds had the "best" looking 350 V8 while Buick had the "ugliest" looking 350 V8, IMO. Anymore, I just wipe my engine down periodically and take minor amounts of degreasing spray with the more focused pointer feature to areas far, far away from any sensors and electronics.
  13. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    Yeah...I know! I was being sarcastic with the Lexus bullet proof comment. I also know the Mustang IS bullet proof!!! But my Fusion unfortunately does have these recalls. In reality though, my wife and I are NOT upset with these recalls. Just tired of them...
  14. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    Not if these self autonomous cars kill pedestrians... http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/toyota-autonomous-car-testing-pause-1.4584316 Toyota halts autonomous testing... Uber...halts autonomous testing because of an Uber self driving car killed a pedestrian. I wonder how many other manufacturers will halt self driving cars if the investigations say the tech was at fault...I think it was a Volvo self driving car that was implicated in this tragedy. Just like that self driving pod hitting a delivery truck 3-4 months ago... No word on THAT snafu... Im willing to bet that snafu was tech related...because had it been human related, Im sure the media would have told us that it was human error. Shove that news up are asses to make sure we KNOW that it was human error. It could very well be tech related and THAT is why is hush hush...
  15. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    Do you have any idea of how many toyota/lexus recalls have been issued in the last 10 years?? The cumulative total of vehicles must be closing in on 60 million at this point. There were 3 in the last 3 weeks. And if that studio photo of the LC is indicative, I'd hope the Mustang isn't as "good" as a lexus. - - - - - Here's another, and I'm telling you- it's just RAMPANT if you actually look. Volvo XC90, a vehicle that starts at $47K. See that seam- why isn't it consistent (and tight)- why is it angling wider as it goes to the right? This is shoddy body engineering, because it sure isn't intentional. What it is is inexcusable.
  16. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    The two posts above made by me are NOT to be taken seriously. Its just me being me. The opinions in those posts DO have truth to them and the posts DO reflect how I feel....its just that the post content is taken to the extreme. For drama and comedic effect. Please move along. There is really nothing to see or read here.
  17. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    The Escala concept is 210 inches long. Bring it on, the Maybach S650 is 212 inches long, and more than well equipped to take on competition. And Mercedes is currently building a new solar powered factory in Germany for the next generation S-class, and every car will autonomously drive off the assembly line.
  18. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    Not Lexus bullet proof... And if its anything like its Fusion brother...Id be worried about the many recalls... Yes yes....my wife's Fusion has yet another recall. Something about the 1.6 liter ecoboost engine needed to be sensorized so that Id know low coolant was to happen, it would advise me so iI would do something about it so the gaskets could stay leak proof so they wont leak and start a FIRE!!! Or something like that! Yes yes...the 1.6 liter ecoboost is still prone to fires apparently... The last recall on the car regarding that was for Ford technicians to test out the engine to see if there may be a problem for the gaskets to fail or something or other. They re-enforced what they had to re-enforce and that was that. Plus...I read that 2013-2015 Fusions steering may come undone and cause accidents. I dont have a recall on it by Ford of Canada, but I know one is coming...soon... http://www.autonet.ca/fr/2018/03/14/ford-rappelle-138-million-de-voitures-pour-un-probleme-de-volant Its in French...google translate is there for ya'll...
  19. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    I see little love for this car in this thread and I see a lot of...well...not so nice things said about it. This is what makes makes us humans unique in that we all like different things... Well...to the people who dont particularly like the looks of this car... Ya'll wrong and crazy for not liking it. The car is sleek. Yes it has weird lines to it. The car is sleek non-the-less. And to my eyes at least...gorgeous as phoque! About those lines. At least the LC500 does not look like the same ol, same ol garbage like other luxury coupes. Driving those other lux coupes gets you lost in the shuffle. I understand that sometimes buyers in this realm want to fly low... These are weenies in my opinion. Hypocrites even. Dont want to flash the cash yet drive $150 000-$300 000 lux coupes... If these people wouldnt want to flash the cash they be driving mud riddled F-150s. So...please spare me the excuses. I understand the lines maybe too funky for you, which is fine. Point taken. But that tells me is you might be one boring ass individual. Life of the party you are NOT! Balthy does bring up a good point in that the fit and finish may not be on par and with what Lexus is asking for a price tag for one. THAT is the ONLY criticism I accept! On to the next criticism...If the V8 under the hood does not do it for you...because you deem it anemic. 2 words for you: LS swap! The price the LC500 costs, Im sure one that wants one could pony up 20 000 or so for a Chevy LS crate motor that is turn key! Not worth the money? Aside from the fit and finish argument. this is in a realm of where "who gives a shyte" what it costs! This is in a realm where the phoquing car is unique. And in MY world, toeing the line and conforming to the norm is NOT what I do! I applaud different. I applaud unique. I applaud sexiness and flaunting that sexiness. So...there is my more than 2 cents on the matter! I freaking LOVE this car! I saw it at the Montreal Auto Show last January and its even better looking up close and personal. And yes. many people were gawking at it. Of all ages and races and colour. And sexes...
  20. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    Now yer talkin'!
  21. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    It would be fantastic if a production Escala were to be the largest (non-Rolls) sedan on the market, Cadillac used to OWN long cars when an s-class was shorter than a CTS is now... but mercedes was benchmarking Cadillac hard in those days, and the car grew over a foot since. Escala should be right about 215"- that would split the diff between the current S & Rolls.
  22. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    I think the Escala concept looks too Asian, I see it as something Kia or Mazda would come up with as a concept and it doesn't seem American enough, aside from the back looks like a Cadillac. But in concept form the Escala is bigger than an S-class, which I can't see them actually making the production version that large, it is tough to sell a car that big, but am curious how close production is to concept and what is under the hood.
  23. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

  24. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    Random read :: Autoweek, 2015 ATS review ~ "I’ll start with the interior. It’s nicer than a comparable BMW’s or Audi’s (but it’s simply not up to C-class)." "I would recommend the 2.0-liter turbo sedan and coupe to anyone." Seems impossible, according to some.
  25. I don't get the point of this car, I guess maybe they sell them in Asia, but for this market it really makes no sense. People aren't going to pay $70k for a Kia as shown by the sales, and Hyundai and Kia both just keep copying German car styling, but people that want to buy something that looks like a German car, will just buy a German car, not some knockoff. If anything Kia should make the K900 look radical as can be, like a concept car from 2030. At least it would stand out, this just blends in and gets forgotten.
  26. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    Okay we can play that, 1998 STS and 1998 E-class: VS 2018 CT6 and E-class: I think the E-class has actually improved more in 20 years than Cadillac has.
  27. These subscription plans don't work, because you are paying way more than a lease price to basically lease a car that comes with a warranty anyway. A subscription service only works for autonomous cars in which case you don't actually own the car, it comes to pick you up when you need a ride. Then in effect 4 or 5 people could be sharing one S-class and each person pays $400 a month for rides in it, then it makes sense to buy a subscription service.
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