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  2. Genesis News: Hyundai Exec Says Luxury Brands Focus Way Too Much On Tech

    'luxury' vehicles today are all about increasingly complex electronics that will be obsolete in a few years and will fail expensively in a few years. They are intended to be leased or owned for only a few short years under warranty then traded for the next new thing...
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  4. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    Being proactive in controlling supply is a good and bad thing. It certainly can be a PR nightmare, but better to temporarily halt production of some of their models and suffer the slings and arrows. But, since i believe Ford is one of the most proactive manufacturers in a number of ways it makes me more confident in them. And it would be good to have context looking at some of the supply numbers. For instance, although a 162 day supply of Continentals is probably not 'great' news, I wonder what the count is for some of its competitors?
  5. Bollinger Motors Pure EV SUV

    The ultra-basic/simple design reminds me of the original Land Rover and the original Bronco...very old school looking. Wonder if it could be built though w/ the realities of today's market.
  6. Genesis News: Hyundai Exec Says Luxury Brands Focus Way Too Much On Tech

    Well, this brings up an interesting point: what makes a "luxury" vehicle? If you look at extremely exotic and luxurious vehicles such as the new Rolls Royce Phantom, you will see the use of cutting-edge technology combined with craftsmanship. While I agree that gesture controls are a gimmick, the trend is going towards technology packages within luxury vehicles. That said...I totally agree that with all this new tech means it is a matter of time before something goes wrong.
  7. If ya did not follow the link, some pretty interesting info: POWERTRAIN All Wheel Drive (AWD) 0-60 in 4.5 sec Top Speed 127 mph 360 Horsepower 472 lb-ft Torque Dual Front/ Rear Motor 60 kWh or 100 kWh Energy Storage 120 Mile or 200 Mile Range 67.4 est. MPGe Charge Time 60 kWh (from fully depleted) Level 2 (220v): 7 hours Charge Time 100 kWh (from fully depleted) Level 2 (220v): 12 hours DC charging compatible J1772 (110 & 220) & CHAdeMO (DC Fast) Charging Ports Electronic locking differentials (front and rear) Dual Front/Rear, 2 speed HI/LO range gearboxes. 4x Torque multiplication in LO range Top Speed LO Range: 32 mph CAPACITY 3900 lbs Total Vehicle Weight 295 lbs Chassis Weight 10.8 Power / Weight Ratio 6100 lbs Towing Capacity 6100 lbs Payload Capacity 10001 lbs GVWR 50/50 Weight Balance 12,000 lb hydraulic winch, 125 ft lead INTERIOR 95 cu. ft. Total Cargo Capacity with Rear Seats Removed Including the Frunk and Passthrough Area 14 cu. ft. Storage Capacity Frunk 13" Wide x 14" High of the Pass-Thru 24 Sticks of 2x4s Can Fit Through the Pass-Thru 72 Sheets of 1/2 Plywood Fit in the Rear Cargo Area 12' Length from Front to Rear Liftgates with Liftgates Closed 15' - 4" Length from Front to Rear Liftgates with Liftgates Open Fits 4 Passengers Comfortably EXTERIOR 15.5" Ground Clearance 10" Wheel Travel 56°/33°/53° Approach/Breakover/ Departure Angle LT285/70/R17 Wheel Size Front/Rear 11.75" Vented; Regenerative; 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Inboard Disc Brakes 105" Wheelbase 150" Length 76.5" Width 73.5" Height 68" Rear Track
  8. Bollinger Motors Pure EV SUV

    That's correct.
  9. GM News: GM's CAMI Assembly Goes On Strike

    Still sounds like they are not sure yet....they seem to be still throwing things around. Though it's funny (but true) about Lordstown, can also be said about D-Ham.....
  10. This is what I LOVE about French cars. They do it their own way! I celebrate with 3 French songs that are funky! Just like their cars. OK...a 4rth
  11. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    if it's not moving, it should be called the lincoln constipation
  12. Bollinger Motors Pure EV SUV

    I'm definitely not anti-EV, but c'mon; this thing looks horrendous. However; I've got to give it to them; they figured out how to hide the door hinges, something the equally horrendous-looking benz-wagon has been unable to upgrade.
  13. "The G90 doesn't have twin turbos like an S-class" "The G90 doesn't have cameras to read the road or air suspension" "The G90 doesn't have a hybrid power train" "The G90 doesn't have autonomous drive technology" Translation is the G90 is slower, less powerful, less fuel efficient, and has worse ride quality than an S-class. Beirmann is trying to say technology and power and interior materials don't matter, because his car has none of those things. Probably why his car doesn't sell very well.
  14. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    162 days??? So there are 5 Continentals sitting on lots?
  15. No worries.
  16. And quite honestly...a luxury muscle car that aint even a cop car like its Charger cousin aint exactly gonna reel them in. There is a reason why the 300 SRT went away in the first place... What a role reversal...when the LX cars were first introduced, 'twas the Bentley like 300 that was all the rage...and the wanna-be gangsta folk all went bananas for them...but when the cops started driving Chargers, twas the Charger that became cool..that would also be ironic as wanna-be gangsta folk advertised thuggery and criminality...and now the LX cop car that symbolizes the law is on top...
  17. Lol wtf did I say here about sales being up or down? @dfelt only tag relevant members. Hahaha
  18. Chrysler sales as a brand are down 24% this year and mostly due to the 200 being gone but the 300 is down year to date. Pacifica is still new, I imagine in 2019 the sales will decline from where they are now. Minivan and Full size sedan are shrinking segments and those are the only 2 segments Chrysler is in. Not a good business model
  19. G. David Felt - Staff Writer Alternative Energy - Bollinger Motors Pure EV SUV So you like the look of a traditional Land Rover or the brick G-Wagon and wish you could have an American made Brick SUV that was Green? Welcome to BOLLINGER MOTORS who this summer introduced their PURE OFF ROAD EV the Bollinger B1. Check them out Bollinger wanted to show off their testing of their new EV SUV. Autoblog did a video covering the internals of this bad ass American Made EV SUV. AutoBlog Video
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  21. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

  22. This car shoulda been introduced if not with the Dodge Hellcats...last year with the Grand Cherokee version. Not to say that the 300 Hellcat wont be MY choice for 4 door version, because instantly...I want this car as bad as I want the Challenger Hellcat... With a catch... At least if Chrysler could make the 300 Hellcat in AWD form...from the Jeep, you know, to differentiate it from the Dodge Brothers...and a little closer for it being more upscale type deal...
  23. In my case, I posted the source weeks ago on another thread but you are very correct sir.
  24. @smk4565 @Stew @surreal1272 @ccap41 @oldshurst442 We all love auto's and especially all have brands we favor, I would like to suggest if you are going to POST saying a model or brand is in decline or rising, a rebate is dealer or manufacture, etc. Lets post along with our thoughts some actual facts, be it a screen shot from the dealers web site, the OEM web site, post a link to our own Sales section proving the decline or rise. Enough of blow out from our butts! I love ya all and enjoy the conversations but the vague statements really need to end. Not picking on anyone person but using this as an example. SMK says Chrysler's lone two products 300 and Pacifica is in sales decline. Proof: August shows the following 300 down 23% to 4,073 units moved Pacifica up 2% to 7621 units moved July shows the following 300 up 31% at 3,090 units moved Pacifica up 5% to 8288 units moved June shows the following 300 up 47% to 5355 units moved Pacifica up 59% to 12,399 units moved These figures are what Bill posted in the sales section of the monthly sales figures per OEM. So in this case the proof is for the most part Chrysler sales are up on these two models only. I did not bother with the other chrysler versions that are EOL. Please post facts to back up your statements. Thank you!
  25. Then post them for all to see. I posted mine a few weeks ago and you went into denial about it. Think about it. How is it that the Challenger, which again I love, goes from a perennial third place sales position for years to all of a sudden, a marked increase while offering only modest changes compared to the competition? Higher incentives and rebates. These are simply facts you cannot deny.
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