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    I would have, but I hav been quite busy with the day job. New project is taking a lot of me and has caused a number of items to be pushed back (sees list of reviews needing to be written). Hopefully, I will do some news writing in the next week or so depending on this project. Also, I happen to like the new Sienna. I'm very much the outlier in this forum.
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    When Datsun was independent, they were infinitely more fun and engaging. This Franco-Nippon relationship has not panned out well. I have nothing against Renault, or Nissan, but some things are better left unmixed. If the Kicks were available in the USA with a stick, it would be much more fun and in line with Datsun heritage. Now look at the state of them... Here's a funky little flying wedge from the days of fun, spirited Datsun vehicles:
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    Aftermarket convertible conversion on the Tesla Model 3. For $30K, you get this manually-folding top. For another $10K, they'll electrify it. HANDS DOWN, the WORST convertible conversion I have ever seen. I struggle to recall a more pointless / less dignified automotive alteration. Makes the Murano convertible look swanky. All that stupid money and they couldn't even re-engineer the rear door glass to roll all the way down.
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    10 min project: wanted to add under-dash courtesy lamps [inspired by my P-60 parts car]. Had these 1W LED mini lights I recently ordered, and they fit perfectly in these chrome cabinet washers. Not too bright at 1W, they’ll do some illumination of the entry ports.
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    Imma gonna do some American pop culture references to Hazzard and Kentucky as only a Greek boy from French territory Canada would know about a certain Hazzard County and the beautiful state of Kentucky. Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on shining... And of course, Hazzard County. This particular Hazzard is of course, fictional... I do realize that Hazard, KY is spelled with one "z" and is of course, a real place. Oh...and I happen to love the tune, Red River Valley.
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    Top tier fuel like Shell and Chevron among others is the only way to go. I never run anything but Top Tier in my vehicles. It does make a difference running a quality fuel and having the detergents to clean as gasoline by itself can carbon up the valves and combustion chamber pretty fast. Not to mention the money you will end up saving on repairs of a gummed up fuel system and filters running cheap gas like Costco or (insert name) grocery store gas station. Makes me cringe every time I see the long line of cars at Costco gas pumps, don't get me wrong I love Costco, but would never pump their gas in my rides.
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    Here is one Chrysler performance car I really liked even though it is a sister to the Mitsubishi version. Only 55K miles on it and the current bid price is $12,100 on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143606587133 Chrysler Conquest TSi. To me this was a Hot Turbo Muscle car that I liked from the 80's. Course was in college and could barely fit in then, now, forget it. Still a cool car.
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    Cadillac hearses and Lincoln limousines. Been that way since at least the 1950s. This might clear up a few things about German cars in general. . . . or not: https://www.insidehook.com/article/vehicles/field-guide-most-popular-yuppie-car
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    Happy Memorial Day everyone....
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    My folks were in that area then...my Mom was from nearby Hindman and was 9 then, and my Dad was from Prestonsburg and 19.. he would join the Army Air Corps in 1941, then they met after the war. In present day NE Ohio, I've been enjoying great weather this weekend...spending time in the backyard and grilling/cooking..grilled some bacon-wrapped filets yesterday, and today made chicken habanero tamales and margaritas.
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    Is Amoco like Sunoco? We don't have either over here in the West. Hey, I think that's smk's ride!
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    Stick with the fuel system cleaner. Much cheaper and more effective. I recommend Lucas fuel system cleaner. https://lucasoil.com/products/fuel-treatments/lucas-fuel-treatment
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    your call is important to us
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    2013 Mustang GT Premium 2017 MX-5 Miata Club (preferably RF if I could find for $20k) 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2015 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X If I could choose only one for my money, it probably would be between Miata and Z06. Z06 is more desirable but for $20k it is bottom of the barrel and the maintenance on it would be very expensive. Considering the hard times I probably would go with the Miata, very fun car, cheap to insure and maintain.
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    Always thought those were cool....must be an 80s thing..
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    Only thing I can come up with is a super clean variant of the '92-96 F-150, like I used to have. A Lightning would be pretty cool- saw an immaculate one online sold a few months ago for $14,250. I like the hell out of this, but the asking price is $42K.
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    Twilight Zone (and there is a double meaning with it)
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    - - - - - Now for some mind soap :
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    Have we told you lately that we appreciate your continued participation?
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    They need to do a TRD version w/ some ground effects, black wheels, red leather interior, black roof, big wing on the back... BTW, the Japanese-market Alphard van is available w/ a TRD kit...
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    That is a badass van.....
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    As we get older, us guys do like a rear on a woman!
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    Yeah, maybe I’ve grown used to them I guess. Will say the van has a nice rear though for its size...
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    Here you have your facts wrong, Costco is a top tier fuel with detergents. I have found Shell especially runs terrible in my auto's and yet Costco runs great. Never had a problem. Costco keeps their filters clean and has all their certs clearly displayed on their top tier status with detergents. There is no reason to pay more money at Shell, Cheveron, Esso, Exxon, etc. The spec's today have really taken away any benefit those gas stations have. One place to stay away from is the Krogers, Walmart, etc. discount gas stations where they want you to pay extra for detergent when you pump and clearly have no standards on when they change fuel filters, etc.
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    @oldshurst442 Monsieur du Quebec, j'ai trouve' un YouTube situe' dans ton ville, sur une des rues principales First, can you understand what those French people talking smack in the background are saying? I had seen this about a month ago and thought you'd enjoy it. This is one sweet Cutlass Supreme. It's obviously been kept shielded from the elements. A few things: - it needs its hood ornament back ... it would look better - it would look better with the alloy wheels instead of the wire wheel covers ... and the optional all aluminum alloys were even nicer than the much used body colored rally wheels - I'm not crazy about the two-tone paint - they could have thrown on a white landau vinyl top instead ... I remembered this video since we were recently discussing the Seafoam fuel system product ... this might be considered a metallic sea foam green, but Olds called it metallic Jadestone - check out at about 2:25 into the video - this car has NO air conditioning and it's the top of the line Brougham! - I like everything else about it ... I wonder which engine it had ... there would have only been 2 gasoline options that year: the 3.8 V6 or the small Olds V8 Tres belle ... beautiful!
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    Tina Turner! Because she's got LEGS and she KNOWS how to use them!
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    'mountain folk' walking into town, Hazard KY 1940 :
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    Octane is required to avoid detonation. If you engine is rated for 87, putting 93 in it won't have a discernible difference. Maybe if you went to 110, you'd notice it, but that likely has other chemical differences which may contribute. Putting 93 in an 87-rated car is a waste of money from all I've read. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2014/04/11/tech-101-octane-the-facts-and-the-fiction-behind-those-higher-priced-fuels Injector cleaner has an actual benefit, tho I still question if it does all that much. I've had a subtle stumble in my truck and put injector cleaner (Lucas) thru every other tank for a long while- to the total tune of 1.5 gal, but it never went away or ran any different/showed a MPG change.
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    What I would have loved in the mid 1990s, if Chryco had dipped into Mitsubishi's engine department, along with their AWD system and would have incorporated that into their LHS cars. Dodge did have a Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 twin in the Stealth R/T. Now imagine a Dodge Intrepid and a Chrysler 300M with AWD and a twin turbo set-up with that 3.0 liter V6 with 300 hp and 300 ft/lbs torque in the mid 1990s? Excellent would be a good 1990s catchphrase for those would be cars. Along with being leaders in the marketplace with turbos and AWD in family sedans that would later become the norm... Also, imagine a Prowler with a 5.9 liter Magnum V8 under the hood instead of the V6 they decided to use? OK...I understand why Plymouth went with that particular V6. If they didnt want the 5.9 Magnum image on their Prowler, they sure mde the mistake of having a weak V6 image into it. With an homage Hot Rod car to the 1933 Ford, and a name like Prowler, the car BEGGED for a V8 under the hood, or at the very least an engine more than the 215 horses it initially had and more than the 250 it ended up having. Maybe they should have FORCED Mercedes to give them the 4.3 liter V8 Mercedes had at that point in time. On Oldsmobile from the late 1990s. The Intrigue SHOULD have had an Aurora V8 option ( hey...GM put a 5.3 liter with 300 horses in the W-Body a decade later) and the Alero should have had a Shortstar V6 option.
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    The mercedes evcuv will look like every other cuv they’ve built over the last 15 years. The camo is unnecessary.
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    Not who can afford a new auto, but who wants to take on payments during this Pandemic when an Old Classic debt free is just fine for rolling along.
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    Just saw one in that color last week...a lot of classics are out now it seems even with everything going on....
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    Mathmatically, that translates to an unchanged market. If we use 2000 & 100,000 to represent the 2.0% of current EV marketshare, multiplying by the percentages above gives EVs a market share of 2.1%. The 5% difference is negligible when your slice of the pie is so tiny. - - - - - For EVs to "account" for 31% of the overall fleet of vehicles in 20 years' time, they will have to average 4.12 million sales per year starting immediately (31% of 275,000,000 is 82,500,000/20). But US & global EV sales peaked in 2018, and were down in 2019. 2019's US sales were 330,000, a bit shy of 4.1 million. And being that 2020 sales are going to be terrible, let's just call it 4.34 million U.S. EV sales starting 1/1/21. GOOD LUCK with that!! And; MATH.
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    This is hilarious, and I think very spot on
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    Auto registrations are set to fall 18% this year for EV's sold globally. Yet this is smaller than what analyst say will be at least a 23% reduction in ICE auto registrations. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-autos-electric-research/electric-car-sales-to-fall-but-not-as-much-as-other-vehicles-research-idUSKBN22V0DD Analyst are projecting a bumpy 3 years for auto sales globally. Bloomberg projects that EV will account for 31% of overall auto fleet by 2040 and account for 58% of new auto sales by 2040. This is expected as ICE auto sales hit their global peak in 2017 and have been tappering off since. The pandemic will cause an even bigger hit to over all auto sales with ICE having the biggest drop. The figures have implications for the Oil and Electricity Markets. Bloomberg is forcasting that by 2040, EV's will remove 17.6 million barrels per day of Oil Demand up from 1 million today. The report also shows growth for Hydrogen fuel-cell auto's which would be in the heavy-duty commercial market.
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    Maybe you need to sleep and look at that Big Mouth Billy Bass mouth MiniVan in the morning.
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    • Driver-side rear brake is now done. That side drum (brand new) was painted satin black hi-temp paint, still have to spray the passenger drum. • Painted up some of the parking brake hardware and bolted it under the car. Funky wheels to direct the cable toward the back. Have to do fabrication there, will tinker with that soon. • Thinking again about the front speakers- most likely spot is in the doors. I generally don't like that look but maybe I can mask them / make them work with the door panel. Mulling. But I put the vent window back in the door to check how much space I have. • There was some of this, accompanied by Sounds of Brutal Acceleration :
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    Or they can read it here: https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2020/05/toyota-goes-all-hybrid-with-new-venza-sienna-models/
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    I happened onto a really tasty pasta sauce flavor - mushroom and green pepper. I recommend it!
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    I've been on a plane I think 4 times in 30 years. Not a big traveler.
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    Wear gloves and a mask and carry some sanitizer to spray other people? I'm not getting on a plane anytime soon, maybe in a year or so if things recover. There are lots of places I'd love to go, but not until things get to a 'new normal' eventually.... I really want to go to Colorado for a week or so, been five years since I've been there, lots of friends I want to see and places I want to go...maybe next summer.
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    Are you considering the interiors at ALL in that statement? Mercedes had terrible interiors thru the '80s, awful, terrible interiors. S-class, SL, you name it. Been in them, looked them over- they're a joke.
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