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    1971 Chevrolet commercial and lineup

    Thanks for the video links guys. I have hope for the future of GM that they will build cars we want in the near future.
  2. Coach

    1970 Chevelle SS 396 Commercial

    That was very nice and thanks for posting that. If you find any more post them too.
  3. Coach

    Chevrolet.com Updated

    The Avalance looks great.
  4. Coach

    The next Impala. A bigger impact than Camaro

    (raises hand) Count me as one of the many who want to see this Impala. I'm really hoping GM does the styling and the mechanicals right this time. I remember the buzz the SS Impalla had going for it in the '94-'96 model years and what a disasterous change the new FWD V-6 Impalas were. Any one else remember that?
  5. Coach

    2007 Colorado Changes

    There's an old saying that goes, "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still just a pig." I feel as if GM just added lipstick to the Colorado with these minor upgrades. The market decides as to whether a vehicle is a winner or not, not a web site. I think the one thing everyone can agree is that the Colorado isn't selling all that well and a few minor upgrades aren't going to do much to help with sales. The last couple of input from C&G readers note that a 6 or small V8 may come soon. That may be enough...but again...the market will decide.
  6. Coach

    Lucerne 2006 CXL

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum. We look forward to hearing of your experiances with your new Lucerne in the coming weeks, months, and years. I'm curious if you think the V-6 is adaquate for power and what kind of gas mileage you get with your vehicle. Again, welcome and keep us posted.
  7. Coach

    21st Century Shaggin Wagon

    That definatly looks very cool. The two door should have an improved motor (turbo or supercharger) at minimum. I've always thought the HHR would be great with a six cylinder motor as an upgrade.
  8. Coach


    I thought the Cobalt SS had a supercharger?
  9. Coach

    Solstice surges past Miata in roadster race

    Hmmm....note to GM, see what happens when you pay attention to beautifully designed automobiles?
  10. Coach

    Any 07 Impala changes you'd like to see?

    '63 Impala....woot, one of my favorite years.
  11. Coach

    The New Tundra

    I'm old enough to remember many of these same arguments in the 60's when Toyota & Nissan (Datsun) first came to America. There was just no way these cummy Japanese imports were ever going to make it here. But look where we are now in the automotive industry. Toyota has a strong possibility to be the #1 auto manufacturer in the world knocking off GM's 70 year reign. As far as I can see, & I'm no expert (go ahead & flame me), the two major areas that got their foothold was reliability & economical to operate. Throw in a major gas crisis in the 70's and, well, you know pretty much the rest of the story. The perception of reliability is still very strong for Japanese vehicles & that will carry over into their trucks. Don't think Americans won't buy these because...."you fill in the blank". Toyota & Nissan will continue to build a slow but strong following for these new segment pick ups so you'd better take them seriously. The good news for consumers is the quality of all pick ups will improve $ the pricing will come down. And that is good news for us all.
  12. Whoa, now wait just a minute, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. We're all worked up like a mob with pitchforks and torches in a Frankenstein movie. But consider this, I have my magazine rack in the "library" that I thumb thru and you can't do that with a laptop. Well, ok you could but would you really do that? I think not.
  13. Coach

    LaCrosses at Auto Show in Motion.....

    The Passat is in a completely different league, IMO What does that mean? Please explain.
  14. Coach

    And the Impalas...

    Historically Impalas have been mainstream in styling with a few exceptions noted in previous emails. What makes the Impala of past so darned desirable was what it gave you; 409, 427, 454 LS-6, ect. If this new Impala had been delivered rwd with the current corvette motor (same motor as the GTO) and six speed manual transmission don't you think it would look a lot better? ;) It's a shame GM doesn't see the need for this type of mid sized car. :(
  15. Coach

    GMT900 Exposed: The Avalanche!

    It looks fine. It doesn't knock my socks off but I believe it's an improvement from these angles. I'll have to wait until I can see the front and interior before I can give it a final yeah or nah from the design aspect. Now, what truely makes a truck beautiful is what it can do for you in the way of engine, transmission, etc. That remains to be seen.
  16. Coach

    Roll Call! Name Change?

    OK, now I see I'm number 101 -- as in Hiway 101. Now that I can remember
  17. Coach

    Roll Call! Name Change?

    I'm still "Coach" but I don't remember what my number was :unsure:

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