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  1. Mr Devereux is being a little cagey in his answer. Although final decisions haven't been made (and things can always change at the last moment at GM), there are some things that can be said. 1. The next Commodore will almost certainly be Alpha. The next Falcon will be much the same car as the next Taurus (FWD/AWD), and GM will have a large version of Alpha under the skin of the CTS coming up next year. Holden has to decide if they are going with that platform or the Espilon II under the new Impala/XTS. I don't have the ears in Holden as I used to, but they're going to almost certainly choose
  2. Few things. First, yes, the Commodore is coming to Chevy and should be available next year. The Commodore is getting a new nose and rear which will bring it closer to Chevrolet DNA (Holden and Chevrolet will evolve into a essentially a global brand). Second, no, as far as I know production isn't coming to the US. But I can see where it might make financial sense. The US dollar has depriciated a lot the past decade, while the Aussie dollar has held it's own (in effect, increasing it's value), so I can see where GM could make money moving production here and exporting there than making it down
  3. The Impala is due to be shown this season. Could very well be shown in Chicago, but I'd put my money on Detroit.
  4. I live in San Francisco and can very well sympathize with you on the idiots we occasionally run into. My experience is that people who easily believe something done as a parody had that belief already. Right now it's trendy to have a Prius or drive Hondas. I myself actually live inside San Francisco, and I drive a Polar White B4C. I find the political stereotypes funny at times. Other times I just feel the idiot babbling liberal this and Democrat that are just mindless morons. They are the types that instead of actually watching what's really going on ion the world around them, they fi
  5. I'm not joining you in your "Hate Mail" campaign. I think it's silly, and serves no purpose. You expect SNL to take a look at your hatemail and decide never to play a skit like that again? Perhaps have remorse? I have a bridge to sell you if you actually believe that. SNL has been on air for over 30 years.... you think that skit ranked even in the top 50% of skits that generated angry letters? Think again. The skit was obviously a parody, and to a large degree you can fit all the people who look at Saturday Night Live as a factual news program around a small coffee table in a very small r
  6. 1. It's NOT a mule. It's the Holden built Chevrolet Lumina. A few are (were?) here for evaluation by GM and to set final caliberation specs and tuning for US bound G8s (which are nothing more than Lumina SSs with a unique Pontiac nose). 2. It's sold in the Middle East. Holden has been selling large cars under the Chevrolet name there since the US stopped making B-bodies after the 1997 model year. 3. Holden has also been making the Chevrolet Caprice since 2000. It's based on their Statesman. 4. Only Japan and countries that were British territory when the automobile arrived are RHD. The re
  7. What's the point of even showing a NASCAR Impala. The cars of NASCAR had zilch to do with real cars before the COT. Now, even the upper body profile has no resemblence to any actual production cars. NASCAR is no longer a race. It's basically the old IROC but without real cars and around an oval. Give me Aussie V8 supercar series, a good SCCA race, or even a Formula 1 race (at least some of the engines come from real manufacturers) any day!
  8. And the "Most Racial assclown remark at C&G in memory award" goes to.....
  9. Vince??!!! He's still around?! I haven't visited Hollywood Extra since probally 2002. You're right, he was pretty far off base with alot of things and many of his new vehicles were just redone pics of other models (the reason why I stopped visiting his site), but he still used to have a pretty good collection of upcoming vehicles on his site.
  10. To make it easier for everyone: 1. $30,995 Aussie dollars equals about $25,200 Us dollars 2. The 10% tax is indeed included. Remove it, and the base price for a V6 6 speed comes in at around $23,000. If you REALLY want to put this into perspective, Starting with a $39,900 Holden Ute SS, adjust the Aussie dollars into American dollars (which becomes $32,400) and remove the 10% sales tax that's included into the price & that $39,900AUS LS2 powered, 6 speed SS comes in around $29,000. Hardly a bad deal considering what you get.
  11. Care to elaborate, or is this just another mindless & pointless bashing of a successful car that has gotten both GM and Ford off their laurels to get RWD American cars back in the showroom? Chrysler has a VERY solid presence overseas compared with other US car divisions. The PT Cruiser is also made in Europe (Austria if I remember correctly) along with 1 or 2 other Chryslers. The Chrysler 300C is the best selling large car in Australia, beating out the local Holden Statesman and Caprice (I've personally seen how successful Chrysler is in Australia). Jeeps are also made in Egypt. The Cha
  12. There'll be only half the number of them working at Ford this time next year as there are now (remember.... 50% of them took Ford's buyout offer?). Being that anyone Ford needs to replace union workers will be non-union temps (as per union agreement of all things!), I would think the UAW/CAW is a non issue in all of this.
  13. The 1st official hint the Monte Carlo was going away was when GM announced they were closing down half of Oshawa. Monte Carlo is the slowest selling W-car. I don't believe that of all the cars being made there anyone would think that the Monte Carlo would be one of the W-cars to continue.

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