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  1. Yes... They've already announced the Holden Volt and Vauxhall Ampera version of the car, which will be RHD (UK and Australia...).
  2. The fluid in it was pretty much spotless/perfect. I just changed it because I thought it might solve the problem (I was more concerned about the filter anyway), and I knew it wouldn't hurt anyway. I didn't take it anywhere which is risky, but the car only has 28k, is a W-body (I know most problems to look for myself), and the dealer is pretty respected/has a 30 day exchange period. It was a clean title one owner car that only drove like 7000 miles a year. When I did bring it in for the tranny fluid change I got the mechanic to take a quick look over it for anything I didn't notice, and he said it was pretty flawless. It makes me feel better if I know that it is normal behavior. Like you said, on flat pavement/decline they are almost invisible, but say a slight incline and I accelerate "briskly" (not flooring it or anything, but moderate throttle), they are a lot "sharper" and noticeable. Its not a slip, bang, or anything that makes me think the tranny is having a major mechanical problem. I did drive a different Allure before I bought it, and I THINK it felt the same way, but I test drove so many different cars its hard to remember.
  3. Hey guys, Just got an 05 Allure (Lacrosse) about 2 weeks ago. Got it for a good price and its absolutely mint inside and out, only about 30k on it, 1 owner (non-fleet/rental). Anyway, I'm starting to get used to the car, but it has an annoying behavior and I'm trying to figure out if its a problem or not. Need some input from people with experience with the 4t65e/Lacrosse. Is it normal for shifts to be inconsistent in feel? I've been noticing that you can never predict how the shift is going to feel when I am driving around town, mainly the 1-2 shift. Basically, sometimes I will be accelerating from a light, moderate throttle, and it will shift nice and quick with barely any feel at all. Then a few lights later, in pretty much the same situation/acceleration, I will feel the shift a lot more, a little bit more of a jerk than before and definitely more noticeable. Sometimes its a quick and jerky shift, other times is a slow and mushy one. You seem to feel them more when the car is warmed up (at operating temperature) than when you just start it. They never really feel unhealthy (ie it isn't slipping, they aren't really "harsh", and it isn't shifting erratically), they are just inconsistent in feel. Is this something common on the Lacrosse or is it the start of a problem? I want to figure it out quick since the dealer has a 30 day exchange period and I don't want any headaches with this car for a while . I already took it to get the tranny fluid/filter changed (not a flush). Made pretty much no difference, if anything the shifts got more noticeable. So far the auto tranny is the only thing I don't like about the car. The inconsistent shifting + the fact that it seems slow to respond to the driver. I really miss the Performance Shift setting on my old Regal GS.
  4. So I've had the car for a day now, wow! GM really did a great job on this car. Fit and finish inside is amazing, and with the stereo on mute and windows up, the thing is a vault! You can't hear anything. A few of my friends have been commenting about how you can't even tell if the engine is on. Its a pretty different beast than my Regal GS. The Regal was Supercharged, and I lowered it, so it handled like a sports car but rode like an old pickup truck. The Allure blows away the Regal in ride quality, and its handling is sharper than the stock Regal, but not as good as my lowered one. Its also lacking the ooomph that you get when you floor the Supercharged 3.8 in the GS. Very happy with it though. Haven't found a single thing wrong with it, and I miss the sportiness of the other one a bit, but this one will keep me out of more trouble . Heres another cellphone shot after a quick rain shower.
  5. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn are gone. They aren't coming back. People need to stop whining about it. Here is a little secret though, not a lot of people know this so keep it quiet.... Chevys and Buicks are the same as Pontiacs/Olds/Saturns underneath .
  6. So, a couple weeks ago I was driving my Regal when the unexpected happened. Since it was a 99 with 205,000km, it didn't take too much damage to write it off. Not the end of the world since everyone was ok and I wanted to replace the car anyway. So, the new car search started. Originally I planned to go brand new... A Fusion or Malibu... but the more I thought about it, the more I figured it wouldn't be a good idea to have a decent sized car payment weighing me down. Even a Focus or Elantra would cost me over $300 a month with what I had to put down, and that is a lot of money for a car I probably wouldn't even like. So, on to the used car search. I decided I wanted to get something for around 10k cash and looked at a TON of cars. I think every Grand Prix for sale in the city, a bunch of 06 Impalas, a few 05 Impalas, an 05 Montecarlo that I made an offer on but couldn't get as cheap as I wanted, a bunch of Altimas, etc. Bottom line, I couldn't find anything that cheap that was acceptable. Everything either had cosmetic problems, drove strange, or had a questionable history (accidents, ex-rentals). Then I found her. A 2005 Buick Allure (Lacrosse) CXL with 46,000km (28,000mi). Fully loaded with pretty much everything but leather. One owner car from a small town about an hour from here, clear Carfax, clear Carproof, and very little warranty problems based an a check of GM's computer system. The car was absolutely flawless inside and out and drove great. It was a little more than I wanted to spend (12.5k Canadian), and the dealer is a no haggle price store, but I thought about it for a day and decided that was a reasonable price for the condition it was in, and paying a little more for a car that seems perfect to me was worth it in the end. I did end up financing it because it was more than I had cash, but I put a decent amount down so the payment is dirt cheap. I'm also pretty sure I will be able to pay it off in about 2 years (its over a 5 year term). Anyway, here she is, just a quick cellphone pic, I'll get better ones when I pick it up on Saturday.
  7. Has GM announced what happens to the Cobalt SS Turbo when the Cruze takes over in 2011? Are they going to carry over the drive train into a Cruze SS or something? The new SS seems to be wiping the floor of the sport compact segment, so it would be a shame to see performance Chevy compacts die off when the Cruze is introduced...
  8. What do you know about the South Korean market? Korea is not the same as Japan. Koreans do not drive tiny kei cars in ultra crowded cities... Yes it is very urbanised, but much more like the US than Japan... take a look at a picture of traffic in Seoul, the streets are full of big Sonatas, minivans, Hyundai Genesis, Azeras (Grandeur), Hyundai Equus, Ssangyong Maxima clones, even SUVs. There are plenty of American/Canadian built models that would appeal to Korean consumers if they weren't so protectionist about importing them. Look at China, their consumers LOVE big American style sedans. I think the Korean market would accept them.
  9. Its basically a Korean Lucerne...
  10. I got a chance to check out the new Aveo today and was relatively impressed. Its a fine car for the segment. Compares favorably with the Yaris, Accent, and Rio... More interestingly, sitting in it I felt like it actually had a better interior and seating position (I'm 6'3") than its big brother the Cobalt.
  11. Uhhh.... Pretty weak compared to what other small cars? From fueleconomy.gov: Chevy Aveo: 27/34 Honda Fit: 27/34 Hyundai Accent: 27/33 Nissan Versa: 24/32 Yaris: 29/35 The 2009 Aveo looks pretty competitive to me...
  12. Why? Some people don't understand where badge engineering is bad and where it is acceptable. If GM has a great car overseas from a brand that doesn't exist in North America, I don't care if they just slap a North American badge on it and sell it/build it here as is. There is no problem with that. Only a tiny percent of people (car nuts and people that spend huge amounts of time overseas) will know that its a badge job, and its the cheapest way to get a foreign GM here without drastically changing the car ($$$$) or importing the whole brand/marketing/dealers (even more $$$$). Thats why I have no problem with the Astra, GTO, G8, and the Insignia if it ever comes here. The problem with badge engineering is when they take a car that is sold here under one brand, make minor changes to the grille and back end, and sell it under a different brand in the same market. That just reeks of cost cutting, examples being the current Equinox/Torrent, the old Cavalier/Sunfire, Cobalt/G5, and dozens of other cars from the 80s and 90s.
  13. Anybody notice in the Lordstown pics the Cruze has a new Chevy bowtie? Its got the thinner/longer one from the Camaro... Looks way better than the short/stubby one that they've been using for a few years...
  14. Awesome looking ride... I always knew you'd end up in a LaCrosse.
  15. GM should have left the Hybrid system out of the Malibu until they are ready for the 2-mode system. They released it to get publicity has a "Hybrid" in commercials, but all the reviews are lambasting it as "not a real hybrid" and criticizing its mediocre MPG increases. This will hurt when the REAL 2-mode Malibu Hybrid comes out they will have to start from scratch because lots of consumers will have "Malibu Hybrid = Fake Hybrid" in their minds.

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