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  1. Looking for a part time job in the ft Myers, Lehigh, cape coral area. Anyone know if anyone is hiring?

  2. Gotta love Wal Mart and LCEC. Wal Mart sent our payment to FPL so now we have no electric even though we paid it nice....

  3. its basically a brand new car. ive seen 2010's with more miles than this. I have a 06 Pontiac G6 that will soon hit 95,000 miles.
  4. geez i really wanted one.. hahaha IT LOOKS LIKE A 1987 JEEP COMANCHEE. LOL
  5. I highly doubt this car would be assembled in austrailia. It will be built in an existing plant in the USA, Canada or Mexico. and I wouldnt doubt that production of the Caprice PPV will be shifted to the same assembly plant.
  6. hmm, it could be a production version of the TRU 140 concept car. or they could be bringing back the Monte Carlo based on the Epsilion, or they might be bringing back the Pontiac G8 badged as a Chevy. probably one of the three.
  7. I guarantee they would have sold more than 24,000 pontiac's or saturn's. when they made Grand am's they used to be in the top 15 in sales almost every month. when was the last time a Buick was in the top 15 in sales??
  8. this is why they would have been better off keeping Pontiac or Saturn instead.
  9. Browns are close to deal with QB Matt Flynn. get used to riding the bench Colt.

  10. they need to partner with another automaker, like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan.. etc... then offer to lease a shuttered GM or Ford assembly plant.. Fords plant in wixom Mich, there is a closed GM plant in Moriane Ohio,
  11. Gotta love when you buy a dresser in a box they not only give you the wrong color but don't even put the screws in the box. Glad they exchanged it though and ordered the right one.

  12. Make this a GMC in the USA. get rid of the Acadia and give it to Cadillac. problem solved..
  13. Bad day for a garage sale. Only made about $8.00 in almost two hours. Ouch

  14. Credit hour costs... FSU $160.84, UF $189.00Edison state college $115.64 but yet the almighty ITT TECH wants to charge me $493.00 a credit hour!! I think I'll go to Edison. LOL

  15. I think they are realizing it was a mistake to build the Caprice police car in Australia. look for production of the Caprice to be shifted to a plant in the USA, Canada or Mexico within the next two years. the Caprice could be built in Oshawa Ontario alongsize the Camaro. or a possiblity of re opening the plant in Janesville wisconsin, or keeping the plant in shreveport open.

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