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  1. I cannot wait to see this car on the track! I love watching these races, but when I can see a brand that I recognize toward the top and not seeing the Porsche or Ferrari taking the top spots it is even better.
  2. Charity

    Dodge Rampage?

    Yes, he loved his Rampage, but the motor crapped out on it. Granted it had 75000 on it, but still it should have lasted quite a bit longer you would think.
  3. I had a small budget and managed to get a decent go kart for cheap. However, I had to do some work to the go kart, but when your neighbor is a shop foreman for an asphalt company it tends to make it a lot easier. As far as practicing, I own a farm, so he has plenty of space and time to practice.
  4. I was watching Mythbusters the other day on Discovery and see this vehicle. It was actually involved in a myth, but I could not believe how easy the car was to take apart. Did anyone else see this and was anyone else concerned that it only took a wrench to take the car down to the frame?
  5. I have to say, I had a friend who had a Miata and I was not impressed in the vehicle. It had no power and could barely get out of its own way let alone another car. So I am happy to see this announcement.
  6. Charity

    Dodge Rampage?

    Does anyone really remember this car? I know that it is a great vehicle and was my husbands first car. However, he did mention the motor was aluminum and would warp if the car started to overheat. However, he was in love with his and always wondered if they were still around or if they were all gone./
  7. I am curious if anyone else has issues with their electronic locks on their Ford trucks? I have a 2011 F150 Lariat and have my son, who is in a car seat, behind the drivers seat. His door lock for whatever reason no longer syncs with the door locks at all. It does not unlock or lock with the key fob nor with the panel. Does anyone else have this problem or know what I can do to fix it?
  8. While the gas mileage has went up, which is a good thing. I seen a video of the rumple test with the Ford being tested and the entire body flexed to the point all four wheels are on the ground. I am afraid that flexion over time would lead to the vehicle failing you when you do not want it to. So for this reason, I will have to forgo the better gas mileage for now and air for the stronger vehicle.
  9. I noticed that Buick is down, but that brings me to think about their commercials. The commercials are presenting the brand as the one that no one knows is there. My question is, is the marketing campaign that Buick is running on that topic actually hurting them because the sales sure look like it is.
  10. I have to admit, the Ram is starting to look a lot more appealing since Ford decided to go to the aluminum body. The downside is the Ram is not my favorite brand and when I did have a Dodge, the rust that it had was not my favorite thing to deal with.

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