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  1. Wow! Great thread, great project, great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I, too, think you will reach your goal! "Want to get the rear brakes done & back together. This is the Year of the Re-Roading; the '40 is 75 years old this year!!
  2. Seeing a lot of the color blue. Wondering, if this is a hot color, right now? Or has it always been this way and I am out of touch?
  3. Just in case, you have not seen this video, yet. Worth a watch of Luciano Rupolo and his collection of Italian cars.
  4. Sure, it is an decent enough ride functioning wise, and others will be happy to see it come on the market. The design just does not appeal to me. It looks too busy from the wheels, to the lights, and I do not like the large grill.
  5. Enjoyed the write-up, especially the conclusion making note of all the stars driving these vehicles. Being a huge Bob Dylan fan particularly favored the commercial from 2007. I can only hope, they only get him to do another for the 2015. Just saying...
  6. OMG that made me laugh. Had to take a look at the 77 Malibu. Well, someone is bound to love it. Maybe the knightfan, Cort?
  7. @balthazar Looking forward to seeing the emblem you picked up. I got to respect someone that sticks to their prices. Use to have bunch of those khaki shirts, very lightweight. Sounds like you had a good time. When you say biked it, you talking about a motorcycle or a bicycle?
  8. Ha ... I do try. As for The Gnome-Mobile ... sweet! Any chance you'd be willing to let me feature it on my website? When will you be in MI this summer ... road tripping or flying into MI? Cort www.oldcarsstronghearts.com 1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve "He's off on a midwest run" __ Alabama __ 'Roll On' Oh sure, I will snap some pictures at the Gilmore car museum and share. You can do what you want with them. If your lucky, it will be my daughter who takes the photo's, she has a better eye and talent in this area. Maybe even get some film shots in, they always look better. The above picture was just in the public domain. At least , I think it was when i searched for it under usage rights. I am gonna look for that old picture of the Gnome-Mobile, hope to find it! Sure I will eventually. Anyways, kids and I spending the summer up in Michigan helping out my parents and catching up with friends and other relatives. Taking our cats, gonna be one heck of a road trip all right. But done it many times before. My husband was just afraid we were gonna ask to use his car cause its bigger! He is not so keen on taking down some of those old country dirt roads! Plus when he sees all the new dents and bang ups the kids did on the G6, he gonna have a minor break down.
  9. Got to say, you keep busy. I got something to add, when I track it down, for you. It is the old The Gnome-Mobile used in the Disney movie. My dad painted it, a couple years after they made the movie. Right before, it went into a museum, which I thought it had gone on to Detroit to the Henry Ford Museum, but just read an article it is a hop skip and a jump away from where I will be this summer, at the Hickory Corners, Gilmore Musuem. So yeah, got a picture of me and my sisters standing in front of it, as kids, somewhere. We thought, it was pretty cool, when the movie came to town later. Went to see it with some neighborhood kids, waited in the theater to watch the credits roll at the end looking our dad's name to be credited for painting it! Ha ha, foolish of us. Not only would this not be in the credits, but like I said, he had painted it after the movie made. Oh well, we all still screamed out, and painted by OUR DAD!
  10. Well, if your going to a hoarder, what better then some Pontiac's, a Chevy, and a few metric tons of junk! My father-law-law was big into collecting and reselling "junk", as some might call it. lol But, he made a good living in his later years doing this. Hope your buddy sells it all. Nothing like coming back with an empty trailer! Never know, you might find something! True that, it will be a good time, or shall I say, hope you are having, or had a good time!
  11. 57caddy

    Chinese Taurus

    I had a Ford Taurus, a few years back. Got to say, the day I got rid of it was a good day. I think, there was a problem with the gas line. I don't know for sure, but the darn thing was always stalling out. Had another buddy, who had the same thing happening with him. Sure, this new one out is better, but I would not buy it, if it came over to the states. So, yeah, I agree, I doubt it would do that well here.
  12. Fisher Body Plant 21 back in the news. From the Detroit Free Press !6 APR 2015, a continuation from an article going back to 14 OCT 2014, Dimitri Hegemann, described as cultural activist, community organizer and a German nightclub owner (specifically, what was known as East Germany) has had his eye on Plant 21 for awhile. Whether it pans out, is anyone's guess. I would say, he sounds like a good candidate to get it done. When the walls went down in Germany, he made his move from (West) Germany into Berlin. I believe, he has the insight, fortitude, and experience to revitalize this abandoned building. I hope his concept moves from speculation into a purchase in the near futures. Got to say, I was in Germany for a year, right about the time the walls came down. When I crossed over into East Germany, the experience is one that I will never forget. There was an abundance of old buildings crumbling. It was like I had stepped into another dimension, where time stood still.
  13. Well, you guys here at Cheers and Gears are great keeping up on the latest news. Just got through reading the write-up posted on the Bolt from your front page. Just thought, I would throw you some kudos.
  14. Agreed, already have OnStar on one of our G6 for the kids. BTW best investment, ever. Can't tell you how many times our daughter has used to it call for roadside assistance!
  15. Funny. I agree that is is a good marketing branding concept. You called it first, if they come out with the Jolt. I would vote for Colt, but oh wait, already taken.

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