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  1. I'm assuming this is still the case, but it's called the CD6 or D6 platform and can be FWD or RWD. It's unibody and will be used for midsize and fullsize products.
  2. As much as I'm looking forward to the rwd Explorer, I feel like it could step on the Expeditions toes a little too much.
  3. What a terrible decision. The Fusion is still a solid car and I would have to assume it is more profitable than the Focus. I was worried about the moves Hackett would make and it seems like he's making all the wrong decisions so far. However, reading the tea leaves, I can see the following scenario: The Chinese Taurus could possibly be brought over along with the Focus, while the Continental moves further upmarket to become a true flagship. MKZ would either be a smaller Continental or possibly Mustang based.
  4. This looks really good, much better than I was expecting. Hopefully Ford will follow with the Mustang and Toyota with the Supra. http://www.motortrend.com/news/chevrolets-new-nascar-race-car-will-look-like-camaro-zl1/
  5. It was my grandma's car and has always been garaged except for a few years after she passed. I started driving it with 58k miles and it now has about 67k. I know it's just a LeBaron, but I hate racking up the miles on it. I couldn't turn down a free car though. Thanks. Back in my MT forum days, most people thought I was in my 40s or 50s before I revealed that I was 15 lol.
  6. Well if I actually had a Taurus SHO I would gladly race you somewhere! I'm currently driving a 1989 LeBaron until I get a full time job after I graduate college.
  7. It's not a moving goal post at all. I chose those specific vehicles because I knew they were on the same platform. You know, an apples to apples comparison. Check the tests and you'll see the sedan performs better each time. As far as a Trailblazer SS goes, I'd pick a Taurus SHO to win the race every time. Assuming equal drivers of course.
  8. Does the Explorer handle better than the Taurus? No. Does the Edge handle better than the Fusion? No. Does the Escape handle better than the Focus? No. I can go on...
  9. Good to see the S90 is doing much better.
  10. Looks like the Continental is going to settle in the 900-1000 units per month range. I was hoping it would do 15000-18000 per year, but that was before the shift to CUVS really began to set in. At least it's outselling the CT6 and XTS. I read that Transit sales are so low because of a hold due to a recall. Bronco and Ranger can't get here soon enough.
  11. Lack of space is just another lame excuse in the same way people buy trucks because they might need the bed once a year. In my old Taurus, we had no problem getting all of our luggage in the 16 cubic foot trunk. Granted, it was just three of us, but if there was another kid in the back seat there would still be enough space. In our current Taurus, the trunk is a cavern, but I recognize most trunks aren't that big. Bottom line, if you have two kids or less, there's no reason to not buy a sedan.
  12. Good point about the union contact, although I thought the XTS was originally supposed to be killed off by now. Maybe that was just a rumor.
  13. They really need to drop the XTS. I find it hard to believe that XTS buyers wouldn't move to the CTS or CT6. Now they're giving it a (ugly) refresh in a down sedan market. Makes no sense unless a good majority of those sales are fleet.
  14. Last weekend my brother got married in Destin. Since we were only staying a few days, we decided it was worth it to rent a car for the trip from Cincinnati to Destin. I was hoping for a Malibu or Fusion and we received a Malibu that had about 1900 miles on it. The 1.5L was a solid engine. I've read where some people complain about turbo lag, but it seemed fine to me. The sound system was pretty good, although it had a weird issue with my iPod where it would randomly skip a few seconds ahead in the song. The usb location could have been better. It's out in the open, so you have to remove
  15. I finally drove the Continental today. It was a base Premiere, which of course has the 3.7L. That was my biggest concern as I wasn't sure if it would be enough for the car. Turns out I was right that it is more than adequate. It even shifts a lot smoother than the MKX I drove last year. I was also impressed by the sound system even though it wasn't Revel audio. The ride quality was everything I expected, I'd say it was even better than the MKX. The one negative I discovered was that if the battery died, everyone would have to climb through the driver's side door to get out. Overall, I was very
  16. And as far as not being wide enough, it's four inches wider than the CT6 and 5 inches wider than the XTS.
  17. Oh I agree completely. I was only pointing out that even though some are saying GM is shutting down plants to enhance profits while Ford throws more incentives on the hood, GM actually has higher incentives. Both will be solid through any potential economic downturn. It's just something for fanboys/trolls on both sides to beat their chests about.
  18. All this talk about incentives... it's worth noting that GM has higher incentives than Ford on average.
  19. None of that refutes what I said. So now you want to bring in another entire brand to prove your point? Keep grasping.
  20. Ok, but that has nothing to do with US sales where both are established players. As for the last half of your post, I already detailed that in a post above.
  21. The Envision has been out since May. Even if the product mix was the issue, the sales gap is too large to surpass the MKX. The MKZ has outsold the Regal every year except 2011. If you feel that way about the Continental, you'd have to feel that way about the XTS as well. It's not silly considering the Navigator has had one minor update since 2006. I don't expect the new Navigator to outsell the Escalade, but I bet sales will be much closer.
  22. Take out Verano and Envision sales, both of which top out around where the cheapest Lincoln starts, and you will see that Buick has sold less than 10k more units so far this year than Lincoln. MKZ outsells the Regal even though the Regal starts for about $8k less. The MKX handily outsells the Envision even though the MKX starts for about $4k more. The Lacrosse outsells the Continental, but a fully loaded Lacrosse is only about $6k more than the cheapest Continental. GM fans have a number of valid arguments against Lincoln, but using Buick sales to put down Lincoln is grasping at straws
  23. Good luck with everything! It's always good to get away for a while from the intense debates that occur on forums.

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