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  1. Just got them set up. got (2) 12's, a 12 Pro for me (i still might want to return for the Pro Max), and an 11. Three of the phones have an 800 trade credit each, and the other was a 350 credit vs the 11. I get that everything is way overpriced to begin with, but if this plays out as sold to me, and the cost of my plan is to drop about 40-50 bucks a month as well, i mean, we'd been stupid to pass all this up, i think.
  2. 4 new phones for the family. didn't necessarily want, but all were eligible to trade in and get close to free or free with bill credits and trade in of old devices. the 2020 version of what they did in the early 2000's, incentivize the phones but do it in such a way that you renew your 'plan' and while technically not a contract, your 'free' phone is tied to staying in the plan / service to accumulate all your bill credits to make it free. anyone even slightly thinking of the new iphone, seriously this a good time to upgrade. I put it off for near 5 years and was just fine keeping
  3. I like the Santa Fe but this overdone console is a bit much....sounds like the 25 turbo is only available on that top trim? If it was otherwise available, it might be a good sleeper car.
  4. I read that article. i am glad it sort of Shames BMW for making the new 2 series on a front drive chassis. 2 series is what i equate to Pontiac EXCITEMENT! A German Grand AM!!
  5. yeah, we've done ok with ours front only, except when the OEM crap Michelins wore out early. We put Toyo all weather snow rated tires on it for last winter and it improved it. But to me to provide the buyer a choice and let them decide is the best thing. The sales guy i worked with for this test drive said another woman had purchased the van i did come in to look at first, she saw it had all wheel drive and jumped on it fast. They had had 4 of the AWD in stock and 3 of them got sold fast, right away. People are responding to the AWD availability. I wish the Camaro had AWD available.
  6. i don't know if the 8 speed in the Colorado is the same 8 speed in the CT6? but the 8 speed in the CT6 has issues as well, likely similar issues, and that is why my enthusiasm for looking for an early version CT6 was blunted. Also its why CT6's are getting cheaper on the used market. If i look for a CT6 in the future it must have the new 10 speed automatic, which by all accounts has been a great tranny for the Caddies and Camaros.
  7. time for a Silverado my friend! A nice turbo 4.....or the work truck with the v6.....
  8. Congrats to her! I happen to like the Soul a lot, one reason is because it was a unique original design and they have kept that VIBE. One of the best survivors from that PT Cruiser, Cube, HHR, Element, unique box sort of club. One of the few Kia's I would Konsider in my garage. this thread is useless without pictures BTW
  9. DRIVEN: 2020 Chrysler Pacifica AWD Launch Edition: Well, the lease end is approaching soon and time to get into market to see what the newest is in the family haulers. We currently lease a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica and its been fantastic. But as you know, the market never stops. And, my curiosity was piqued, to find out that the 2021 Pacifica coming out soon was to arrive with an all wheel drive option! Not that is it always needed, but living in a snow state, all wheel drive can always be a benefit, especially on those really tough stormy days or when you need to get up a slick driveway
  10. Great review, as usual. And, good to see ya yesterday! Now, the Malibu write up! The Charger lines look great in basic white. People seriously need to know how greatly fuel efficient that Chrysler 3.6 can be.
  11. https://www.motor1.com/news/388495/bmw-big-grille-positive-feedback/ IF THEY REPEAT IT ENOUGH IT MUST BE TRUE
  12. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a34220888/2021-bmw-x2-edition-m-mesh-revealed/ The void of Pontiac EXCITEMENT!!! is long gone BUT IT LOOKS LIKE BMW IS OUT TO FILL THE VOID!!! MESH GRILLE!!! RED STICKERS!!!! some day, maybe more CLADDING
  13. an electric hybrid wrangler or an oil burner?
  14. I think the design of the current one is ok enough in the small numbers sold, and to have a 2 seater with big motor and stick that isn't too cramped for cheaper prices (compared to better sports cars) is ok. For example, I know Miatas are revered, but before i could write a check for a Miata i may go drive the 350 which is faster and then i would not be shopping for a Miata. But after all that, i am a domestic brand guy and so therefore if i even wanted a sports car on the cheap I'd get a Camaro.....v6 or v8 depending on budget. I think there's enough buyers out there that just prefer t
  15. this is likable from a design standpoint. Not stunning but well done. Jettas are dirt cheap. This EV will clearly be niche at that price and with Jettas in the showroom. Dealers here advertise Jetta leases with low down for like 129 a month. Which is 200 a month by the time the fine print is accounted for.
  16. to underscore my earlier point, i don't believe the average human would be able to tell much is different between the two. Its very possible this is a heavy reskin with a different rear window / hatch shape. Let's wait to see the wheelbase, length, track specs, etc.
  17. I've read this on other GM related web sites as well, Cadillac, Buick etc. FINGERS CROSSED. maybe you'll get a TRAILBLAZER for the loaner
  18. Trailblazer is well done and NICE inside. Shame the Equinox isn't as interesting inside, or outside for that matter. Never makes sense to get an L or LS chevy. Wait for discounts and get an LT, this applies for just about any Chevy model. You will hardly pay a scosche more and those will be the ones actually on lots. By the dozens. I wouldn't think about getting anything besides the 1.3 and 9 speed in this rig. As such, its still slow, that will be its achilles heel. It should have been the 1.5 + 9 speed or even a 1.6. Chevy really nailed the market with this apart from th
  19. meh, IS IT STILL 2005 looks like a heavy rebadge job
  20. coming up on one year. Love this ride. Yes, it's not an SUV..... this rogue little ride has not been getting the use due to COVID and as such, when i purchased almost a year ago to the day as new demo with around 4,000 miles...I am now at only about 12,000 on the odometer. Lots less family travel with father in law passing away and not taking many trips to see mom. But did just get the oil changed at a Buick dealer last week and then drove about 500 miles with it. The gas mileage really took a jump, post oil change. I averaged about 33 mpg over two long legs of the trip and even in town
  21. i think there's some big incentives on the hybrid ones right now......
  22. YEEEESSSSSS love the new GM trucks.. CONGRATS

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