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  1. These pictures below are not the actual test drive unit, but they are close. This was an XT6 in the showroom. I think this one may have an upgraded interior over the one I test drove. I'll be able to weed out the photo duplicates later.
  2. DRIVEN: 2020 Cadillac XT6 AWD Sport, MSRP about 63,500. Satin Steel exterior, black interior. HIGHS: -Peppy, responsive 3.6 v6 and 9 speed auto. -Nice quick steering, unusual for a CUV and especially for Cadillac. -Overall, nice suspension, ride and handling. Comfortable but tight in turns, feels darn near sedan like, Cadillac did a really nice job with the steering, ride and handling. -I didn't take issue with the interior so much, apart from it's dated and dull design. At least in all black it looked pretty good and textures and plastics and build quality were ni
  3. I took a 2021 Enclave for a spin again this past weekend. It's nice but with my Chrysler van lease ending soon, I would prefer to stay with the Chrysler van, it drives better. Not to say the Enclave is bad, just has less good driving dynamics. And yeah, it is large. Blazer is nice if you can love the styling and the Chevy basic interior. I've never been able to warm to the Acadia. The Equinox is good if you manage to find one with the 2.0. And more wallet friendly. I've still got some others on the list to go drive again. Atlas (Cross Sport this time), CX-9, Explorer. The 202
  4. At the core, they probably saw the XT5 sales declining no matter what they do with that, so the XT6 just simply gives that person with the XT5 something to trade into or re-lease....just like the XT5 they had but with a 'new' twist. Yes they did just frankenstein it together.
  5. Sales guy said it's becoming their best selling model now that people are finding out. Must be why Caddy did a whack job on the XT5 to add the 3rd row. I liked it, except engine options are only the 3.6 and the interior is not really Cadillac level in certain colors and trims. There actually was a used new Aviator on their lot at the same time i went and took a look at and for sure the Aviator presents way nicer and has that 400hp v6. I look at it as if you want an Acadia sized vehicle but don't want an Acadia because its frumpy, and because there is no third row Blazer, the XT6 is
  6. Did an XT6 test drive this past weekend. Will get a short writeup up in reader reviews in the next couple days. too bad it’s pricing is sooo out of whack It’s likable otherwise
  7. you know, i actually have a pretty high opinion of the Envision. If you get the 2.0. And right now as the model is changing and the new Envision is coming in, there are big discounts on the current 2020 Envision. My big gripe on the Enclave and Buick /GM in general is the option packaging. You can't get heated steering wheel and adaptive cruise or really even the surround view monitor as an option on the Essence trim. I understand they want to upgrade you to the premium trim to get those things and its a huge price jump. It really shoots the price way out of the league and is silly w
  8. He had stopped the smoking since the early 10's... but between him and his wife (my MIL) they both smoked a lot, and the time they had the car from 2008 until she passed they managed to get it quite smelled up from the smokes. it is a 2008, but it still doesn't have ABS on this one. I don't like sending my kid out in a car without ABS but the car is in good shape and all, the new tires will help make it safer without the ABS.
  9. nearly all other goodyears Ive had have been not great as an all season tire and yes can be noisy. We'll see how these do. Any tire compound that is better in cold weather has to be softer, and hopefully that means less noise.
  10. Well, turns out grandpa’s tires were a combo platter of mismatched brands and a front tire that had gone rogue inside to make the car pull badly. Grandpa always bought cheap tires that were recommended by the tire store and then didn’t rotate often, etc. With the pulling and tire noise and horrible winter traction we upped for a new set of four tires. Goodyear WeatherReady “all weather”. I like snow tires but who knows how long we will have this car. So, the idea of year round tires was more appealing. Normally I avoid Goodyear’s like the plague (yes you will be able to get one good year out o
  11. Here are some photos of my in showroom investigation of a brand new 2021 Buick Enclave premium last week.... I feel the Enclave has one of the better CUV interiors out there (once price reductions are considered).
  12. I think your review is spot on. I actually sort of like these cars, that said, I look at it as more of a Toyota than a Lexus competing with the BMW and Merc's. I like the showy looks and especially in yellow. Why I wouldn't get one, an interior dash, that is right there in line with the dull blocky Japanese car dashes of the 80's and 90's....it's like not a day moved on since then. The v8 seems to be impressive, even if its hp is down compared to others. At the end of the day, a well loaded v8 Camaro, way more desirable even. I mean, a 2020 Corvette can be had for same money bt
  13. friend had something like the Suzuki V-Strom, an 'adventure bike' was a cool bike but he got rid of it and got one of those 6 cylinder Honda Valkerie's now.
  14. a lot of the newer Subarus are having engine issues. Coworker had a new Impreza, waited forever for engine replacement, had loaner for several months. Lots of issues. I hear it is not just those issues. Plus now Subarus have CVT's... wonder how that is going.
  15. Here is my entry for lowest price DVD player of the holiday season, and it has HDMI input even!
  16. Not sure if I had posted anything on the car we inherited from Grandpa last December. 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix. He gave it to us last December and then his health quickly declined and he passed away in January this year. He must have known something was up. He was 93. He had still been driving it occasionally up until about 6 months before he died. we did put a bunch of money into misc things and right now it’s throwing a check engine light. Emissions related, they tell me. It’s the venerable 3800 motor. Runs great! Got a fresh oil change today. So I figured what the heck and got it
  18. charge times, inadequate, all the new tehcnologies, you mention, are they AFFORDABLE for the masses yet? embrace change? change is good, if its convenient, cheap, and dependable FOR THE CONSUMER. 263.6 million Overall, there were an estimated 263.6 million registered vehicles in the United States in 2015, most of which were passenger vehicles. This number, along with the average age of vehicles, has increased steadily since 1960 right now if if annual vehicle sales is between 6 and 7% replacement each year, it will be many years before many p
  19. One of the best GM vehicles IMO. The interior is nicer than it should be for this cheap of car.
  20. and yet they won't let permits be granted for precious metal mining to make all these kajillion batteries. no charge network, cold weather issues. yes, it will take time for the technology develop for the MASSES. Unless they are trying to get the masses out of their cars and only select few get a car.
  21. ah, so this is what global reset vehicles will look like
  22. My high school car was a chevette scooter. Performance machine!! https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30468937/toyota-gr-yaris-photos-info/?utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=socialflowFBCD&src=socialflowFBCAD&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2GgAt126IdedS2dNe4t8qKKjDkYJh6TdI5kf-5HlnAFlfq7itW6nKCtFQ ocnblu’s next ride !!!!
  23. Having sold cars at a dealership, those are THE questions

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