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  1. This thing is so bland no one will notice whether its a 2021 or a 2016 anyways......
  2. reviews i've read on the Escape diss the 3 cylinder motor.....
  3. Imagine if the Camaro had the visibility of the Challenger. it might steal back a bunch of sales from the decent selling Challenger.
  4. No one is wanting an EV; until the charging solutions are built and in place first. Including the cold weather performance. Until then, people want gas. Especially if electric is so much more. Even my developer boss, last i heard he plans on ditching his Teslas. Make the EV same price and size benefits as current gas cars. And get all the houses wired for free and many many charge points on the existing highway networks / convenience store locations, and then MAYBE in warm weather states we'd see a mass rush to EV's. Oh, and yes said electric cars will have to be sold by our trad
  6. MKs 2.0 is what they should have called it. Wait, you're saying you don't know an Mks is?
  7. LOL if we are making light of the Ct5 here, it should be stated that even though the rear quarter treatment is very questionable on the Ct5, that really the whole design of the Ct5 is weak and misses the mark of what Cadillac is. still an ok car, with a weird rear window....but the bigger picture is that the overall design, as a cadillac branded vehicle, is questionable. its time for new leadership at GM and some of these other car companies. we need less politico corporate panderers and get some product / car types back making the calls. GM has a serious deficiency in terms of
  8. seeing everyone's additional comments here, all great points. so then i'll just reinforce that I think in the case of the Continental (in the sedan market, a tough segment, being overpriced) that the styling of the car being flat out goofy and strange was a huge part of its deficiency in the market, no matter how good the car is.
  9. that is a great article. that dual clutch destroyed all market equity that the Focus brand had, it threw it all in the toilet. the 2011 Focus was hailed as a great new small car except the trans issues ruined any reason for those that knew to consider one, even with the rock bottom prices of the vehicle used. all for a trans that might gain the almighty 1 or 2 mpg on the CAFE. that is why CAFE is so sick. CAFE HAS TOO MUCH INFLUENCE in the design and engineering. Really though, Ford should have gotten a traditional automatic ready for the 2013 or 14 or 15 model year to replace th
  10. Lincoln Continental 2017- 2019 6.586 2018 8.758 2017 12.012 2016 5.261 judging by their sales numbers, i would say simply being any kind of desirable car was what they badly missed on. the weird styling and design was probably a big part of that missing the market. that said, as a 4 or 5 year old car at 1/3 the price of MSRP as used, it would be a darn nice ride.
  11. I like the design, its sort of a 2020 interpretation of a late 80's car. It's got the whole crossover hatch look to it but brings back some of the more crisp lines instead of the mega sculpted bulges. Lots of glass. Interior is a bit interesting but not driver focused. not bad for what it is.
  12. now that i think about it, I got to drive a Fiesta ST at a ford ride and drive a few years ago,... and a Focus ST also. Both were a hoot but the Fiesta for its size was really fun. May not be a bad used car find for someone wanting a small urban car they can go to the track with if they want.
  13. the continental should have been cancelled before it hit the showroom floor. it missed the mark badly in so many ways. that said, like the CT6, it will be a fantastic used car be when the crap depreciates out of it. Find one with like 30, 40 thousand miles and like 40% of the sticker price. then its a darn nice car.
  14. the frame is the same, the engines are the same, but it's "all new"? rrrrrrrright.... Ford's latest new entries have terribly cheap interiors (Explorer, Escape). Rubbermaid has better plastics. these pictures do not give confidence that the same won't be true here either.
  15. I'd get a CX-30 over this. they botched the Mazda3, at least badly on the hatch..No headroom. The CX-30 really is a star and would benefit most from the turbo.
  16. So after all the last few years of my harassing, and shopping, test driving, sending pictures ....my uncles let my mom know of a 2011 DTS for sale in the small town and where my parents had bought other Cadillacs before. Got a build sheet from GM and a Carfax to check it out. I could tell mom had found what she wanted . And less than 80,000 miles. I told her if she didn’t buy it today that I would. Maybe Cadillac needs to refocus on the large comfortable cars again. She got a good one, the interior is almost new condition. She wishes the dash top wasn’t so dark, I told her with used
  17. Mom may be picking up a 2011 Cadillac DTS this weekend. Fingers crossed. The 2002 DTS was going to have to be replaced SOMETIME console and tailgate wars! that self folding shifter is absurdly awesome. the girth of that center stack is simply majestic.
  18. http://www.burlappcar.com/2020/06/2021-buick-envision-interior.html
  19. Mazda buyers nowadays are wanting to find that spot in the market that makes then unique people, with a mix of the benefit of something that has some performance cred like the Germans and reliability cred of the Japanese. -would like a BMW for performance but those are spendy, and they are European -VW's drive well but those are not Japanese, so they probably don't hold up -Like Japanese cars but don't want the Toyota or Subaru rap sheet on their personality -So then there is Honda, but Honda is not upmarket and unique enough and Acura doesn't make anything appealing anymor

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