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  1. meh, IS IT STILL 2005 looks like a heavy rebadge job
  2. coming up on one year. Love this ride. Yes, it's not an SUV..... this rogue little ride has not been getting the use due to COVID and as such, when i purchased almost a year ago to the day as new demo with around 4,000 miles...I am now at only about 12,000 on the odometer. Lots less family travel with father in law passing away and not taking many trips to see mom. But did just get the oil changed at a Buick dealer last week and then drove about 500 miles with it. The gas mileage really took a jump, post oil change. I averaged about 33 mpg over two long legs of the trip and even in town
  3. i think there's some big incentives on the hybrid ones right now......
  4. YEEEESSSSSS love the new GM trucks.. CONGRATS
  5. So, the debate began today....wife wants smaller vehicle but admits the utility of the Chrysler van is amazing. So, we'll see how this progresses as our lease is up early next year...there is always pull ahead. An interesting unknown, Chrysler has touted the all wheel drive as new for 2021 model year....BUT there are actually 2020 'launch edition' ALL WHEEL DRIVE Pacifica's already out ....... 2021 adds the option of a real console and armrest. Not the fold down skinny seat armrests. BUT will it be too EXPENSIVE to get that real armrest? Toyo Celcius 'all weather' tires we put
  6. are you sure it just isn't an overwhelming internal urge to 'shake your booty'?
  7. trax ceertainly has a 'chin'. Trax was dead but SUV boom and trailblazer intro means trailblazer can shoot for the higher price points and the Trax sales may actually increase by being able to sell at low prices. I wouldn't be suprised to see Trax remain in the lineup unchanged until 2025 or so....Trax and Encore came out in 2013 (Trax wasn't available right away in the US). Encore will probably continue also in the Buick showrooms, 10+ year shelf life that is getting to be FCA style vehicle staying power. K5 nice looking indeed I wish they would have kept the Optima name. I wishe
  8. exterior doesn't do much for me. It has a faux look / trying too hard and it ends up looking like it will have been forgotten 5 years from now. interior has a few nice things going on I suppose but the console / shifter / lower part of the dash starts to lose the nicer look and presentation that the upper part has. We may have hit peak sedan a few years ago and this feels like it is trying to keep milking something that hasn't been there for a few years now. I do actually think the 2011-2019 will mark as a classic (the early of those years at least) but Hyundai did make effort to k
  9. can't argue with that. that's why we have a minivan instead of an SUV or CUV. But CUV's are taller sedan replacements as you sort of allude to. This Stellantis one is better looking of the Coupe CUV's than I've seen to date. I could drive this. The Atlas Cross Sport and Forde Edge have large cargo areas, they seem to be outliers in the market. The Cross Sport in particular has a huge and flexible cargo hold area since the 2 row is on the same wheelbase as the 3 row.
  10. this isn't bad, the SUV coupe thing will grow in market, GM can't sell just all trucky Equinoxes Even though Chrysler has the Pacifica platform now, this is not a bad looking passenger vessel
  11. the old four cylinder Camaro would have been a better driving experience. and armrest, 200 dollar OPTION!!!!
  12. who's to say by then that everything won't be under the STELLANTIS moniker yup, 'GROUPE' is spelled wrong. HAHA
  13. Good thing that this one at that price, the final assembly at least in Sweden. not say, China.
  14. its interesting you say that. The CT5 was supposed to provide more room and the front seat is super cramped. maybe if cadillac had put out roomy cars without cue touchscreen issues and timing chain issues in the 2010's they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now. it would also help to not have a bad c pillar design.
  15. ive never attempted to sit in this because the cockpit is so tight yes, also i've never tried to cram myself into the back either, because of how tight it looks
  16. when GM goes under, Hyundai can buy their scraps and continue to sell those new Cadillac EV's without changing the name rather than what Mary's GM wants to do with Cadillac, starve them of new excellent ICE product....develop a couple expensive low volume electric vehicles with "IQ" names and see if that will keep the brand from going under.
  17. I dig this actually...pretty cool. but the idiocy of it (typical GM idiocy in a higher dose this time) is to not have it ready until 2 years from now, and also, it really would help Cadillac a lot more to make it ICE engine and sell it as the XT7. twin turbo six standard. Blackwing v8 twin turbo OHC optional. I'd change the rear side window a bit and wrap the tailights a bit differently but I sort of dig what they are getting at....trying cool things. Front lighting is way cool.
  18. the Trailblazer and Encore GX should have the 1.5 litre motor and 9 speed auto spec that is currently in the Terrain. Higher hp and the 9 speed compared to the Malibu. I guarantee you those little mites would actually get the same real world or better mpg....not working as hard. Reality is, a 3 cylinder has only 3 expensive pistons and 12 expensive valves and their operating parts, vs. 16. Look at all the money saved on fuel injection also etc. It's a scam to save money, that's why they do it. Build it outside the US also, more and more. If they can make the engine as smooth
  19. Also, most of those electrics selling at prices outside the mainstream range of average vehicle price transactions in the US...not to mention highly subsidized in addition to that as well. don't we already have the retro electric Fiat 500?
  20. yeah, it will be the new 2.0, the new ubiquitous 2.0 that has less power than the previous 2.0...you know, the GM way. Put it in an XT5 Cadillac and the CT6 Cadillac (which made it over a second slower than the old 2.0) but also the Equinox eventually......
  21. it always is because they package the bigger motor in a trim and package level that adds several thousand to the price of the vehicle. compare that 1.5 and 2.0 motor.....4 cylinders, 16 valves, a crankshaft, fuel system... there's not much actual physical difference inbetween the two motors that warrants the huge price jump, just a slight size increase. By itself if you priced the upgraded motor standalone at 995 bucks (which is about right) and weren't forced to underproduce it because of CAFE I guarantee that take rate would be 50% at least. Bronco Sport looks like a reincarnat
  22. Wait, you mean STELLANTIS now right? LOL (cue the male enhancement music)
  23. You know what is crazy right now. Chevy dealers hardly have inventory, except for all those new 2021 3 cylinder trailblazers from NotMuhrica (funny how that works, huh). And they are selling like crazy, i see a bunch of them out on the roads ALREADY. with those 1.2 and 1.3 3 cylinder motors and all. I'm pretty sure the salesman never says it a 3 cylinder, or that its a 1.2 or 1.3. They just tell the customer its 'turbocharged' and all of sudden they believe its fast. Turbo = racing ya know!!! Who cares about the engine, tell me how i can play with my phone in the car!!!! A

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