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  1. NICE DISCOUNTS ON THOSE......gets the prices almost within line. about 40 for a premium 2 is not bad, still feels a bit steep but i guess other stuff is 50 and 60k....
  2. when we see the specs on this vehicle we will know if its an XT4 clone or not. the XT4 is a lot smaller inside than the envision. Now, if the new Envision is on the XT4 platform, but has been legnthened and widened, such that it comes out with the same interior space as the current Envision, that is my hope. I really like the current Envision (no contest vs Equinox and Terrain) apart from where it is built but that is with a deal breaker / caveat.....the dashboard and all its plood is hideous. Also, the pricing on the Envision can be quite comical. The pricing and trim packages as
  3. GM's failure in Europe AND USA is why they had to rely on China. I'm not terribly bent out of shape about GM's failure in Europe anymore. If Fiat and PSA are still building cars, that says something...low standards....apart from the homerism to BMW, Merc, VWAG. GM's pending failure here in the US is partially a product of not producing in the US as much as many other issues.....downsizing interiors and engines, styling miscues, product class miscues, marking huge miscues, caring more about autonomous vehicles and CAFE.....and electric..... GM can probably offset some losses in
  4. it's unoffensive / attractive but yet you could almost throw any badge on it. No real 'Buick' cues whatsoever. But at least you get FOUR cylinders!!!!
  5. GM makes so few of their vehicles in US anymore. Encore = Korea, this in China...my TourX was Germany. I get the 'world market' part of this, but maybe GM will learn that sending most of its production (by model count) outside our borders is a shitty deal. is this sort of "Buick Mazda CX-5" looking? I hope it is not SMALLER than the current Envision.......
  6. https://www.buick.com/future-vehicles/2021-envision
  7. Yeah I am 6'1 and a waist and belly that is too large and even if i were thin again the ingress and egress and driving position in the car is something you'd want in a sports car, not a luxury brand sedan. Its not befitting daily luxury transport. People rip front drive platforms but remember back to the larger cab forward front drivers....... more comfort and room. That said, the Ct6 is woefully comfy, but yeah, Cadillac decides to kill that car.
  8. this Cadillac platform has always been ergonomically challenged. Low firewall, cramped with a big driveshaft tunnel.....badly shaped floor. Hip point way too low. You really have to twist, contort, and wrench yourself into the seat and God forbid if you are a chunky midwesterner over the crest of 50 and not some lithe millenial with lots of flexibility from yoga. The platform is shared also with Camaro so they did not design the cars on this platform for older large person comfort which IMHO is partly why Cadillac sales flounder. In contrast, when i went to the auto show back in
  9. but it sounded better than that CT6 tt. I am guessing there was something wrong or badly set up on the Ct6 panaray i tested. that used CT6 is still for sale, interestingly enough...... i didn't mind the black but do agree. some of the CT5 trim options include a light color.
  10. red leather seats available on the Pacifica now, But wife doesn't want another minivan........after they add red leather and all wheel drive to the options list,.....
  11. even the Lexus will be deeply discounted though, too...
  12. The 2020 Lexus LS would be a far better looking option this this faux lux vehicle....... although i do understand the Lexus is more pricey....
  13. NOw that i think about it, this song by California gal Marnie Ann must have been an early love song for Elon Musk, but I digress, Carry on,.....
  14. No, this is a stupid idea. Really ashamed that someone from Ford would suggest this. How about concentrating on how many more new 2020 Escapes you can sell instead of 70,000 dollar Aviators now? Likewise, GM, maybe something like the Cruze is a valuable entry in the car lineup now? Watch GM spin this into needing all sorts more money to dump into autonomous and electric black hole now. I would be for the development budgets of electric being increased if the charging grid were part of that investment but I haven't seen jack squat of that to date. And in the meantime, how abou
  15. yikes, that is 'basic'...its like the little suzukis in india....
  16. I didn't try the CT6-V.....:( i like blackout trim on cars but TBH i would prefer that they leave some chrome on the Sport......
  17. 2 of GM's best styling jobs ever. I would love to find a collectible one of either in good shape some day. regarding this new Genesis, MEH now it seems even more criminal that Cadillac punted and the real Escala on Omega never saw the light of day. new G80 is a huge TURD in comparison.
  18. Parking Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert w/Braking - $565.00 Blind Spot Monitor - $500.00 be nice if this were standard on a lexus
  19. at the auto show was a new Encore GX, almost 38 grand. Loaded sure. But wow, about 10 grand too high IMO.
  20. aren't most of those dead elderly from one nursing home
  21. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2020/03/09/gm-responds-mat-blackwing-v8-deal-up-in-air-for-now GM responds: MAT’s Blackwing V-8 deal is up in the air for now
  22. at the end of the day its my main rag at GM right now. All the PR bullshit about electric cars and all the resources down the drain keeping them from updating their core product lines.
  23. true. however then, the electric cars in the marketplace still won't take off en masse until a vast charge network of a common standard is built.

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