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  1. proof that GM continues to blow snot up everyone's arse with all this 'we get interiors now' thing. Still the same old GM, in some ways.
  2. only posting this one for the what its worth department. startribune
  3. STRYPER just put out a new album my wife loves contemporary Christian pop type music, but i have to force myself to keep from telling her how cheesy most of it I think is.
  4. tell me how you really feel. :rolleyes: one thing i will find that i liked about your post is the reference to CEO pay not being cut. I honestly do not know what the solution to this problem is, as its not isolated to GM. But what are the forces that can change this? I do not think that the unions will ever be the ones to be successful in reforming executive compensation. One thing is for sure. A labor strike will not contribute any time soon towards a global movement to reducing executive pay. And hey, Bush/Cheney are oil folks. Doesn't surprise me that gas is going through t
  5. Living here in Minneapolis area I am getting lots of media coverage on this. Basically, Northwest will have to go under if they cannot cannot cut their costs. The amount of money they have been losing over years now suggests the bleeding cannot continue. Even if NWA is using the bankruptcy card as a tool or leverage, the threat is very real. NWA cannot raise fares, they would price themselves out of the market. Why? Many factors, but I am sure too high labor costs IN COMPARISON to others in the market are one of them. I know they won't see pay increases which is a bummer, but
  6. The Impala has better proportioning than the Camry.
  7. that 29 grand charger was not a Hemi. thanks, tannersoc for shedding light on the obvious, the new impala has cheapness inside. again, my impressions of drivng the SS didn't wow me or do anything for me that made me really want the car. Still, its a decent cruiser in the classic GM vein. A great cornfield state cruiser for the interstates, and thanks for someone also confirming that yes, the rear seat is small like on so many GM cars. but i will say the new Impala is a big improvement and I would buy one over a Camry, Accord, Sonata for sure. No worries there. The LT and LTZ deserv
  8. AH, yes. There is a reason why we get old platforms and pushrod v6's from our American manufacturers.
  9. true. and my big concern is lack of power. any vehicle this heavy and with a slow motor will also get bad mileage. then, what's the point? Quests and Odusseys get 20mpg. unless get's 27 or so, what's the point?
  10. my aztek has exposed screws and they're real.
  11. I think the cobalt will benefit from the radical nature of this new styling. the jetta went and left for the high ground and the civic has gone for the wierd ground. Corolla and Cobalt will benefit. Focus is old, Mazda 3 is more expensive than a Mazda6.
  12. sucks. can we please keep this Korean trash off our shores. wait, they are building Korean trash here now.
  13. we are a society and nation that is ALL ABOUT conveinience.
  14. thanks, I wish the CTS had AWD also. That one annoying incident can sometimes be frustrating. I would have a GTO in a heartbeat if I had enough coin to have another car to drive in the winter.
  15. So wasn't it annoying when your CTS got stuck last year? Having AWD would have helped some from avoiding it happening or helped get it UNstuck. My angle here is most casual car buyers really don't ever want the CHANCE of that annoyance happening.
  16. but exactly that is why the mass market wants FWD, was for the exact reasons you stated. Or Ferdi. Cars are tools, people make car payments to get space and transportation. Those needs outweigh in most cases the need for rear drive handling. FWD is more convenient and safer within most people's skills and limits. I do think GM needs more RWD cars, but only if AWD is offered on those models as well. That's the only way for GM to cover their backsides in case a model ends up not selling because its RWD only. Remember, RWD adds many more components into the cost of manufactur
  17. my next door neighbor across the street from me, who works for Dodge (not entirely sure in what capacity but its for Dodge, not a dealer), was commenting to me the other day about how it was a big mistake for Dodge to only offer the charger with RWD and also about the under porduction of AWD Magnums. And he flat out stated how poor the RWD Magnum and Charger are in snow, do not believe any of the hype about them being any good with the electronic systems. He said the trac control and stuff hardly does much to help. He knows all the Dodge product well and has first hand knowledge with all of
  18. where is the delete message option?
  19. if you buy say, 4 dining room chairs that won't fit in the low height trunk, the fold flat front is a godsend.
  20. perhaps there will be some good aftermarket center stack face panels available to get rid of that bland cover.
  21. ok, now that front end IS progress. no more killer guppies loose! that and the interior tweaks do help. still those hideous SWOOSHES though!
  22. i would like a supercharged sedan option. a supercharged 2.4 with 240hp would be nice in a 6 speed malibu.
  23. the futuristic look of it will make the hybrid version compare well to the prius. i like the sedan side view. the interior is busy (nods to Josh). still very 'rice, 2050'
  24. yup that is the point. I still am aghast at how GM gets ripped so badly for interiors but Chrylser's interiors lately are horribly cheap miserable trash! this thing is pathetic!
  25. yup. cheesy knockoffs is all they can do. this car's proportions are seriously messed up and that front end is horrific.

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