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  1. The hallmark of the scientific method is that nothing is ever ‘proven’, only supported by evidence, and is always open to discussion/argument. Nothing is more anti-science than blindly accepting a specific theory as empirical and final. Let me leave this right here: Pluto.
  2. ^ except styling changes with generations & models (outside of the German triplets) - the Silverado over the last 20 years is a very good illustration of that.
  3. Or the 300,000 lbs towing claim that fell to around 11,000 or 13,000.
  4. Not my thinking; their statistic. Think 'registered'.
  5. That was not the stat I quoted tho. - - - - - Government entities are the absolute worst in predicting and enforcing widespread change. They continually and repeatedly made colossal blunders, then do it all again. In my opinion, it is dangerous... or at least self-defeating to look to Gov't for the solution, specifically; end dates. I do not partake in that religion. It has to be organic to be successful long-term. Government gophers never grasp that concept of nature.
  6. And that alone shoves it hard down 'Ugly Lane'. It certainly doesn't make it either attractive OR functional. Or if you prefer; bad front, side, rear & interior styling.
  7. ^ Neither is the current Silverado's face, but you call that 'ugly'.
  8. ^ What is the specific scientifically quantified contribution by humans to climate change? [Your answer must include a numeric value.]
  9. Oh it is?? Typical me; I don't pay attention to the toyoters much. 1. It doesn't look 'really ordinary' IMO (it's a Ford, yes?), but more to the point - it doesn't look really cheap. Not Ram Tradesman cheap. 2. Shouldn't a Lincoln equivalent be much nicer??
  10. Hence; choice. Because styling is subjective. Look at people claiming they like the tesla pick up concept...
  11. Gov't subsidizing then. I see the vast majority of Chinese car makers are state-owned, which when you think about it; is very weird. They're competing against themselves. China's 2018 percentage of plug-in vehicles "on the road" is still under 1%.

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