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  1. Horse: live animal that must be tended to, fed, housed, has very finite use cycle/ lifespan. IC vehicle: machine that sits in your parking spot, turns on when you press button, takes you & some packages some place at you discretion. EV vehicle: machine that sits in your parking spot, turns on when you press button, takes you & some packages some place at you discretion
  2. This only sets up the legitimacy of a price increase for EVERY improvement on a vehicle, bar none. Compared to the Model T, the cheapest 2020 vehicle should be $498,000.
  3. I specifically upvoted the chick above.
  4. Well price has always been a market problem, with no signs of abating in the near future. But I disagree that it being electric is of no consequence; EVs are always compared straight to other EVs, and situations such as saying the $154K Taycan is going to compete w the $81K Model S pretty much proves that. Recall all the pieces comparing the Model 3 to the Bolt? Not if you bought a IC vehicle.
  5. Let’s quantify that; how long DID it take to move to autos from horses, exactly? Because a ton of the general commentary I’ve read acts like the 1997 hybrid electric prius hasn’t had a 23-yr run to date and EVs were unveiled for the first time the day before said commentary was made. Look at the market share of hybrid electrics and electrics over the past 20 years thru 2019. An OPERATING cost reduction, not a purchase cost reduction.
  6. WRT my comment toward miradart; the stated implication that EVs are going to have 90-95% of the market in “5” years is ridiculous & unsupportable.
  7. Since charging costs are nearly unilaterally ignored, and MPG increases in IC vehicles really never had a direct correlation to MSRP, I question the equivalency of 20 more miles of range (Bolt) being a ‘cost reduction’.
  8. I could see a case made for an EV bus costing -say- $100K vs. $70K. A fiscally reasonable & workable cost bump. But $250K? Why not make it $500K or an even 1 million each, since money is obviously of no concern? And to toss out "it saves on fuel costs" hoping no one with 2 brain cells to rub together will do anything other than smile & nod along is repulsive. At least be honest about it.
  9. I wonder if that's not precisely how Daimler plans to force people into their EVs, by eroding the IC's.
  10. The tremendous purchase cost will never be made up over the mandated finite life of a school bus. There is no cost savings.
  11. Its much more about corporate ability / efficiency than it is about plant physical capacity. We can’t talk about Rivian’s production rate like it’s GM or [any other] established OEM.
  12. $4.2 M being 70% of 17 buses equates to them each costing $247,000!! For what normally costs $65,000-75,000. Unsustainable. A quarter million dollar tin box that only sees 8000 miles per year. Insanity.

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