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  1. The talking order clown at Burger World's drive-thru is a better CEO than Musk.
  2. People are buying the CT6 at a decent clip, and it's 206" long. I could see an extended deck CT6, as a 'CT7', like the old 'Park Avenue/Town Sedan Cadillac of the late 50s-early 60s that had a shorter deck; in this case it'd be a longer deck. Or, kinda like a different roofline on an audi A8 becomes an A7. Working blade edge fenders in with Cadillac's signature vertical lighting could be really cool and totally unique from the worn bars of soap all the other lux sedans are. Cadillacs are the only sedans you can recognize coming at you from a long ways off, day or night.
  3. Yes & yes; Uhaul lesbian hookers, Anderson Cooper did a piece on them a couple years back.
  4. After reading back thru this thread, seeing all the peeps who wandered off this board --some of them fully 9 years ago!-- I threw up a new background 'toast' to old conversations :
  5. Who thinks Cadillac should be building a 2019 generation of this instead of the CT6? [BTW - not me.]
  6. It just struck me about the opening pic: that’s a pretty demure outfit for a prostitute. I guess in 2019, they should be able to dress however they see fit/ makes them comfortable rather than how ‘street society’ tells them they have to.
  7. With horrific losses & cratered sales, it should be in Ford’s price tier. I’m not convinced Tesla is going to survive I pity those who brought @$35x/share!
  8. Hold out- it’s far from its bottom yet...
  9. ‘57. I see emblems on front fender; means Coupe deVille vs. Series 62 coupe.
  10. I change my desktop about twice a year. I got more importance stuffs to do. This has been up- I don't know how long :
  11. Is Ford really looking that far ahead?
  12. I don't think working or even building an English Wheel is all that "rare". Eastwood sells them, among others, I have seen build threads on them, and have been in at least 1 shop that has/uses one. I myself have not used one, but I understand how they are used. - - - - - I have a great tailgate idea for sale if GM (or FoMoCo or FCA) is buying- guarantee it'll be the next 'box buzz' if it were brought out. There's even a vintage Chevy / GMC nameplate that would work great for it. I certainly could use my idea at work, if it were available.
  13. ^ WAY overpriced & not selling. Might be a long while before you see another.

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