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  1. '19 Silverado High Country CC, white, spotlessly clean, in the local hardware store's steel shop parking lot.
  2. Planes, Trains & Automobiles ~
  3. local '68 (with '69 Judge wing & 17" Rallye IIs) ~
  4. Customer just got this dog - it's 10 wks old, weighs less than 2 lbs. She had me preemptively build her THREE coffins; for this dog, a 2nd dog not yet realized, and a 3rd one not even considered yet. I love wacky dog people.
  5. We live in Jersey; she's never pumped her own gas. lol But your statement is not a "fact", its a stereotype, and not that I gravitate towards these sort of labels at all, but it's kinda sexist. There are a significant quantity to women who race, build, repair & customize vehicles, and aren't afraid of a little dirt.
  6. The world of commerce appeared so much happier in the mid 20th ~
  7. … and Soup, and Scungilli, and….. Spearmint gum.
  8. balthazar

    Jeep Gladiator

    How to load a bike: Funny; I can't find any pics online of a Gladiator with an ATV or bike in the back ALSO carrying a step/platform and a long ramp. Because this guy ^ doesn't look like he's having much fun this way. ^
  9. Friend has one in an old Ranger. I think they suck- in the way half the time there's a load, because you can't always plan on what you are getting/find by the side of the road. If you take it out, they you have to fit it in your garage somewhere. I mean I would trust strapping things like a quad down, but that takes time to do; messing with straps. If you could close the gate you could drive it up in there, throw the ramps in and be off 5 seconds later. That brings ramps to mind- if a bicycle doesn't fit, where do ramps long enough to drive an ATV in go???
  10. Where are all these angry, diesel-spraying women who are incapable of a simple vehicle refueling? Did we somehow slide back to the 1950s (or whenever it was when women were apparently utterly incapable)?
  11. “so I am in month 37 of the 39 mo lease...” I always look forward to these updates; what once was a bright, shiny penny inevitably morphs into an impression involving dump trucks and how vehicle X isn’t vehicle Q. It takes a while, but I’ve realized it’s not the vehicle that has changed.
  12. My God- you can't even put a bicycle in the back of a Gladiator with a front wheel OFF and close the tailgate! Every googleimage pic of a dirt bike or ATV has the tailgate open. 1 more foot and it would be a lot more useful/secure. Or perhaps the concept is not fully baked.

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