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  1. This is my buddy’s dream car, a ‘67 ‘GTO’ (it’s a LeMans with a GTO tail panel welded in). It’s about ar the same point as my ‘59, so I started trash talking him; saying my car is going to BURY his on the street. They should weigh about the same. The other day I asked him to remind me what motor is on it. Mine will be a circa 470 CI Buick 455. I had thought he had a Chevy 454 in this, but..... he corrected me. Has a crate 572 with what he claims is 675 HP. If that’s true, I’m in trouble.
  2. You realize that that money Tesla is 'worth' is all borrowed, right? Stock revenue is not something a company is supposed to survive off of. Tesla still, I believe, loses money on every car they sell. And a company's worth is far more than just it's stock price. Tesla failed to take a big enough bite out of the market in order to gain & maintain a lead.
  3. Model Y & Mach-E GT are both supposed to do 0-60 in 3.5 secs. But here's the deal: 1. both are plenty quick enough, 2. NOBODY is drag racing these against each other for prize money, and 3. the quickest vehicle in a given segment is almost never the highest sought-after. In other words; a few tenths is meaningless unless it's a competition vehicle (which these aren't). Tesla's biggest problem is stale styling and over-pricing (the company still loses money selling cars). They can charge whatever until competition starts heating up, then the probability they're F'd rises
  4. If... and I stress IF there wasn't a nation-wide pandemic and unprecedented issues with foreclosures/ evictions, unemployment/ebbing income tax revenues, bankruptcies/ fleeing businesses, withering industries begging for lifelines... MAYBE the Gov't could simply double the $560,000,000 of paper money they print DAILY and pay for many of these pie-inna-sky dream projects. I just don't see where the money would come from. I mean, it's on the order of $125 Billion just for the school bus dream... and the states don't even own all those buses (private companies & individual contractors are a m
  5. I came from a video where the Model Y stickered about $63K (plus it no longer has the fed rebate). Tesla options are expensive, if I recall correctly- video said 'autopilot' was 10 grand (and it wasn't on the $63K Y). What's next for Ford is 2 more versions of the Mach-E, one of which is the upcoming Mach-E GT, so the available one is NOT the top performance EV. Then, a slew of other EVs reportedly.
  6. Uhh, DeLorean Motor Company (Humble TX) is an existing company that owns the brand/rights, the car, parts, etc, etc, and has been working toward getting their vehicle back into production again. There's not going to be any Euro- rip off version without an immediate cease & desist / lawsuit.
  7. Mach-E has a better ride, Apple/Android car play, more amenities and much better quality for a much cheaper price. Ford is the better buy vs. the Model Y.
  8. In the Mach-E vs. Model Y comparisons, the Ford is easily comparable.
  9. There's no DIC (Driver Info Center) in my 2500HD, and/so I log every fill up & compute the MPG. I don't know why- I started doing it with me '64 Catalina. My truck never sees a weather-related MPG drop- it just doesn't care. Now, NJ doesn't see many long-stretch true cold spells, and by that I'd define 'cold' as under 25F. Plenty in the 30s tho. Maybe in more northern climes, where it can run in the 10s or lower for weeks, it'd be different. [/report]
  10. Is there a pool yet for when President Harris takes over?

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