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  1. These are predictions from "sources", not confirmed. Obviously the CT6 isn't going anywhere.
  2. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal GS Shows Up With 310 Horsepower

    Only thing smaller is the CLA has no back seat.
  3. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal GS Shows Up With 310 Horsepower

    I'm sure whatever the numbers are, they aren't huge. I was just replying to "they can't sell any" nonsense. Hyperbole es muy grande. 3-series is down 25% m-t-m & 16% on the year. "Not selling" here, too, I guess. Because; percentages.
  4. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal GS Shows Up With 310 Horsepower

    They do sell the ATS. ATS-V starts @ $61K, BTW, to your other faux point of 'can't sell at $40K'. WRT audi/BMW= the cars they sell in the Regal's price range (A4) aren't luxury cars either; these are premium class vehicles. Like the Regal GS. No, not Mercedes Navara "premium".
  5. The issue with throwing up (hee-hee: we're talking about the model X and I said 'throwing up' ) pics of '50s MBs is that the brand wasn't a luxury brand THEN; then they were for the masses/ mainstream. The problem arises once you move past Mercedes benchmarking Cadillac and becoming a luxury brand in the 1990s, and heavily marketing that ID. NOW a rebadged crapbox truck with power levels from a decade ago and a bare minimum of effort to 'make' it a MB, and it comes off as a shuddering hot mess. If Daimler had left it in the commercial so-called 'division' and sold them all as refrigerator white/black plastic utility vehicles; maybe. But the "World's First True Premium Pickup'?????? Not sure Daimler can back out of this hole.
  6. ^ I guess 'as OK as the others' is the new tagline.
  7. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal GS Shows Up With 310 Horsepower

    Toyotas are notoriously poorly built via the 10s of millions in recalls- not an option for the educated consumer.
  8. Wait, it's one thing to dump a rebadge out & call it 'premium' (as a duck under 'luxury'), but they actually had the gall to call it the 'world's first true premium pick up'??? I keep waiting for The Onion to claim responsibility for this.
  9. "They could compete IF THEY WANT TO"???????? WTF happened to "The Best or Nothing" or "Engineered like No Other"??? Did they let all their product planners go?
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    I would've liked to see taller rear tails, but the ones it's currently sporting are clean. I see lots of higher end stuff regularly- I've seen 3 or 4 Maseratis in the last 2 weeks (1 may have been a repeat). I've seen a number of CT6's but this was the first 'long look' at speed. S-classes are all over and they're always black it seems. Since the last redesign was so minor, it's like the same design has been running around for 12 years. It's so safe and bland, but MB designs for China, so.
  11. Random Thoughts Thread

    was tagging along with a brand new CT6 on US Route 1 today, dark red. Gotta, say; Cadillac nailed this car extremely well. As it moved fore & aft of me, giving me dozens of angles to watch it (slow traffic) at times 4 or 5 cars back, it just has a boatload of presence. I think those who've banged it for being 'conservative' missed the point that it looks exceptionally, terrifically good. Has the 1 thing BMW does well; stance, and adds one thing BMW is mediocre at; sleekness.
  12. ^ looks like a backyard cut-n-weld project from the 'back woods'. Would never sell.
  13. My God does that look like a real hacked together POcheapS. Nissan rebadge, FTL! I guarantee it'll come to the U.S.- Daimler CANNOT HELP themselves if they see a dollar lying on the ground. BTW: 165 HP- my wife's '09 Malibu has a 167 HP 4-cyl & a 6-spd. Could goose the tuning a bit, give it 200? It's just so freaking sad, so much for 'The Best or Nothing'. Nothing would have been better.
  14. Audi News: Rumorpile: Next Audi S8 To Use Panamera's Twin-Turbo V8

    'GeneralMotorized', perhaps?
  15. Random Thoughts Thread

    Bitchin', probably circa 1960 AMC sketch (glossing over the oversized disembodied head shown) ~