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  1. Forum Updates

  2. That NOS Guy...

    Suck me, beautiful.
  3. Front Page News

    Its called dedication. Few have it, most dont.
  4. That NOS Guy...

    Remember our first date, when we raced your Camaro against my Solstice, then lay in the moonlight?
  5. That NOS Guy...

    I love you Frank.
  6. Buttsecks

  7. Super Bowl predictions

    Lions all the way, it DETROIT BABY!!!!!
  8. Word Association

    Cheers and Gears since I left to start www.thegmsource.com, the greatest website ever because I started it.
  9. If you wanted to get away, where would you go?

    The bottom of a bottle followed by a long cruise in the Solstice and a date with a concrete barrier.
  10. UFO videos over Haiti

    No way, the Blue Devil was shelved.

    You should all come over to GMS, the first person with 200 posts gets the cover to a Buick Enclave press kit and an invitation to a kegger in my garage. You may even get to see the few pieces of my Solstice that I haven't puked on while drunk or had to sell to make my payment.
  12. Ever run into your old car you got rid of?

    The repo lot is just down the street from my trailer so I see my Solstice all the time.
  13. Cheers and Jeers for 2005

    Jeers to C&G for banning Dollinger, a true visionary in the automotive field. Beers to NOS for getting laid! WOO!!!!!
  14. JACKASS!

    They made another movie about me?

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