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    GM to Unveil 2 New Concept Cars in China

    So this is going to be another great car that is only sold in China? First the SLS and now the Park Avenue. Either I need to move to China or figure a way to get these imported. I will not understand why GM has these dynamically excellent automobiles and wont sell them here. Granted there are some styling tweeks that must be made to sell in North America but still that shouldnt be a challange for a company with so many engineering resources.
  2. Ultra Magnus

    FIRST LOOK: Pontiac G8 GT Show Car

    I wish it had a full 400 HP. But with AFM I really cant complain, especially with the six speed. I wanna see fuel economy numbers though. As long as it gets at least 25 on the highway, I am happy. Plus 400HP is just a intake, headers and exhaust away.
  3. Ultra Magnus

    G8 Teaser

    I think I have found my next car. Well unless they bring over the HSV Caprice
  4. Ultra Magnus

    2008 Cadillac DTS Platinum

    And when do we see the return of the Platinum ESV? That really was a nice truck.
  5. Ultra Magnus

    2008 Cadillac DTS Platinum

    It is an improvement but I just dont like the color combination. I hope others are available. I think that goes for all three of the Platinum Caddys.
  6. Ultra Magnus

    Cadillac SLS from China

    Throw the STS-Vs motor in this car and you would have a direct competitor to the Jaguar Super V8 or V8 Portfolio.
  7. Ultra Magnus

    Acadia starts at $29,990

    Unless there is going to be a V8 in it there shouldnt be a Denali version. Just my opinion though.
  8. Ultra Magnus

    Buick Enclave Video Discussion Thread

    Looks great. Still waiting for the V8 though.
  9. Ultra Magnus

    2007 N. American Car & Truck of the Year Finalists

    Where is the GMC Sierra? I know in most instances it can be said its the same as the Silverado but there are are styling differences and the Chevy cant be had as a Denali. Plus I think the Sierra just looks better.
  10. Ultra Magnus

    New VUE Pics!

    I'm just not impressed. Maybe its all the grey plastic on the bumpers but its not nearly as attractive as the concept.
  11. Ultra Magnus

    Tiger to help roll out Enclave

    I am hoping so. The Misses has already signed off on getting an Enclave. She doesnt care about motor but I DO!
  12. Ultra Magnus

    07 G6 GTP aero Package

    The blue one is nice. Get a GTP with a six speed and now you are talking!
  13. Ultra Magnus

    TCC: HUMMER Considering More Models

    I still think Hummer has to have the H1. The other things are nice and all and will help with market share but the H1 is the foundation. At least have it on a build as ordered basis. Besides, without the H1 how would we have had the Goldilocks and the Three Bears H3 commercial?
  14. Ultra Magnus

    Lutz's perfect summation of Toyota

    Proof that Toyota is a completely un-original company is their new summer blowout commercial. If you havent seen it let me describe it for you: There is a shot of a CAR-CARRIER transporting all the new Toyotas to the dealearship. On the we the way people are stopping to look as it drives through the countryside. Does this sound familiar somehow? Hmm...
  15. Ultra Magnus

    GM Launches More Fuel-Saving Six-Speed

    Yeah a 4.0L are they bringing back the old Aurora V8? If so, then this would be amazing. If they could bring it in with more HP than the 3.6DI engine this would make for a great mid level V8. I still think the Northstar should move up in displacement.

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