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  1. I'm really impressed... those numbers are staggering. Blind spot monitoring optional, I'm sure.
  2. I would have thought with those power numbers the 0-60 would be much quicker... is it very heavy? The car in my opinion is beautiful inside and out. I prefer this to the Sonata. The lighting treatment for ambient inside and accent outside is tastefully done.
  3. Hmmm... I need more pics. Interior is definitely Benz... headlights I'm not a fan of, the big, bold grille: thumbs up. Nice to see it has a real engine... or does this have the optional 1.3L 3-cylinder from the Encore GX as an upgrade?
  4. You know what this needs? A range-topping 1.3L 3-cylinder engine. That SCREAMS luxury!
  5. These powertrains are killing me.
  6. Awesome write up.. I am a very big fan of Mazda. I would have considered a 6 if it had a V6 still. I love their design, materials, and I've only read good things about them.
  7. Ehhhhhhhhh. I like the current gen more.
  8. Thanks man... I leased the Genesis... very nice car, but it wasn't me.
  9. I wonder if the Detroit Symphony Orchestra will play "wahhhh wahhh wahhhhhhhhh" when your Aviator doesn't start.
  10. Flat out spit my tea on the laptop. God this sounds like my 1987 Plymouth Sundance...
  11. How are some of these problems even happening? I mean, it's 2019... how are vehicles even leaving without badges and trim?!
  12. Thanks. The Genesis was a great car but I'm a Buick Boy through and through.
  13. This past Saturday I went to my trusted Buick dealer and purchased a very gently used 2019 LaCrosse with about 4,000 miles. It's an Essence AWD in Red Quartz Metallic and an Ebony interior, with the Bose Centerpoint Surround, Blind Spot Monitoring, Navigation, Lane Keep Assist, Panoramic Sunroof, etc. The dealer held firm on their internet price but the price was honestly really good for an almost-new car. The car is stunning and after driving it, I was sold. It is a damn shame this car is gone from the US. Aside from having the carpeted mats, the dealer gave me ebony Buick all-weather mats. During the test drive I happened to comment I wish it had the sunshade because my early morning commute west, the sun is usually in my eyes from behind. To my surprise, the dealer installed one while they were detailing it and changing the oil. It was a nice treat. The Bose Centerpoint Surround before I experienced it, I thought was just a gimmick; a title/marque. I was completely wrong... when you turn on the Centerpoint Surround, the music shifts almost as though it's being played in the center of the car. Amazing how speakers can "throw" sound and give it such a different effect. For some reason, the "plood" in pictures always looked horrible in my opinion. In person it's a completely different story. I think it's very handsome. If I have to gripe, and it's about the start/stop and the wireless charging. Although the car is seamless to stop, it's noticeable when it starts. In fact, on occasion, there's a slight lurch forward as the engine restarts... not a fan, but I'll obviously cope. As for the wireless charging port, even with my case off, my phone doesn't fit. And although I can squeeze it in tightly, a display on the screen tells me through icons that only cell phones should be placed in there. If only it were a tiny bit bigger...
  14. Definitely an improvement... haven't really liked Hondas for years.
  15. That's a shame. I really liked the Malibu and loved the styling. I'm hating that choices for sedans are all disappearing, because I've always been a sedan man. I do hope they refresh it before it goes out...
  16. Paolino

    Next car...

    The 2016 has Apple Carplay/Android Auto, it was the 2015 and earlier that didn't.
  17. ............................ isn't that a Pacifica? With the Chrysler logo/wings on it?!
  18. I wish GM could do plood like this... and update their 8" infotainment screens to something a little larger perhaps.
  19. Interesting, since it doesn't show a solar roof.

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