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  1. I live in Los Angeles and have seen quite of few new Camaro's this past month. The drivers were young and old. The CTS is a common sight here. I've already seen a couple of Equinoxes and expect it to do very well. I think the more liberal states aren't as biased against the domestics as people assume. They just want a product that appeals to them. GM's SUV's sold like gangbusters out here. The Cruze is going to be a sales disappointment. It's too bland to get people's attention.
  2. Lame exterior. It has what I consider to be the typical Lutz imprint: Big grill with boring side paneling. How can GM come up with great designs like the new Equinox, SRX and LaCrosse then come up with something boring like this and the Cruze?
  3. That front overhand is pretty bad. Overtall the Volt looks fantastic. It makes me wish GM would make this the Cruze with Volt as a trim level.
  4. I agree. If they build great cars people will associate the GM name with something positive. It reminds me of their decision to keep renaming it's cars - like the Cavalier to Cobalt - saying that people associated bad cars to the old names. That's because those cars were completely uncompetitive. If they made great cars but stuck with the old names people would associate those names to great cars.
  5. For the love of God can someone please tell Lutz that not every vehicle needs a stupid strip of chrome on its rear end? Having the same design element for different cars of the same brand makes sense but not for cars across all of GM's brands. This thing is close to being Aztek hideous. The design elements don't match. The wheel arches and front end go together. The side surfacing and rear end go together. However the wheels arches and front end don't mesh with the side surfacing and rear end. The grill dips too low. There's too much chrome on top of the grill. The rear end is boring. No. Just no.
  6. I agree. GM needs to follow through with their earlier promises to "tightly focus" it's brands with "gotta have" cars". Anyone else notice they're not pitching around those phrases anymore? How on earth could a new plan for Saturn cost any less than the one they had for rebadging Opels as Saturns? It doesn't get any more cost effective than that. I do think Saturn should be small cars though. GM needs another division on the lower end aside from Chevy. I say just rebadge subcompact to compact Opels as Saturns and rebadge the bigger Opels as Buick.
  7. Couldn't the UAW give GM a low interest loan from their pension fund if they wanted to? Or is this illegal?
  8. People who buy small cars don't want something that screams cheap. At least Ford gets it. This thing will do great for them.
  9. American Express was granted bank holding status so GMAC better get it as well.
  10. If it's not good news it has to be more layoffs/ plant closings. A distant possibility is bankruptcy which I would actually welcome at this point. They could blame it on the economy and the Bush administration. Most people would go along with that.
  11. Bob Lutz needs to go. He was good for getting some great interiors back to GM and making panel gaps smaller with sheetmetal but this man is so out of touch with what's hot design-wise, it's pathetic. And this new Lacrosse is just the latest example of that. You know what I'd do? I'd slap a Buick grill on the new Insignia and make it the new Lacrosse. Like everyone has said, this new Lacrosse is bloated and generic.
  12. I really don't like that rear end though. I wish it had squared out quad tail lamps. Everything else looks pretty good for a midsize car.
  13. I'm finally starting to see more Malibus out here in Los Angeles. I saw 2 today on my way home from work today. Don't know if they were the LTZs.
  14. Even if they axe a division or 2 GM will still be stuck with execs who have absolutely proven they don't know what customers want in a passenger car. They can throw all the extra money they'll save on having fewer division but if they keep on making dumb decision like not offering the new Corsa in America or watering down the Anatara conept design for production then there's no helping them.
  15. 4gm

    BIG Ford news

    Great move on Ford's move. These Euro cars seem very much on the pulse of what the public will gravitate towards just because of the standout designs. Ford NA should get the Euro Fords. And if they want to keep Mercury around, that division should get the current NA Fords.

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