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  1. Working as a Chevy Salesman there are a couple questions: Body? PTO? Wheelbase? What do you want to do with it? We Have a couple of 4500s and 5500s with beds and a couple with 5th wheel hook ups. They List for $80-$90K. But with the sale (Red Tag) you can get some around $60K
  2. Good info again 91z4me. Thanks again.
  3. After having LMAO repeatedly, Just a small question....... In the video clip they show a clip of the speedo....140 !!!!! I can't tell if that is MPH or Km/h? But if that is MPH, and that is a stock C6 Z06, then what the H3LL is the govenor set at? Are they not SPEED limited? Because I mean the Vette was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the Cobra @ 140 ? ! ? ! I mean if the limiter was set at like 155 or something like that then I woul think that the Cobra would have started to catch up after the Vette started to bounce off the limiter. RIGHT?????? I mean judging by how quickly he took off then he should have reached 155 or whatever alot quicker.
  4. I wonder how close it is as of this month (December). Last year was very close too and Ford still managed to pull it out. And I my opinion last year was a lot better as far as sales go. BUT don't get me wrong I sell Chevy and am a GM fan until the end!
  5. Just to start thanx 91z4me. That was some great info that you gave. I think that moving the Malibu to the Impala's platform or to replace the Impala with the Malibu would be a good way to make room for a RWD "Impala"(being that they are now close in size) BUT...... The competition all offer a 4cyl in that size class, as a value leader. GM can move the platfroms/names around only if they can stay competitive at this point with a V-6 (just beacuse I REALLY don't see a 4cyl "Malpala" being able to move out of its own way) In response to what hyperv6 said about the hidden Saturn doors on a "Camaro", I hope not. Understanding that it definately would make acess easier but I think they should make it closer to a 2+2 like the GTO. Another question is if they build one of the platforms at Willmington, DE, where would they build the Sol-Sky. I don't really know that much about the plant capacities at all. I 'm just wondering if you think they might move that production somewhere else?
  6. Good article. I thought it quite interesting that they said almost the exact opposite that all of the other rags said but hey I LIKE IT!
  7. I just hope that GM can quickly bring this vehicle(s) to market. Does anyone know how far along they were in the design process before they were "put on the back burner/ set aside/ held off on"? Does anyone know if they were able to transfer anything for that design/engineering to the new vehicle(s)? All I ask is this: GM build a 2 Dr, RWD, V8, " PONY CAR " (i.e. MUSTANG) AND GM build a 4 Dr, RWD, V8, SEDAN (i.e. 300C/CHARGER/ '96 IMPALA SS)
  8. I think they need to look at who the competition is for each brand and try to minimize brands competing against the same brand. They said that: Buick was supposed to go after Lexus, Infinti, and Acura (to be a Japanese Lux fighter i.e., the high quality) Cadillac was supposed to go after the Premium Lux market (Mercedes, BMW and eventually move upscale to after the likes of Rolls and Maybach) Chevy was and is their "working man's brand" they tend to have the biggest selection and GM uses this brand to bring in customers ( They have GM's least expensive vehicle $9995) and they allow their wide selection to bring customers in, and work them up and through the other GM brands Saturn was supposed to be the brand that would take on the likes of Honda and Toyota. One price. AND minimal rebates. GMC has always been TRUCKVILLE. They have always been the truck brand. Getting the best of GM's truck technology. HUMMER........ Okay all do respect, something about a truck that can climb a small verticle wall and tow an insane amount of weight is just awesome but ......... WHY? I know that it is a very profitable brand, But why? Yes it has the look. but what other purpose does it have? who does it compete against. What market is it targeting? What other players are there? Saab....... Saab imo should go after the likes of Volvo. And yes origin has something to do with it. Saab should have advanced safety technology and a certain "scandinavian" feel to it. I think Saab buyers a just as unique as Volvo buyers. Pontiac was the sports division of the family. I believe the problem with Pontiac are 1) Horsepower 2) Driver feel 3) Design. They should have HP numbers above all other GM divisions (excluding Corvette) and they should only have performance minded vehicles (i.e., NO Minivan, NO SUV, NO crossover.) thats just my opinion. Just another tidbit for thought. EVERY GM DIVISION SHOULD HAVE A HALO VEHICLE. As posted earlier a HALO vehicle is supposed to be the true, all out, expression that signifies what THAT particular nameplate is. There is no law/rule that it has to be a sports car/two-door. Its an expression showing what makes you the bset at what you do and why people should buy from your nameplate.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find the specs on the OSV Intrigue? I have always been a fan of the Intrigue since I first saw it at the car show. And then I say the OSVs ................................................................................ ................................................................................. ................................................................................. ............................................ sorry got lightheaded and passed out thinking about it.
  10. BIGPhil


    Does anyone know about the engine options for the 2500 series GMT900's? I know about the 6.2 But are they going to be bringing back the 8.1? And also, heard at one point that GM was thinking about having the Duramax in the GMT900's........Does anyone have any info?
  11. As far as the center stack w/o the Nav.... does anyone know why they didn't use their NEW BLACK TIE radio system? That radio, even in it's base form looks to be a WHOLE HELLAVA lot better looking.
  12. Hey Josh, Northie, ANYBODY........... Where are the new Escalade pics ? Anbody know......
  13. You would think that GM would send all their press info past like 10 proof readers before they send it out. But then again its only the press. As long as they get it right for the general public then....... I guess it doesn't matter. As for the Z06..........awesome read. The Gen-1 Z-28 had to be the funniest part. PS. and THIS guy has the nerve to be talking about typos
  14. I work at a chevy dealership in VA and we have our first 3 orders sold but we aren't marking them up. Now there is a dealership in the area that is marking them a cool $30,000. And the have sold one of them already..... Translation: $72,345 + $30,000= $102,345...... :blink:

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