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  1. Should be back in the Boro tomorrow sometime. ATTENTION ALL GSU FENCERS: If the RAC is open and you have a way to get there, there will be practice Monday Jan 17th.

  2. Gotta start packing. Ew!

  3. Watching The Green Hornet marathon on SyFy. Hmm Black Beauty. Also love getting juicy news from Detroit auto show :-)

  4. So the snow that fell last night is actually all ICE now. Almost busted my a$$ several times outside. Keyword: almost.

  5. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :-D

  6. Turn up the lights in here, babyExtra bright, I want y'all to see thisTurn up the lights in here, babyYou know what I need, want you to see everythingWant you to see all of the lights

  7. Two words: Boat Tail

  8. Whoooo its almost auto show circuit time!!

  9. It's finally done!!!!

  10. Oh snap! Seems like our football team may have that Georgia Southern Swag goin haha.

  11. The car still looks good. I just believe that its a picture of a base model.
  12. Um...why kill the Magnum? Are they crazy? If anything needs to go its the Aspen, Compass. The Patriot fills the spot better. The Commander can stay. Good idea, bad styling and marketing. The current Dakota looks like a wet dream design compared to the refresh, but I would keep it. To tell you the truth, I would return the Durango to the 1st gen. size and keep the HEMI. The damn thing is too big to have such little interior room.
  13. Please tell me that they are joking with a) the name and b) that interior.

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