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  1. The car still looks good. I just believe that its a picture of a base model.
  2. Um...why kill the Magnum? Are they crazy? If anything needs to go its the Aspen, Compass. The Patriot fills the spot better. The Commander can stay. Good idea, bad styling and marketing. The current Dakota looks like a wet dream design compared to the refresh, but I would keep it. To tell you the truth, I would return the Durango to the 1st gen. size and keep the HEMI. The damn thing is too big to have such little interior room.
  3. Please tell me that they are joking with a) the name and b) that interior.
  4. As do I. I'd love to buy one but I don't know if it has enough room. This is good news and cannot wait for Chrysler to post news like this.
  5. I'd hate to see VW leave. I love'em especially when they have the rack on the roof. In fact I think they're possibly the only vehicles on the road that look good with a rack on top. I must agree with BV, the Mk IV Jetta is possibly the best designed Jetta ever! The new Golf/Rabbit looks great IMO. Anyway, I hope they straighten this out and fast.
  6. Mayb Toyo wants more people to buy Lexuses because nothing in the Toyo line up looks pleasing.
  7. But isn't the Durango/Aspen and Pacifica soon to be discontinued?
  8. I must agree with everyone here, the coupe is the better looking of the two. Not many complaints on the coupe, its a clean design, very attractive and could out sell the sedan. The sedan on the otherhand seems to host many cues from different vehicles. From the front I'm getting a Nissan vibe from the grille inserts and a Infiniti/Hyundai from the headlights. And for some reason I see just a hint of Sebring in there too from the side. Anyway its a Honda so I really don't care much. Its gonna sell regardless because, like Toyota, they have their audience brainwashed.
  9. The only aspect of the car that I like so far is the rear. The front looks funny to me and doesn't look that impressive, but I'll wait till the unveiling to make judgement.
  10. The spy pics look interesting. I like the Charger's front fascia and it seems that it'll translate pretty well on the Ram. Too bad they're getting away from the big rig look. I can't wait to see the new design.
  11. Yea they should use it ONLY as a CORPORATE LOGO. Let the brands keep their identity. I couldn't imagine a Ram with a pentastar plastered on the front of the grille...
  12. Why is everyone (or nearly everyone) bitching about this car? So what if its HUGE, its a CONCEPT. The car is fine the way it is as a CONCEPT. For production however the rear needs to be revised and the dimensions need to be shrunken down to size just a little bit ie, front end and height (mayb an 1 or 2). Other than that I pretty much like the car. Can't wait to see it in another color besides this brown.

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