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  1. Video: Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon Trailer

    More garbage from Bay...I think in this installment we get less robots and more humans YAY!

    That was a whole lot of nothing.
  3. LOL @ GMI...GMI'er suck they're happy with the SRX and XTS because those cars mediocre and will sell like hot cakes and we all know sales are make $h!ty producs great products.
  4. Cryptic Thread

    Sally sells herself by the seashore?
  5. This just burns my ass

    U guys act like it was back halfed, tubbed and chopped up. At the very least its clean and the wagon wheels can be taken off.
  6. GM Confirms the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Is a Go

    Great news, shame the car is just so ugly though.
  7. Tipping at restaurants

    My wife doesn't complain, I tip $25 right off the back, she complains.......well they don't get so much.
  8. GM pursues 3 million customers left adrift by its upheaval

    I hope to get one of those 35K Buick Cruze's.
  9. I guess the "First ever G6" will also be the last.
  10. 2010 HHR SS Panel

    I've seen a Red HHRSS Panel down here in South Jersey.
  11. SUSAN BOYLE - are you following this?

    OMG!, ugly people can sing???
  12. She was nervous, I'm sure if asked she could tell us all what the square root of an isaucesolees triangle is.
  13. Crazy girl goes crazy for new Buick Regal (Video)

    That was lame.
  14. This short video explains why I am no longer a Mustang Owner...

    Maybe your just too uptight.
  15. Bands/artists that suck

    Throw Led Zep on this fire, If I have to hear this band and it crappy overrated music anymore more I'll scream.

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