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  1. Snate

    Focus outsells Cobalt

    Focus also has $2K more in cashback than the Cobalt.
  2. Snate

    Best and Worst Used Cars

    They usually are.
  3. Snate

    Astra test drive

    Regular market forces will make the decisions much easier. Gas will most likely crest $4 a gallon this summer and its only a matter of a few years before it hits $5. Even if people started driving less in the U.S. the excess supply would most likely be gobbled up in other areas of the world. So in a nutshell, people are either going to be financial forced into smaller/more fuel efficient cars...or they are going to be rich.
  4. Snate

    Is there a recession looming?

    1. Inconclusive...not a really relevant measure of an economies strength because not only does it only measure those "actively seeking employment", it doesn't take into consideration underemployment, which is even more disturbing. 2. Stock market is a poor indicator of economic health. Just because companies are doing good...does not mean they are doing good in the domestic market. 3. The last interest rate drop was the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a gun wound...it will do basically nothing. Even if they kept dropping the rate it would only delay the inevitable market correction.
  5. Snate

    Is there a recession looming?

    All signs point to the U.S. being headed into a recession.
  6. Snate

    Edmunds previews Malibu

    Basically. They all follow the same basic formula...but each has a different package. Most are dull...but reliable.
  7. Snate

    Hyundai halts production at Ala. plant

    I wonder what percentage of those 6500 are dumped directly into fleets.
  8. Snate

    September 2007: Honda Motor Company

    You're not the only one. It's the power of marketing with the "H" on the hood.
  9. Snate

    Automakers slapped with $2B lawsuit

    What a waste of time and taxpayer money.
  10. Snate


    Toyota actually has 9 SUV's for 3 divisions...probably half of them are just pointless overlaps.
  11. Nothing like an appeal to the average stupid american consumer.
  12. Snate

    Hey, Big Spenders

    Talk about some faulty logic
  13. Snate

    Stretching to make car payments?

    The debt problem is only going to get worse before it gets better. The debt problems now are just the tip of the iceberg.
  14. Snate

    See Tee Ess Four

    I've seen 2 of these on the street already...I wasn't aware they were on sale yet!
  15. Snate

    LA 2007: 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe

    It's truly an eyesore...actually all the recent coupes (G6, Solara) are eyesores. It seems like the collective forgot how to design a coupe

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