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  1. If the tires were checked out and balanced it seems you have a worn part. I would first start by jacking up the front end to get the front tires off the ground and grab the tire at 9 (oclock) and 3 (oclock) and try move the tire by pushing and pulling at opposite times and watch the tierod ends for any play. If there is any play at all they are worn.
  2. What car are we dealing with I'm unfamilier with what you drive. If it is newer with OBD2 with the oxygen sensor after the cat. then it might set a code if your converter was on its way out. Loosing power is a symtom but other times when it plugs up you will experience a rough idle and bad gas mileage. When they get plugged sometimes you can look at the cat and it will show visual distotions in color if it is heating up due to being clogged. Otherwise it might just be time for plugs wires and the regular stuff.
  3. Make sure if that guy that works on cars on weekends does a good job checking the head for cracks or warping or else you might be putting another new gasket on in the near future.
  4. Yeah i would definately recomend installing the Oxygen sensors. If you leave it in the condition it is, you are consuming alot of fuel as well as trashing your plugs and down the road you may trash your cat. converter.
  5. Buickfosure


    Thanks for the Happy birthday Capriceman so far its been a good day and that Scooby doo smokin a joint is pretty trippy looking.
  6. For the oil light follow this procedure after every oil change. To reset "CHANGE OIL" light, turn the ignition switch to the run position without starting the engine. Fully depress and release the accelerator pedal 3 times within 5 seconds. The light will flash and go out. As for the rusty rotors they will rust but really that shouldn't affect the brakes causing them to squeak. The nature of semi-metallic brakes cause them to squeak some cars worse then others. I would say just forget about it if its only a slight squeak but if it bothers you just get a can of brake cleaner and spray the
  7. What engine is in it since I had the 2.0L in my 93 sunbird before I sold it. It had a rough idle and I replaced all the obvious but never the IAC valve. Just curious since I was never able to diagnose the problem, but I never had a check engine soon light come on.
  8. I have a 2000 saturn L-series and the interior dome light never shuts off so i have to manually turn it on and off. But how does it crank over? since what you said about all the idiot lights and the dash lights dimming I would say battery or alternator.
  9. Yeah i wouldn't worry about it, hell in my sunbird all the gauges were dark at night. As long as you got the speedo thats all that matters since I didn't even have that..
  10. It can be a risk in higher mileage cars but whatever you do just stay away from the transmission flushes done at oil change shops with that many miles. A pan drop and filter change would be alot safer for the transmission. Its a real risk though that gritty fluid might be the only thing keeping that transmission going. Hope it all goes well..
  11. I agree with capriceman back up your files and start fresh. Windows gets crapped up pretty quick even on higher end systems its best to get a fresh copy of windows installed. I restore my computer at least 3 times a year and its not outdated either. 3.2ghz overclocked 768 ram and a decent 128mb video card. Give it a try theres nothing to loose. And if you decide to upgrade, the desktop could be done very cheap ordering parts off tigerdirect . You could even start with a barebone system and then just pick out some other things to add on.
  12. One other thing to think about before replacing the thermostat, that code could possibly mean a malfuctioning coolent temp sensor as well so I would look furthur into it or take it to a shop if you don't feel like wasting time and money replacing the thermostat only to find out it was just the coolent temp sensor all along.
  13. Not really any damage caused but I would replace it soon, most of the time they fail closed and cause overheating and possible engine damage. Thats why I always run on them failsafe thermostats that fail open since I've had some bad overheating experiences due to a thermostat failing.
  14. I've been clean for a while now but I used to smoke Marijuana daily multiple times. Other then that just the cigarettes, never could break that habit. As for alchohol I kicked that habit because the police are starting to crack down on the people driving home from the bars and myself I figure its not worth it. The best thing to do is to never start but you learn from your mistakes I guess.
  15. 2 1 3 - Gotta support the Riviera the one car Buick should of kept making...

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