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  1. To be fair it's only a 4.3 in size. Not the same motor as before.
  2. Why in god's name would they even consider telling her to get an inferior vehicle?? Some people actually like Jeeps. Go figure. Compass is a POS. Used to drive one often at my old job and a FWD Jeep isn't a real Jeep. Just my two cents.
  3. Amen, but it seems like Ford is more concerned about their own brand vs. giving Lincoln some exclusivity.
  4. Why in god's name would they even consider telling her to get an inferior vehicle??
  5. To be fair concerning Hyundai's incentive practices, they may not put "cash on the hood", but they do keep their MSRP's lower than the competition. As it stands I'm sure the next Malibu will be a knock out.
  6. IF. Yes because a car made for old folks will have Brembo brakes on it... Do you ever grow tired of talking out of your ass or have you just learned to accept your limited intelligence?
  7. What do you expect? His parents taught him that it's the schools job to raise him.
  8. Yes it was. Speaking of the ZL1 however... skeet skeet skeet!!
  9. As did I. Got a bit misty eyed actually.
  10. Fck Insideline. They've been bashing the Volt for a while now.
  11. Because then all Cruzes wouldn't have the Z watts suspension or any of the other goodies.

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