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    2022 Mach-e to get Range Improvements and Additional Updates Yearly!

      Ford Mach-e was the first BEV to challenge Tesla with 300 miles of range and now the Mach-e Chief engineer Donna Dickson has some excellent news about the Mach-e going forward.

    300 miles of battery electric range was the fold standard set by Tesla and now with Ford Mach-e having met that challenge, many have wondered what was next.

    In a review video on Munro Live with Mach-e Chief engineer Donna Dickson, we know now that the Mach-e will get yearly updates on range and technology as well as quarterly over the air updates on the software. Ford is very clear that they are not going to sit back and wait to see how things go, continuously providing updates quarterly and each model year is the Ford goal for all EVs moving forward. Details on this really come to light at the 26 min mark.

    Munro had a few compliments one being the front motor which is covered in a more recent video he finds to be extremely well engineered especially when compared to Tesla Y. Critisms abound on the video but clearly Ford is taking his tear down reviews very seriously and that is proven as Donna confirms many of the enhancements / better ways to engineer coming forward in future versions. An example of this is the first year Mach-e have dual cooling tanks but will move to a better single tank design.

    Munro Live - YouTube

    As has been pointed out by various members to Cheers and Gears, weight is the ultimate demon and Munro points out many ways to improve the weight saving opportunities since the Mach-e is 200 lbs heavier than a comparable Tesla Model Y which weights in at 4,416 lbs.

    Donna Dickson has made it clear in the video that they have an action plan especially on the range improvements for 22, 23 & 24 model years that will see range up, weight down. Weight and battery efficiency is two key areas that will be improved yearly as Ford moves forward not only with the Mach-e but all their BEVs.

    An interesting observation is that Ford thought it would be best to keep some familiar items in the Mach-e. One such example is the traditional parking pawl with cable system. Ford has moved away to electronic parking brake buttons and as such, this will go away in the next model year saving costs and weight.

    An interesting play was Munro fainting in his earlier initial video of the Mach-e cooling system review.

    Per Donna Dickson, the Mach-e chief engineer, the crazy amount of hoses under the hood is due to Ford matching up new components with older existing components used from other auto's. Dickson has committed that many modular systems are taken from other Hybrids such as the HVAC system so this is not ideal, but they are looking at moving forward with a consistent updated modular system that will improve efficiencies while reducing hoses and cables as they standardize modules for the future BEV roadmap.

    An example is that Ford for the first year Mach-e has dual cooling pumps to each motor and with the data they have coming in from customer real world use is showing that this over built system for cooling is not needed and they can change to a single beefy cooling pump per motor which will also reduce weight.

    Interesting is as Donna states Ford has relied on things they knew going into this first BEV for Ford and an example of this is the heavy rubber re-enforced hoses throughout the Mach-e. This you find on all Ford auto's and yet new technology and proven use by Tesla is high strength plastic lines that are thinner, much lighter and will be changed over for the next model year such as the long cooling line from the front of the Mach-e to the rear motor. She also points out that with the much lower temps and pressures you can use smaller diameter lines for the electric motors on cooling over ICE use.

    Donna Dickson Mach-e chief engineer has taken a different approach to the Munro Tear down review videos. Tesla felt attacked and attacked back at Munro when he tore the Tesla auto's down and applied praise and extreme criticism to Tesla Auto's.

    Ford is taking the opposite approach with this visit to Munro in taking his review observations very seriously on improving Ford BEV products.

    Mustang Mach-E Durability | Ford Media Center

    2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Will Boost the Current 305-Mile Driving Range (designnews.com)

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    • This is good stuff, I am glad Ford is expanding and helping the push to eV, the faster we go all EV and EV costs come down the better.  Also it is good they are investing the education side, because this country as a whole needs more people in Manufacturing, auto repair, auto body repair and trades in general.  We kind of got away from making things here and a lot of the people doing trade jobs are older, once they retire we are screwed if there aren't young people doing it too. 2 million EV's by 2026, Tesla is already there.  GM and Ford will probably have a good battle for #2 EV maker, what I don't see from Ford is the volume vehicles outside of F150, which the Lightning as it now is far outsold by the ICE version.  Mach-E isn't a volume product, Ford needs the $30k Escape EV that can sell huge numbers.  Lincoln is a dead brand, you aren't getting volume there.  Ford could do well with pickups and vans for the commercial market.
    • @surreal1272 Common Man, your popping his conspiracy bubble of false narrative about pricing on items that are not Tesla or Mercedes AMG Fan boy crazy prices cause an American Company has built auto's that are collectors items. 🤣 Here is just a portion of what I found in my neck of the woods and I see no price reduction like SMK is saying.
    • Good lord. Did you miss the limited production part of the Demon or do you somehow think there will be millions of them 20 years from now? It should be noted that the other cars you mentioned are all less than 20 years old too so maybe (skipping the fact that I routinely see CTS-V Wagons going for right at their original sticker with low miles), pick a spot and sitka with it because you can't have it both ways. A low mile limited production Demon will fetch above original price 20 years from now. They start at $69K and the Redeye starts at $76K so...go ahead and explain this...   And this...
    • Ouch another FORD Recall. They forgot to put in the proper circuit to allow Trailer Towing. Recall Alert: The 2023 Ford Maverick Can’t Tow (msn.com)
    • Used Hellcats right now are $50-85k for the most part, nothing is going to make those go up in value.  So I don’t see the last call demon selling for like $200k 20 years from now when there will be a ton of cheap hellcats and prior demons out there All the prior CTS-V’s, Camaros, Shelby Mustangs all depreciated.
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