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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    As the Diesel Emits: Investigators Search Volkswagen's Office, US CEO Heads To Congress, and EPA Application For 2016 Models Is Withdrawn

    Not a Day Volkswagen Would Like To Remember

    A lot has been happening in the past couple of days for Volkswagen over the diesel emission scandal. Let's get you up to date.


    First, Volkswagen of American has pulled its application for EPA certification on 2016 models equipped with the 2.0L diesel four-cylinder until they comply with emission standards for the U.S. Volkswagen hasn't said when they will resend their application for certification.


    Next is the Associated Press reporting that German prosecutors carried out searches at a number of Volkswagen facilities, including the company's headquarters in Wolfsburg today. In a statement, the purpose of the searches was to "secure documents and data storage devices" to possibly identify the people involved and figure out how it was done.


    "We will support prosecutors as best we can in investigating the matter and the people responsible. This serves a prompt and thorough clearing-up, in which Volkswagen has great interest," Volkswagen said in a statement.


    Finally, the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee held their hearing on the Volkswagen diesel scandal today. Volkswagen of America CEO Michael Horn found himself in the line of fire. Here is a brief overview of what took place,

    • Horn said 325,000 of the overall 482,000 vehicles involved in the scandal are fitted with the Gen 1 2.0L diesel engine (including the 2011 Passat TDI which came equipped with a Urea tank) will require hardware and software fix.
      • The fix could take five to ten hours to complete.
      • Other models fitted with newer versions of the 2.0L will only need a software update.
      • Repairs are expected to start sometime next year

      [*]Horn testified that it was a few individuals and not the company who decided to implement the software into their diesel vehicles

      • "Either your entire organization is incompetent when it comes to trying to come up with intellectual property, and I don't believe that for a second, or they are complicit at the highest levels in a massive cover-up that continues today," said Rep. Chris Collins, R-NY in response to Horn's answer.

      [*]Horn admits that's it hard to believe that Volkswagen's executives didn't know about this software for many years. [*]Volkswagen found about the study done by West Virginia University showing irregularities in two of their diesel models. Horn said Volkswagen engineers confirmed the results of the study and that software change was being worked on. [*]Horn said that he first learned about the software days before Volkswagen came clean to the EPA and California Air Resources Board

    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required), Associated Press, The Detroit News, Reuters

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    User Feedback


    Incompetent and still covering up the massive scale of how corporate greed got the best of them.


    Yeah, I can't believe it either.


    Oh you weren't talking about the U.S. Congress.


    +1 :roflmao:

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    Incompetent and still covering up the massive scale of how corporate greed got the best of them.


    Yeah, I can't believe it either.


    Oh you weren't talking about the U.S. Congress.


    Sometimes those two entities go hand in hand.


    The difference though between the US Congress and big greedy multi-national corporations are is that US citizens VOTE the greedy bastiges in every 2 years, and although I know this is a joke, and a funny one at that, it boggles my mind how we as a free people who get to vote in our elected officials still complain how crappy they are...


    HEY! ITS OUR VOICE that we are bitchin' about...WHY DONT WE DO SOMRTHING ABOUT IT instead of crying and moaning how awful they are!!!


    But...we cant be bothered with little details like that...to get involved with our community politics...to vote in the right people and to hold accountable the bad apples...




    Wiki quote from link above:


    United States Congress and citizens describes the relation between the public and lawmakers. Essentially, American citizens elect members of Congress every two years who have the duty to represent their interests in the national legislature of the United States.




    Who has the time to actually do research and to vote in the right people for the job?

    Who has the time to actually run for office and change the way things are and to do the right thing?


    Its only a democracy after all!!!

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