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    • This was seen last week.  I had gone in to get something to eat somewhere and, by the time I exited, there was obviously a car show in the parking lot. a b c d The above, IIRC, is (a) a '53 Chevy. You can (b) touch every spark plug of this inline 6 and the air cleaner assembly looks like a tea kettle.  You can (c) see all that room in the engine bay.  And you can also (d) see that only one belt does everything - water pump, crank, and alternator.  So, there are no belts for power steering, air conditioning, and an air pump. a b c I approached this car thinking it was a kit on a Mazda Miata.  It was not. The front end (a) looks like one.  The rear end (b) looks less like one. The owner explained it all to me and it's a Fiat product.  The rear badging (c) indicates it's a Fiat 124 a b c This is a Chevy Bel Air ... possibly a 1957, but I'm not certain.  You can see that it's (a) a convertible, that (b) it has the very durable and popular 283 V8, but no power steering, and that (c) it has an automatic, but it's a 2 speed automatic unit a b c d e And here's an (a) @oldshurst442 vehicle from 1972 ... I didn't look at the taillamps, but the owner told me.  The fender badging (b) told me this wasn't any ordinary Cutlass.  The engine (c) is an Olds Rocket 350, and the layout of the belts and attachments looks like an Olds V8i.  The owner almost seemed apologetic that it didn't have a 455!  It has a (d) manual transmission and gauges that were added to supplant what were probably just idiot lights on the dash, and the door panels have manual window cranks.  Finally, it does not have A/C, per the climate control panel (e) ... so look at the cheesy plastic applique up top and center to mimic as if air conditioning vents had been there!  That was the funniest thing about this car. - - - - - I know a small few who like and go to small car shows like this.  I only check out a few cars if I stumble in on one and move on quickly. Some people are really nice and want to talk about their cars, and cars in general.  Others are basically cliques of D-listers who routinely show up at these get togethers, have known each other for a long time, and throw out some reverse snobbery to anyone who is well spoken and they detect has some polish.   I overheard some talk in the restaurant by some attendees that was really off the mark.  I like dirty and politically incorrect jokes just fine.  However, the talk I overheard was more mean spirited in its tone and not as funny as they thought they were.  Since car shows are often popular with people without a lot of Klass, that's probably why I just keep on driving. Anyway, I hope you enjoy (some of) the photos and, especially you, @oldshurst442
    • Happy 4th of July Weekend Everyone!!! 
    • Two things: You keep saying that like it means anything yet at least one of those “fancy Fords”, competes very well against Benz (Navigator) and another (Aviator) isn’t a slouch against them either but you wouldn’t acknowledge that anyway.   And this wasn’t about Lincoln in the first place. It was about Genesis being preferred over the likes of your precious Mercedes Benz. Your constant need to deflect from anything negative about them is obvious and quite frankly, old.    Point being, you have been burned for your rather pathetic stance on Cadillac and Lincoln and their platform sharing so unless you just like visiting the burn unit, maybe you should argue on merits instead of fanboy snobbery. Your owning a now 14 year Benz does nothing to help you here. 
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