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    • It talks about its awakening in 1975 (M.Y., anyway) from its slumber (temporary departure) back in 1962.  It's a good read and talks about key milestones, including the 1995 intake manifold which usually lasted about 60,000 miles (according to the article) and how the engine could go the long haul if the intake manifold was changed to the after-market reconfigured one to eliminate coolant seepage into places it shouldn't have been going.  (Lots of Series II 3800s around and lots of ~'98 Intrigues/Regals/Grand Prixs cruising effortlessly on the freeway, which tells me they probably have the newer manifolds.) Article written in April 2008 about the respected 3800 V6 engine which would be with us about one more year
    • It is indeed.  Not a svelte looking car by any stretch of the imagination. - - - - - As for the sighting on Sunday described above, the guy was obviously surprised that someone was able to figure out he had crank windows by his trim level and basic hubcaps.  The post seemed very clear to me.  Of course, @ocnblu needs to add the typical "confused" reaction to ensure the post(er) looks stupid and which seemingly doesn't fetch any points.  Time to grow up.  God, where would be without points? 
    • I never take gov't figures at face value. Too much politicizing & incentivizing. Did you know Gov't considers you 'employeed' if you work 1 hour per week? $400,000 divided by $2.50 = 160,000 gallons of fuel. Even at 1 MPG (NASCAR racers get 5MPG feeding 850 HP doing 200 MPH steady), that 160,000 gallons is 13,333 gal per year and 13K miles. School buses average only 8000. That alone pushes the formula’s MPG to well under 1 MPG. Besides the obvious fact that it’s a suspiciously round number, this is merely critical thinking.
    • Yes, a 400 SQ FT Studio Apartment will cost you $2,900 a month in Seattle. I just got notified that ALL 1,200 Employees will be brought in over the next 2 weeks at designated times to clean out our Cubicles. We have to take all personal items home and if we want, we can check out our docking station and monitors to take home too. Nothing to be left in the cubicle but the desk and chair. They say this is for Deep Cleaning and Sterilization to allow those critical employees back onsite. Yet our 7 story building lease is up this fall. I know we have the 7th floor subleased and the 1st floor. We consolidated everyone onto floors 4 to 6 so 3rd was vacated, which is an accounting move for writing off the lease cost for non usable space or so corporate said. The 2nd floor was our Executive sales briefing center. We had it half built out and the rest was supposed to be done 2yrs ago, but put on hold since the merger or the two Legacy companies into what is now Dell Tech.  My gut tells me based on conversations with facilities folks local and in Austin Texas is we will vacate the bulk of the building and keep maybe on the big size floor 4 where a datacenter exists and 5 & 6 only. But I could honestly see them decommission the datacenter into our huge Durham NC site and do only floors 5 & 6. Coworker who had bought a 1200 sq ft condo in Seattle for $350,000 3 years ago sold it in January for almost $800,000 and moved to the east side in Bellevue to be closer to family and her boyfriend. Got a 2,400 sq ft town home for $700,000.  Crazy House Prices. To imagen I got my 2000 sq ft Split Level home on a quarter acre lot for $140,000 in 1999. The old homes around me have since been bought up and torn down with McMansions on them selling for anywhere from $800,000 to $1 million. My tax assessment came in that my house is now worth $550,000. Crazy, crazy crazy
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