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I have seen photoshop pics of the gnx, but i wonder if there is any substance to the idea!!!!

I dont know if it will help the security of Buick but it is a kick a$$ idea!!!!! :thumbsup:

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in my opinion, *MOST* of the time when they bring back names of great cars, they cant live up to the name....if they bring back the regal, greeat...

if gm revives he grand nat or the GNX i believe they could ruin a much respected muscle car nameplate

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I wish Buick fans (the last Buick I was crazy about was the Roadmaster) would resign themselves to the fact that the only Buicks for at least the next 5 years will be Lucerne, LaCrosse, and Enclave. Nothing more. There will be no convertible, no coupe, no small car, and no small SUV.

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They made 547 GNX-es total. Half of them went to the feds &

lawn enforcement because of their insane performance #s

and sleeper looks. The GNX should not come back as an RPO.

The Grand National might come back someday and I hope it

does but first we need a Regal coupe/hardtop. I do hope the

ZETA Buick hold a few surprizes in store but what they will be

who knows.

At this point in time I'd love to see a modern Roadmaster Riviera or

Boattail Riviera. Everyone here knows how obsessed I am with '59

Buicks (thanks partly to Balthazar) and I'm a fan of retro so..... :wink:

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So many 'gear heads', 'boy racers', and 'speed demons' forget that the Auto Industry is a business 1st and foremost.

OK, bring back the GNX. ON what platform? What plant? What will it cost? How many would make $$? Sure sell 500, then what?

So many forget that in order to make GTO's in the 60's, GM had to sell 10-20 times as many wagons, 4 doors and other 'plain cars'.

If you want GM to only make 'muscle cars', then expect to pay Ferrari or Porsche prices to make up for the cost to make and sell a few.

"But I know lots of guys who..." Yeah, and they end up buying a 'plain car' when reality hits them. The GNX was a beefy motor in a decades old car sold for $50K. How many 'regular car guys' have that $$ laying around??

Again, GM is a business not charity to feed fantasies..

BIG MAYBE: If they can afford to create a Buick version off the Camaro line then you will see a 'sporty Buick'.

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