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So how is GM really doing

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Everyone seems positve here. Im positive about some of the new stuff, Im also not too impressed with a bit of it either. Whats bothering me is, Im hearing all the dealerships around here advertising blow out sales to get rid of 06 inventory. They seem to be giving them away. O% interest again, up to $6000 off some Cadillac models, ect.

So Im courious about sales. Ive seen no figures but yet everyone seems to claim all is going well. Anyone have sales comparisions through Aug. with say models two years back or more ? Im a bit sceptical.

edit: this may need moving, its not an artical, I didnt know where to put it and didnt want it in the lounge

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for one, GM is not nationally advertising a lot of incentives these days, or I'm just not paying attention. That is a good thing that nationally advertised incentives are dropping. That's just wasteful money, money spent on incentives, or giving the vehicle away, and money spent to let everyone know that they are giving the cars away. The positive is the stock is at a good value, the negative is it still needs to go higher. We are finally entering a good product stage, but the product has a lot to do. the new product must be met with a very good reception otherwise things will remain as negative as they have been. The new product they do have coming out, from early reports, looks to be very good, and in some cases, perhaps, here comes that word, revolutionary. Also, GM should report profit this year. That is a very good thing.

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The only ads I see are the clearance of the 2006s. I think the new warranty is doing a number on the 2006s. But it's a temporary problem. Plus, when you see a new lade next to an old one you realize how different they look. I can see why they're having trouble moving the older ones.

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