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small world PROOF

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Alas, another spectacular road trip has ended [2003 I went out east; 2004 I went west through MO, KS, CO, WY, UT, NM, OK, TX, AR; 2005 I went east through TN, AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, PA, NJ, MD, WV, OH, MI, IN]. But, I had a blast, met a few more people for the first time, and visited some old friends. [it is amazing to me the number of people I have met over the last few years during my road trips. Someday, I’ll update that list … including all that I’ve learned … and post it ;).] Sadly, I missed some people along the way this time that I had hoped to meet….

Since this trip is different than my previous trips (1 week instead of 2 weeks … and PICTURES which I’ll post at a later date once I figure out how to upload ‘em and share ‘em), this “wrap up” is a bit different.

Small World Proof:

People ask why I do these trips … and I always say to meet people. It is also intriguing to find out what else you have in common other than an interest in a particular subject or message board/group. This year’s trip revealed one truly amazing connection. While in Oklahoma City, a few people got together to eat at County Line BBQ, Dennis (ChevyTalk.org’s Dee Gee) being one of them. Near the end of our time together, he mentioned he had lived in Ames, OK. I casually mentioned that my Mom and her parents and siblings used to live there as well, with my grandfather being the Pastor of the Church of the Brethren. When I mentioned my grandfather’s name (Virgil Weimer), Dennis said that Virgil had been his high school typing and bookkeeping teacher. We also figured out that he knew my 2 uncles (Dennis and David) from high school. While he didn’t remember my Mom as well, I still called her right away and she and Dennis had a cool discussion that evening. Very small world!!!

06 Charger:

I absolutely loved the 2006 Dodge Charger (V6 edition) I rented. I put nearly 3,000 miles on it and have only 2 minor complaints … the rear taillights (don’t like the “bigness” of them, though at night, with only the 2 small round lights showing, they look better) and the interior door panels which seem a bit stiff/cold/uninviting to me…. If I can’t find a 1986-1988 MC LS or a similar vintage Oldsmobile Cutlass for winter use, I may just purchase a Charger. We’ll see. By the way, I noticed that if you look in the exterior/side rearview mirror and look at the “hump” in the back fender, it looks slightly (I did type SLIGHTLY) like the “hump” in the fender of the second generation (1973-77) MCs.

Trip Highlights (Reader’s Digest version, believe it or not…)…

Sat, Oct 14

…central IL to SE MO to Blytheville AR; IL 47 S to I-72 W to I-55 S

* stopped near Champaign IL to see Alex from the First Gen MC club. Test-drove his ’93 Cadillac El Dorado for sale … great car, but I want RWD.

* stopped in Decatur IL for lunch with Derek A and Janie, from various MC clubs/boards.

* stopped just north of St Louis at Country Classic Cars (http://www.countryclassiccars.com) to look around.

* stopped in Cape Girardeau MO for dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse with Mary (valvereplacement.com) and her family. [Met Mary for the first time.]

Sun, Oct 15

…Little Rock AR to Dallas TX; I-55 S to I-40 W to I-30 W

* stopped in Little Rock AR and met Keith (kmelton, First Gen MC Club) and his sons. [Met Keith for the first time.]

* arrived in Dallas TX and stayed with Tommy (73-77 Yahoo group) Sunday and Monday nights.

* ate dinner at Red Robin with several people from valvereplacement.com … Niki, Suzy, Janet (Katie), Marsha and Adam’s Mom … and families. [Met Adam and his parents for the first time.] Had a great time, despite the rain, which turned a 45-minute drive into an hour and 15 minute drive due to 3 accidents on I-635, including one that destroyed a mid-1980s Buick Regal.

Mon, Oct 16

…stayed in Dallas TX

* caught up on most of my forums while Tommy was at work.

* attempted to check out the South Fork Ranch (TV’s “Dallas” fame; http://www.southfork.com), but had to abandon that for another trip.

* cookout at the home of Kelly (El Camino list), along with Tommy, Smokey (ChevyTalk.org) [whom I missed by 45 minutes during my 2004 western road trip] and a few others. Had a great time, ate some great food, played some pool. One of the guys even drove me past a 1970 MC that the owner was just letting sit there…. As Tommy and I left, noticed that the Bears were losing 23-10 with about 7 minutes left; by the time Tommy and I got back to his place, the Bears had WON 24-23!

Tue, Oct 17

…Dallas TX to Wichita Falls TX to Oklahoma City OK; I-635 W to 820 W to RT 287 N to I-44 N

* Ate breakfast with Robert A (Monte Carlo Mailing List and El Camino list) at Ginger Brown & Old Tyme Restaurant) before leaving Dallas. [Met Robert for the first time.]

* Ate lunch with Michael B (Monte Carlo Mailing List) in Wichita Falls TX … and had the pleasure of riding in his 1996 Impala SS, 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and his green vintage Porsche!

* Ate dinner with Travis (former MCMLer), his girlfriend and Dad, Dennis (ChevyTalk.org’s Dee Gee) and Cat (MyMonte’s onecrazycowgirl) at Country Line BBQ in Oklahoma City OK. [Met Cat and Dennis for the first time.]

Wed, Oct 18

…Oklahoma City OK to Wichita KS; I-35 N

* Ate dinner with Jake (former MCMLer) and his son Chance, Saul (El Camino list) and his wife and son, and Eric (First Gen MC’s lurchsmalibu) and his children at Ryan’s. [Met Eric for the first time.]

* spent the night at Jake and Mel’s home.

Thu, Oct 19

…early evening Wichita KS to Kansas City KS; I-35 N

* Stayed in Wichita a bit longer to go with Jake and Chance to see the movie “Cars”. Very glad I did; it was good to see that movie a second time … and I want to see it again and again and again ;). Luckily, it comes out on DVD on November 7.

* Stopped in Kansas City and met Herb (NMCOA and 2000montecarlo). [Met Herb for the first time.]

Fri, Oct 20

…Lenexa KS to Overland Park KS to Independence MO to Des Moines IA to Waterloo IA; I-435 E to I-470 E to RT 291 N to I-35 N to RT 20 E

* Stopped in Lenexa KS for breakfast with Dave (carnuts.ws’s Jagman) … and a tour of the plant where he works.

* Stopped in Overland Park KS to meet John (ChevyTalk.org’s awsum55) and saw his ’55 Chevy and ’63 Corvette (which I also got to ride in). [Met John for the first time.]

* Stopped at Old School Paradise (http://www.oldschoolparadise.com) in Independence MO to check out the stock of 1980s GM Gbodies they have … found out they had heard about my trip and knew I was coming….

* Stopped in Des Moines IA for dinner with Nick (’73-’77 Yahoo Grp). [Met Nick for the first time.]

* Stopped in Waterloo IA to see Nick (smyce, RacingOne.com) … and visited him at the radio station where he works. [Met Nick for the first time.]

…Stayed with Jim (El Camino list) and his wife Barb just NE of Waterloo.

Sat, Oct 21

…stayed in the Waterloo IA area

* Had a great day of seeing Jim’s collection of vehicles, driving around (saw a 1973 MC in Oelwein IA and a 1971 MC in Fairbank IA), and relaxing … despite the rain and (incorrect) forecast of 1-3 inches of SNOW.

Sun, Oct 22 … traveled home via Rt 20 E

Day off today (Mon, Oct 23); back to work tomorrow, Tue, Oct 24. Looking forward to going back to work … something I haven’t been able to say in a long time … but, I still would rather be on the road traveling/driving and visiting friends/family….

Cort:33swm."Mr MC" / "Mr Road Trip".pig valve.pacemaker

MC:family.IL.guide.future = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort/

"We'll keep you close as always" ... Michael W Smith ... 'Friends'

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stopped in Cape Girardeau MO for dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse with Mary (valvereplacement.com) and her family. [Met Mary for the first time.]

if i knew that i think i could've made it...maybe

which turned a 45-minute drive into an hour and 15 minute drive due to 3 accidents on I-635, including one that destroyed a mid-1980s Buick Regal.


sounds like a good time :)

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Sounds like you're still having fun with roadtrips even late into the year. Cheers to that and glad you're having fun, Cort!

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I had posted about the road trip a number of weeks in advance of it...not sure if you missed that post or not...sorry :(. Ah, well ... we'll have other chances to meet :). It was a good time :).


Yes, yes I am ... thank ya :). Hope all is going well for you.

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I would love to go on road trips unfortunately the time isn't there and Murphy's Law prevents us. We can't go anywhere without something happening. Going to go to Ohio and we were in St.Catharines going to go over the Welland Canal and someone decides to sit on the ledge so they shut the whole QEW and bridge down. There were about 200 cars forced onto a one lane service road.

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yikes, a_r, you have some bad luck, eh?

Heh...a number of years ago, when I still had the '97 Corsica (er, malibu), my sis and I traveled together to PA for our family reunion ... the trip was a comedy of errors, beginning with some orange dust settling all over my car in Chicago ... and ending with an "overhead erection" on the PA Turnpike (crews were putting up an overpass bridge) at about 3 in the morning....he he he.

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