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In the next few weeks I'm going to post 59 different trivia questions

of all different forms on C&G. Multiple choice, photo identification,

photo match up & even some true or false. Some questions will be

multiple part and others a simple one word answer.

At the end of the 59 individual trivia thread questions all the winners

will be added up and a trophy will be mailed via the USPS to the

over all winner of the first annual Tight Whips Trivia Trophy.

Best of luck to all, I encourage everyone to participate.


Current Score:

Fly: 12

WMJ: 10

Balthazar: 9

Yellow_Dart: 9

OldsGuy: 7

OcnBlu: 4

Chevelle7.4L: 4

American_Revolution2005: 1

SmallChevy: 1

79VetteZ06: 1



Name all four manufacturers and the model(s) these came in:

Posted Image

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Off the top of my head, the top left looks like a BMW inline six, from a 3 or 5 series. The top right looks like the engine in my truck (can't tell if it the Atlas 5 or 6, looks short though.). The bottom right... Cadillac V16? And the bottom left... I have no idear... some sort of strange V8 from the looks of it.
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HINT: the "strange" one is air cooled and a HEMI.

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Yeah, those odd fans make me think it's aircooled, but I am clueless. I've always refused to Google these questions, anybody can do that. I just do not know, homes. Was the Tucker a V8? The photo is fooling me, it looks old. Edited by ocnblu
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Name three out of four of these motors and then tell us why

this car is special and you've got a point. Not this car model,

or make but this EXACT vehicle that you're staring at. It

has quite a dark past... a little creepy actually.

Posted Image

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Okay... here's a hint: this car was featured

on a famous "socialist" album cover.

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Well.... I spent HOURS working on question 58 and I'm just in

a hurry to get this one answered. It's real simple: 3 motors &

the blue econobox or all four motors and you've scored. All

is fair in love, war & Tight Whips trivia.

#58 will be the greatest question of them all!

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The upper left is not very hard... it's a modern

day slant six DOHC with shorty headers right

from the factory. It is made by a manufacturer

that does not beleive in V6s or FWD, which

IMHO are very admirable principles to uphold.

Shifting gears, the lower left motor it's out of a

very unique "luxury sedan" that featured a

rear mounted motor (obviously with RWD) &

up front it had three or more headlights

depending on the model year. It is air cooled,

OHV and so small it would make a BOP 215

look like a deep skirt big block by comparison.

Now as far as the "blue bucket" it exists today

as a dark symbol of ritualistic suicide as a

means of creating positive political change to

stop oppression and violence.

Edited by Sixty8panther
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Hmmm... OK, let me try then.

Top left is a M54 3.0L i6 from BMW.

Top right is a GM I5.

Bottom left is the engine from the Tatra T603.

Bottom right is the Cadillac V-16.

The rusty blue car belongs to Thích Quảng Đức, a Vietnamese monk who burned himself to death to protest his government's lack of religious support. A very small part of that car can be seen behind a burning Thich on the cover of Rage Against the Machine's first album.

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And we have a winner!

For the record that particular Atlas motor is an I6

out of a Trailblazer, as for the BMW motor all you

had to say was inline-6 from a modern 3/5 series.

Now as far as the Austin it does have a dark past.

Posted Image

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yes.... & a tie-breaker, if needed will

be the mother of all trivia questions!

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At about 6:00 pm eastern I will post the greatest

"trivia questioon" ever seen here on C&G or any

other automotive forum, period.


BTW: Interesting footnote. What was left of Thích Quảng Đức after

he burned himself alive was cremated (yes, I know it's ironic) and

as the story goes his heart was found intact amongst the ashes.

He was pronounced a saint as a result because medical science

can not explain how the heck his heart survived those two violent

exothermic oxidation events.

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