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C&G curse claims another....

Delta Force79

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First off, like the new look for C&G....now onto the story...

Tonight while waiting to turn into a Dunkin Donuts, sitting in the left lane on the northbound side of a road called Central Park Avenue, I was at a full stop with my left indicator on, sitting behind a Saturn L-Series also with it's left signal on. While we were both waiting to turn into Dunkin, cars coming southbound in both lanes, a Chevy Express van sideswipes my Riviera's left rear quarter panel and wheel well, WHILE going into oncoming traffic in the southbound lanes, to cut me and the Saturn off. After a moment of shock, my girlfriend shouts at me to catch him and get his plate #, I pull up behind him, flash my highs at him, honk the horn...he keeps going, and speeding up mind you its pouring out....finally I get his plate on paper, pull up beside him and he cuts a hard left into a parking lot, so I do the same and follow him into this parking lot. Turns out he was driving a work van and pulled into his job, which is about a half a mile up the road from the place where he hit my car. I called the police and they arrived by the time my girlfriend was off the phone with them. Long story short, he claims he didn;t see me, couldn't get over to the right lane so went into oncoming traffic and didn't realize he sideswiped me, meanwhile his van was scratched and caved in from the front passenger door to the back of the sliding door. The outcome? I have to wait till next week for the police report, upon which I will contact my insurance and try to pursue the cost of repairs.

The damage is minor all things considered, my left rear quarter panel is dented in a few places at the bumper line, and down to bare metal, and up along the chrome trim around the wheel well...now with it pouring out, my quarter will begin to rust before I can have the work done....so merry f*cking Christmas folks

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Delta, were you pulling into the shopping center across from Kohl's? I've actually had a few close calls myself in that intersection.

Anyway, glad to hear everyone is alright.

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Man, sorry to hear that. What an asshole, he knows damn well he hit you and was trying to avoid you. You cannot even tap a car without feeling the entire vehicle jerk. I hope you get what you deserve and he gets what he does <_<

If someone were to hit my car and run from it...I'd find them and beat them with the tire iron...then claim the injuries were a result of him hitting me :P

"I ain't seen nothin'!"

Hope it works out for you...can you garage it?

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Thanks Knightfan :)


You are welcome :).

Bimmer, I went to Cottle and Tuckahoe Middle school as well, are you going to Eastchester now or are you at THS? BTW you said you lived by the school, what street are you on?

He he he....I posted a while ago about "Where have you lived?" ... or something like that. Several people made connections through that. Isn't it cool to realize you may know the same people? ;)

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"How much longer will they be around?" ... Don Williams ... 'Old Coyote Town'

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